Best friends

February 7th, 2008

Family friends are the most precious thing you have, you can share your secret fantasies with them and hope that one day they’ll come true….

This fascinating chain of events started off with my wedding. Okay, let’s start with my colleague-friend Collin. We used to hang out a lot on Fridays after exhausting work days. He is a good fun to take a drink with, play pool, bowl and anything that guys like doing together. We liked talking. Talking about silly stuff, life issues, sometimes we would get even philosophical. But most of all we liked talking about women. We always ended up talking about women. You know, all men do.

We were in our early 20s and weren’t that experienced with women. Perhaps the lack of them in our lives was the reason why we were obsessed about them and could talk about them for hours.

But one day I told Collin I wanted to propose Tina because I felt she was the one. He knew her from his previous job at the consulting agency and said she was the perfect match for me. He asked me who would be the best-man. And I said I had no idea. He smacked me and said he wants to be the man. I was glad I had a friend like him.

My wedding party was awesome. There Collin met this girl Ashley who was married back than and her husband was in the Air Force. When he got back from Iraq Ashley told him to fuck off. She said she has fallen in love with Collin while he was fighting the stupid war.

Ashley was a good friend of my wife and they would hang out a lot for shopping and spa. While me and Collin went out to bars and organized barbeque parties at the house. We liked drinking all kinds of cocktails we improvised with the rich choice of alcohol I have at my house. Sometimes we watched movies with all kind of context. Back than it was really popular to watch reality shows with elements of other people’s sexual life. We loved those ones. We always discussed and made fun of the fact that it all was real. We liked those movies probably because in real life we won’t be able to do such. For example we would never think we could do a gang-bang.

We could only joke about it. We would say “oh, that’s you and your wife” and laugh. We made up a joke-plan to get our girls really drunk and take them to the different rooms and turn off the lights. At the same time the guys were supposed to excuse themselves and meet in the hallway. We said we go back to each other’s wives instead of each one’s own. And by the dawn we go back and switch so that they don’t find out. That was the plan!

So the next hang out was supposed to be over at their place. We had dinner, drank a lot and started talking the dirty talk with Collin. He was convincing me to do that. We started talking about it with our wives and they were joking about it saying it was the best idea ever. We went downstairs to watch a movie and all four of us lied down on the big Japanese mattress. Collin whispered to me:

- “Man, let’s go take our clothes off!”

We went upstairs saying we went for a smoke and came back already naked. Girls were shocked when they saw us. They thought we were just joking. They checked us out and said we looked very much the same which was actually true- that made them laugh. We started taking off their clothes as well. I took off Tina’s and he worked on Ash. We lied down underneath the blanket and Tina was yelling “You guys are crazy! Don’t you think we’re gonna switch husbands. It’s a joke, right? We just lie here for a bit and than put our clothes back on.”

- “yeah, right!” we were lying there and I was making out with Tina while Collin was kissing Ashley. I checked out Ashley’s tits and to be honest I loved them! I’ve always wanted to grab that sexy bitch! My wife’s tits are small and I have always wanted to try Ashley’s. Collin told me afterwards that he liked my wife’s hips and ass, Tina’s got a really firm tight round ass. Each of us noticed that what he was lacking in bed with his wife.

I was the first who put his hands on Ashley’s tits and only than Collin was brave enough to start touching Tina’s ass. That moment we were lying each with his wife… I could tell everyone was so horny but it was our first experience of such kind and no one was confident enough to start. So, each was doing his wife and could only look at the other. I was so hard and turned on but was afraid to cum too fast. It was written on Collin’s face he felt the same way.

My Tina was lying on her back while we were kissing… my shoulder could feel Ashley’s tight soft huge tit. She was sitting on top of Collin and was slowly riding him. I started watching them and could see his dick going inside her pussy. Collin was lying so close to my wife and that made her get an orgasm. I tried not to think about it too much so that I don’t cum too fast.

