Librarian lady

February 26th, 2008

A guy who is doing pretty bad in school goes to the library to read up on the exam books, but the sexy librarian lady has other plans on him and there’s no way he can resist her charm.

Hi! My name is Craig and I gotta kick ass story to tell you. I was 20 and studied at my freshman year in college. I was the oldest guy in my class… I was a pretty bad student and failed a number of classes. I had to attend detention almost every day. It was at the library hall and I had to sit there among endless book shelves. There was this young librarian girl working in there. Well, she was as young as 27 years old. Sarah – that was her name. She was tall, long legged brunette with 34 cup tits. There was a rumor in town that she was a slot, but none of my school friends and me thought it was true. Sarah was just a hot girl and a lot of envious bitches could make up shit about her.

One day I was kicked out of my class and I was supposed to go to the detention. I went to the library and was the only one that morning. I came by Sarah to say hi and sat down next to her table. I looked at her legs as I usually do and was amazed how beautiful she was. I sat there and looked at pictures in books. I didn’t feel like reading so I just looked at the pictures.

She started talking to me and I kept on turning pages. I could feel she was looking at me for the whole time. Sarah was telling me about her weekend, that she didn’t have time to chill at all because she was supposed to be in school for the new books to arrive. I started turning my head to her and checked her out from her head to her toe. When my eyes went back up her legs she pulled them apart… not all the way but enough so that I could see her blue panties.

I was shocked from the show. Her pussy was sticking out from those thin lacy panties. My dick reacted right away. She noticed the fact. I looked into her eyes and she smiled. The girl asked me if I could go over to her house and help her out with the fuckin books. I asked her what time she said 5 pm would be just the perfect time.

When I got home I could still see those blue panties. I was naïve and was still thinking if she actually wants me to help her out with the books or was there something else she wanted from me? … Or was that just a fantasy?… Finally it was 4.45 pm. I came to her door and knocked. The door opened and I saw this hottie standing in the towel. She excused herself, told me to hold on and went back to the bathroom. She told me to come inside and make myself comfortable. I went in and saw huge boxes filled with all kinds of books. They were if front of the big mirror size wall. I looked at myself, fixed my hair and sat down on one of the boxes.

And there she was. She was wearing amazing white top and a sexy black skirt a little bit lower her knees. We started off with the books. I was stamping them on the page 17 and she was writing down the record. We finished in like half an hour. Sarah asked me if I wanted some champagne. She took out a bottle from the bar table. She asked me to hold on and went to get glasses. I was like “wow! Damn! I will be drinking alcohol!”

She got back really fast. We sat down on the bed and poured champagne into the glasses. I asked her if no one would find out that me and her were doing that. I mean she was a school librarian and I was a student… She said it was fine and it didn’t matter to her because in her opinion I was mature enough to keep it a secret.

We drank and talked like some old friends it was awesome. For the whole time I was thinking of those blue panties I saw that morning. After finishing up the bottle I started thinking may be it was the moment when I could use the opportunity and make my friend down there happy… I was glancing at her with a hungry dirty look and she clearly noticed that. Our eyes met. I went closer to her and kissed her. Sarah didn’t resist. Instead she took my hand on her tit. I was so lucky I started squeezing one of her round tities while my other hand was unbuttoning her blouse.

She pushed me away. I was like what da hell, but she started striping down. Sarah was standing almost on top of me and when she took off her bra I could see amazing and perhaps the best tities I’ve ever seen in my life alive! She pulled down her skirt and was left wearing only black panties. Babe pushed me back on the bed and started kissing my lips. She was sitting on top of me and it felt so fucking right! Sarah took off my t-shirt and started kissing my nipples. As she was going down she started unzipping my jeans.

The only thing that was left on me were my boxers. My huge fucker was sticking out like some gun. Sarah looked at it and went back to kissing my lips. Through her panties she kept on riding and rubbing her wet pussy against my dick. Sarah went down and rushed to take my pants off. My dick jumped out. She bent down, took it in her hands and softly licked the head. Shit…. God! I shook from pleasure. Her lips embraced my dick and she started sucking me.

I was like “yeahh”… I was so happy. Sarah, my sexy girl, sucked it for a bit and took off her panties. My dick felt her juicy flowing wet pussy. Bitch got excited from sucking my cock. I pulled up her beautiful ass and my dick smoothly entered the librarian. Ouch! It was so warm and wet in there. Her cozy puss was tightly taking my dick. Her vagina felt so right and babe slowly moved up and down. She slid on me faster, than back slower. I heard her moaning and saying something dirty like “Fuck everything…” and that I was such a sweet m…-fucker. I picked her up and put her down on her knees in front of that huge mirror.

I was shagging her and kept on watching myself in the mirror. It was like watching some hardcore porn on the adult-TV. I was about to cum. She felt it inside herself that I was so close to shoot. She told me to cum inside her. But I have this habit. I just pulled out and shot all over her lower back and her delicious ass. Sarah whispered something nasty and wiped it off with her bare hand. She took that hand to her face and licked off that white rich sperm.

You’re so tasty – she said and smacked her lips. Turn around on your back, she told me again. I lied down on my back and she lied on top off me so that her pussy was right on my face. I saw her juice pouring out… Right on my face. Sarah started sucking my dick and went further down to lick my balls.

I started inserting my fingers inside her and I felt her cuming on my fingers… those moments she squeezed my dickhead and started sucking on it. Her sexy moans were turning me on…so bad…

I started shooting inside here almost right away. I was cuming inside her mouth and I understood she was sucking it again. We lied on the bed cuddling like real lovers. Sarah said, she hoped no one was gonna find out about the “date”. I said, of course not. I put on my clothes and left leaving Sarah lying there naked.

The next day I told a couple of my classmates about the shag I had with Sarah –the librarian. They also went over to her place to “give her a hand” with the books. She was grateful when I came to submit the books by the end of the semester. We never seen each other again. So, that was my first shag, this is how I lost my virginity. What do you think? Not too bad, huh :)

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  1. Nick Says:

    A rich library

  2. rik Says:

    sweet sexy story

  3. biju Says:

    hi how r u dear

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