Birthday fun

September 25th, 2008

Two couples are celebrating a birthday and end up sleeping in the rooms with spouses exchanged…

They were celebrating Delilah’s birthday in a night cafe. There were four of them: Delilah, her husband Rick and their friends, a couple: Lily and Bill. Lily and Bill were old friends; two families had a lot in common.

Everyone was having fun, especially Delilah, it was her jubilee, she was 25 now. The party was in full play. They were rather tipsy. Delilah was short, petite, pretty. Her husband was very tall and sporty. Lily and Bill were also a nice couple.

Bill had been in love with Delilah for a long time but she didn’t reciprocate his feelings as she was married and any other behavior she considered immoral. She never thought of anything with Bill. He used to show his feelings in various ways but each time vainly. Soon he had to stop his attempts.

Here on the celebration he was again very attentive to Delilah. He spoke only about her, invited her for dances, etc. Rick, in his turn, chatted to Lily. It seemed that the couples decided to change the partners for a while.

Then Delilah’s favorite music began and Bill invited her for a dance as usual. He put his arm around her waist, pressed her tightly to him so that her cheek was close to his lips (in contrast to Rick he was of middle height). Soon he was kissing her ear and cheek tenderly. Delilah was rather tipsy and reacted well on his caress. Bill was happy she accepted it favorably and went on, now he was bolder. He was stroking her back moving lower and lower. She seemed to like that. However, the dance was soon over and they had to sit down at the table. Since that Bill was staring at Delilah all the time.

Soon all the four set off for the hotel. They decided to continue the celebration though it was almost morning. They bought some drinks and food on the way and kept on celebrating in Delilah and Rick’s room. A bit later Rick and Lily got drunk and made up their minds to have a lie-down on the double-bed. Music sound and other noises irritated them but Bill and Delilah weren’t going to put up with their partners’ giving up. As a result of this misunderstanding they decided to go to Lily and Bill’s room; both couples agreed.

They talked and then danced. As they remained alone Bill became more persistent in his actions. While dancing he was pressing Delilah to him with all possible passion, Delilah played up. Suddenly he tossed her head back and kissed her lips, she responded to his kiss. The song had finished long ago and they were still standing and kissing. His hands were fondling her body gradually moving to her panties and under them. Delilah got sober instantly and tried to move away from him but he was already breathing noisily and didn’t want to lose this chance.
She was furious, ready to seize him by the hair. He grabbed her arms and twisted them back. She strived to tear away from him. He pressed her tightly to him catching her both arms with his one hand. Another hand caught her head and he kissed her neck, then he passionately began kissing her face until he reached her lips. She was so angry that this impulse drove her almost insane. He took her in his arms and threw on the bed. This situation sexed him up a lot, he was prepared to do anything to be able to fuck this woman right now. Her consent wasn’t so important for him. He found a belt, came up to her (she jumped up from the bed and was willing to attack him again), thrust her on the bed and pressed her down by his body. He took her arms and tied her to the headboard. She was crying, the tears were flowing over her cheeks; she started to call him bad names. To stop that he tied her mouth with a towel. She couldn’t even move under his weight. He raised himself a bit to give her opportunity to breathe. She made efforts to free herself but he was holding her tight. His hands undid her blouse and a bra and touched her breasts. She shuddered and as he felt she relaxed.

His lips were caressing her body. She closed her eyes as she was getting more and more excited. She was making no attempts to free herself, however some internal tension was still troubling her. He tore her panties off. Delilah squeezed her legs as tight as it was possible. But Bill didn’t mind her resistance for she was tied very well and couldn’t interfere his actions. Moreover, he felt somehow she would enjoy that. He covered her belly with kisses, his hand was lying on her pussy and fondling it slowly. She liked what he was doing and little by little her legs began spreading, she was breathing faster and moaning. His tongue was slowly passing her vulva lips and she was leaking as a tumultuous river after a rain. He couldn’t control himself any more, he half-raised her thighs and penetrated her. Both of them screamed of enjoyment. They were making love so passionately as if they had never done that before. When Bill came he fell down near Delilah having forgotten to untie her. They were spaced out. Soon Delilah was able to put two thoughts together and moaned quietly. Hearing that Bill remembered she was fastened and rushed to help her. He expected her to be furious again after what had happened but he was mistaken.

Instead Delilah fell upon him with all passion she had at that moment. She sat on him and her lips kissed him greedily. Bill was stroking her tits, she was turning him on again. Her lips were kissing his face, chest and hands were jerking his hard stem. Then she swallowed it and was sucking tenderly. At a certain moment Bill was going to cum, but restrained himself and pushed Delilah aside. Then she lowered herself on his dick and began moving; it seemed that her pussy was willing to swallow it. She had an instant orgasm accompanied by moans coming from inside, it was more like groaning. Delilah was thrashing back and forth until her agony was over. When she calmed down he pulled her from him, kneeled her down in front and entered her mouth. Her mouth was driving him mad and after a few more movements Bill was ecstatic. They were lying and talking for some time and then fell asleep.

All this time Lily and Rick were sleeping soundly having no idea about what was happening in another room. Being asleep Rick embraced Lily pressing her to him (he was used to sleeping with his wife). He understood she was still wearing her evening dress, without opening his eyes he began undressing her. Rick was fondling the woman lying beside him. Lily and Delilah had similar figures, so he didn’t realize at once she was not his wife. When he realized his mistake he decided not to stop. Lily was answering to his caress. His hand touched her belly stroking it slowly, then he pushed his palm into her panties and felt soft warmth of her loin. She was pressing to him, they were kissing. He was flicking her clit slightly and then passed over her closed vulva lips and finally reached her slit. She was twisting in his hands and moaning. Her hand found his hard cock and pulling it out of the pants she started fondling it. Rick turned Lily on her back and raised his body so that his prick was at her lips. Lily caught it with her mouth and immediately swallowed it. Rick had been living with Delilah for 5 years and during this time he had no mistresses. Now another woman’s caress impressed him a lot. He turned her up sharply and putting her on her fours entered her twat. Lily was moving towards him passionately. Suddenly she stopped him and moved her bottom to him. Rick had expected nothing like that.

He’d always dreamt of having anal sex with his wife but Delilah was too conservative about that and never allowed him this. Rick entered Lily’s ass very carefully and began moving slowly. Her anus was embracing his cock tightly, it brought him real pleasure. He exploded pretty soon. Lily had barely came. She was more experienced in anal sex and needed more time for it.

Coming to themselves Lily and Rick realized that their spouses could possibly have done the same as they had. But what is done cannot be undone. They decided not to make a row as they were no less guilty in what had happened. As for the future relationship – life would show. Probably, they would have group sex or something…

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