My dick inside Tina felt so right and I couldn’t hold myself from cuming any longer. I was cuming inside her like for the first time. I didn’t take it out when I came. I made a few more pushes inside her and her orgasm was special, it was more sensual than the usual. Collin finished up almost right after me. Ashley was breathing deep and her eyes were shining, so perhaps she has also had an orgasm. When girls got up and left to the bathroom Collin said Ashley didn’t get to cum. He said he was overwhelmed and came too fast. When ladies came back we were outside smocking. We smiled at them and they waved us back. It turned out they liked it a lot as they told us when we came back inside.

We took turns to take showers. Girls told us to get our asses back under the blanket. We discussed all what happened. I got turned on again but tried not to show it. Girls started whispering and looked really suspicious. They got up and left upstairs. I and Collin were like what the hell, but we decided to wait and see if they had a plan. They came back and looked like they were having fun. Ashley lied down next to me… and my Tina went to Collin. I always liked Collin’s stories about the best blow job ever that Ashley does. Because my Tina absolutely sucks in it! She kinda bites it. So Ashley, just as I expected, went down on me. She licked my hardest ever penis and took it all the way inside her soft mouth. I almost came right away like some virgin teenager. But than I looked at Collin and my wife. Tina was on top of him and they were kissing. I was wondering if his penis was already inside her.

My dick was in Ashley’s heaven-like mouth and her beautiful soft hand was massaging my balls. I liked it the most when she licked my balls! And sucked on each one. When she got back to my dick head and swallowed it deep inside I wanted to cum but I knew I had to hold on and please her too. I couldn’t fuck up in front of my best friend’s wife. Ashley got up and sat on top of me. She guided my dick inside her pleasing flesh and it was so tight that I felt so right like she was my girl.

Her clit and pussy lips were really wet and when she bent down to kiss me my dick went deeper inside her. It was such a passionate kiss that I felt zero-gravity! It seemed to me we were flying in clouds. Ashley was intensively riding on me and seemed to love the fact that I got a bigger dick. For a moment I wondered what was going on with my wife and caught myself on the thought that I have forgotten about her.

Later on Collin told me my wife sucks in sucking cock. He said he told her it would be better if he would please her and started licking her out. He said she tasted sweet! He said he got so turned on from her tender pussy he almost came on her hand. He said he wasn’t going to fuck my wife and expected the same from me. But when he saw Ashley jumping on my dick and making those horny-sounds he went through the same thing that I did.

He jumped on Tina and started fucking her while his wife Ashley was getting her orgasm on top of me. Her tits were going up and down when I was shooting my sperm inside her and later on she told me she really wanted me to cum inside her. A minute later Collin stuck his fingers in Ashley’s pussy and felt my sperm in there. He picked up my wife’s legs and put them on his shoulders. He made like 10 pushes and came right inside my wife’s puss.

Afterwards Tina told me she came when Collin was licking her out but tried not to show it and Collin said he got so fuckin turned on from the fact that I was fucking his wife.

We finished up another bottle of champagne and switched couples again. In the morning we played all four us but again fucked each other’s spouses. It was so sad to say bye to them. Especially to her. When I and Tina got home we talked a lot about the previous night over the dinner… and both of us got a real turn on. I made love to my wife until 3 in the morning.

So far we have been swinging for the last 15 years!

We don’t do it all the time, just once in a while. And it’s not only about sex. For example, I can easily go for a drink with Ashley or Collin can go to the beach with Tina. This is something new and, who knows, may be in centuries it will become a social norm. We never cheat on our wives with someone on a side, though. Collin and Ashley, me and Tina we have wonderful relationships in our families. I can’t say I have feelings for Ashley. I mean I love her but in a different way. Not like I love my Tina. Collin says he loves my wife as well.

The girls seem to be happy and never get jealous. They became best friends just like me and Collin. Sex to us is like an extra nice addition to our friendship. And the most interesting thing is that there is no jealousy whatsoever!

I changed all the names in the story but all the details are true. And by the way, all of us are straight!

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