My sexy English teacher

January 25th, 2008

A guy moves to the US from Italy and feels really attracted to his English Teacher, she’s dressed like a slut and he can’t concentrate on anything during her lessons, the only thing on his mind is her sweet pussy…

My name is Ricardo. I am Italian; I lived in my home country for 18 years until I moved to New York. Most of all I miss food, opera and of course the most beautiful and lovable women on this planet- Italian women.

This story happened to me during my freshman year in university. I was attending English class and that day it was the last one.

In May sun starts burning closer to the afternoon and it used to get really hot in the classroom. I couldn’t wait for the class to finish when it just had begun!

In 10 minutes I couldn’t keep my head up straight. I got so tired, sweaty and felt like I was in sauna. I put my head lying on my arm… And I saw something!

Within a second my fatigue was blown away. Unexpectedly I felt strong and fast excitement in my blood.

I have to mention the classroom was small and desks were set in a semicircle. Teacher’s table was in front of the desks; and I sat on the teacher’s left side.

My teacher was 25 or 26 years old, while I was only 18. She was so attractive and everyone adored her. So, when I put my head lying on my arm I saw her ankles fitted in red mesh stockings.

The situation was incredibly erotic. I was getting turned on by the fact that she dressed like a whore to work. That day she was wearing tight skirt above her knees; straps on her shoes made her outstanding ankles point out the beauty. She was moving her leg in such a sexy way…her skin was golden from the sun tanning. It looked like that bitch regularly attended solarium.

Her ankles were so fuckin’ turning on and above all that there was a rumor she had two professional tattoos on her hips. On the left side she had writing “I LIKE TO FUCK” and a dick with balls. On the right ankle she was supposed to have a pink tattoo of her pussy.

My dick got such a strong hard-on. Stronger than the usual. Frankly, I was thinking in English: “I’ve never seen such a filthy sexy white whore! Doesn’t she know her fucking ankles are so seductive and make me wanna fuck her? If she doesn’t stop this shit now, I’ll fuck her right here.”

I wanted to rape that bitch right there, that exact moment. I wish I could rip off all of her clothes except the red mesh-stockings. I wanted to kiss her ankles, to put my dick on them. I wanted to massage my dick against her tits and finally stick inside her pussy my 12 inches.

I would have done it if not the fuckin awareness of the fact that I would have to go to jail for that. Actually I could go to the toilet and jerk myself off, but than I would’ve not been looking at those sexy delicious ankles. The effect wouldn’t be the same!

Back then, I didn’t have one of those cool mobiles with a camera, nor a digital camera on me… For a couple of minutes I sat there looking at that slut thinking what could I do about my turn on? And I came up with a pretty cool idea…

I asked her if I could go to the bathroom and the bitch let me go. On the way to the door I looked at amazing ankles of the girl of high breeding.

I went outside on the street. It was much hotter but the air was fresher. I decided to go for a walk and get a soda in the shop. My dick was still hard while I was walking down the alley. I couldn’t get those sexy ankles out of my head.

I looked at my watch. There was half an hour left until the end of the class. I decided not to go back to my class. It was the end of spring-semester and I already knew I had the best grade in class. You can probably tell I learned English quite well by reading my story. So skipping one class wasn’t a big deal.

I got a drink and went to the book store. It was nice and chilly in there, thanks to the air-cons. I went to the language section and started looking for the English-Italian dictionaries. I was walking around and decided to go to the corner to sit down on the bench. I turned around and saw her…that bitch!

This time her skirt looked so tight on her hips and she looked worth of a million bucks. When I looked down on her crotch I imagined her cunt and I could see it in my head… her pussy was shaved … she wasn’t wearing panties at all and her clitoris was calling me. The white blouse was opening her cleavage all the way down to her F-cups…I asked the slut:

- “What are you doing here, senorina?”

- “I think I must ask you, what you are doing here, Ricardo?”

- “You let me leave…”

- “Yes, but only to the bathroom.”

- “Did you follow me? How did you find out I was here? What about the class?”

- “I let them go home…It’s too hot to sit at class. And than I saw you walking outside the shop and followed you.”

- “Are you serious? Why? I mean what for?”

- “I saw you looking at me during my class. I want to fuck you!”

- “…what?!”

- “You heard me, Ricardo. Take off your clothes.”

I started taking off my shirt and that slut was unzipping my jeans. I got naked and tenderly kissed lips of that bitch. I softly put my dick inside her. She really wasn’t wearing panties but I had to pull down the mesh stockings. Not all the way down just a bit…

I shoved her about twenty times and felt I was gonna cum. To avoid that I took my dick out and fingered her pussy for a minute. Than I stuck my dick inside her again…and oh, heaven! We got a mutual orgasm at the same time. My teacher was moaning as if an atomic bomb exploded in her puss…

She took a breath and got down on her knees. As soon as her hands touched my balls I got hard again. She started sucking my dick! Than she put her hands on her tits and my dick was already tit-fucking her…

I remembered her ankles and wished to fuck them as well. I took them and squeezed my dick in between. Oh, I was so close to ejaculate…but she felt it and took back her feet.

She turned around, and got in a doggy-style pose. She slapped her own ass. (By the way she was still in her skirt and mesh stockings) I took off her skirt but pulled back the stockings up on her ass.

I put them back on to rip them off- one whole on her pussy, and the rest of her ass was still tightly covered in her red mesh stockings!

I grabbed her waist and her tit and my dick got inside her puss all the way to my balls. I started fucking her really fast.

My English teacher was moving her ass like a professional whore. Most of all I liked it when her ass was banging against my pubis. She started slipping down from an orgasm she was getting. And as soon as I started cuming she fell on the floor so that my sperm shot on her ass.

That bitch fell on the bench and injured her shoulder. She screamed so loud that the guy from the counter came running. He was shocked when he saw me naked and wanted to call the police. But my sexy whore stopped him. She took the guy’s balls and unzipped his pants. Her hand, the one that didn’t hurt, took out his dick and he stood there hard and shocked even more.

I put on my clothes and ran out the store. By the way I took the dictionary as well. I don’t think I needed to pay. The bitch would pay it off with a blow job.

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21 Responses to “My sexy English teacher”

  1. SKeTcHY Says:

    Bravo! Molto Bene

  2. fake Says:

    bull shit.

  3. earl Says:

    this is a bunch of bullshit

  4. bull Says:

    this is a lode of crap no way in hell did this happen and with a 12 inch dick you whuld not have ben able to get all the way to the balls its not posible

  5. Bond Says:

    You short-dick bastards, I have a 12 inch cock and I am sure that this story occured in real life. If you have little and tiny cocks this does not mean that others are like you. I get my cock all the way into hot pussies and all of the girls I’d fucked could take it all the way down inside their sluttish pussies. The story is great and I really enjoyed it!

  6. varma Says:

    hai this is sandeep i want to say a butiful story inmy life with a techer while iam coming on the road i say noices that hahahano no plzzzz yaya thta from my old school i say a techer participating romance with a 10th class boy i say the completly but they only stoped by kissing and presing and thattime i went near techer and said i say u completly can u give me chance that u can get a ——- and without her permision i sucked her lips she is pusing me i removed her nighty and started presing she cathced my lad and stared pumping with in 5min i enter into new world i think that is the first exp of theat meadam shee is shouting like any thing i hited strongly she shouting like ha ha yaya afterthat daily going nearher fuking

  7. THIS IS BULL Says:

    … umm this is bullshit.. a teacher wouldn’t risk having sex with one of her students in a book store… Fucking retard.. and shut up Bond you prolly got a 2 inch dick .. and the only pussy that ever went up was your dad’s fag

  8. Bond Says:

    THIS IS BULL – you are a fucking prat and you probably have never seen good cocks. I’m telling you my cock is at least 10 inches and babes shout and scream when I shove it all the way down their sluttish pussies. If you’ve got a tiny, petite cock that does not mean that others have cocks so small. You better go and have a penis enlargment therapy, or your wife is going to look for a bigger cock than yours and I’l not be suprised if it’ll be me fucking your wife and leaving a creampie for you to lick. If I do this, I’ll write a story about it and send it to this site for others to read.

  9. man Says:

    man ricardo that’s my name too lol

  10. Himanshu razora Says:

    Story was good, but most of the part was partially comparative

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Listen i think that ur cock’s size is of pubs size.,

  12. Anonymous Says:

    its safe to say that this is one 4 the guiness book of BULLshit come on in a book store?

  13. anonymous Says:

    this story could hve happened who knows and my pussy has been filled with dicks longer then 12inches so it is possible

  14. Han Says:

    Hey anonymous.Are you a girl?Cause if you are can I fuck you with my hard dick to your sweet pussy?

  15. Sexy Says:

    Dat was really hotttt..12 inch is not too much 4 most pussies 2 tak in..i can tak in more than dat.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    do you have a pair of balls?

  17. LMAO Says:

    so obvious this was fake lol

  18. Anonymous Says:

    this is impossible who the fuck will have sex with her student in a bookstore this is a total waste of time and i bet the writer of this story has a tiny penis

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Super Fake! lol. POS

  20. fuck Says:

    i would love to fuck a girl. nice story. SOME ONE GIVE ME PUSSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. fuck Says:

    any girls out there i can fuck with my hard cock

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