September 12th, 2008

A guy takes a movie from a student in the university but she gives him her amateur video by mistake, do you want to see what happened there?

Delia is my group mate, a third-year student of a university in California. She is a pretty, sociable, cheerful girl. You can’t say she is very beautiful but there is something special about Delia that makes her different from others… A pretty face… Shoulder-length fair hair, big eyes, full lips… Charming… She is neither thin nor fat. I would say she is rather slim but her bosom and bottom are plump, I guess it is them that makes her very attractive and gives her particular charm.

I’ve often noticed men are carried away by the sight of her. It’s worth mentioning men like her a lot she’s often invited to various parties, birthday celebrations and other student hangouts.

I’ve never heard she had a boyfriend. “She enjoys herself” her friends say about Delia. She is a nice chick but not to my taste, I like a bit different type of girls. To tell you the truth I’ve never thought about dating her and being my sex-partner. Now I think it was in vain…

I used to borrow discs with movies from her. This time I loaded a disc into a DVD recorder instantly on arriving home. I was lucky to be home alone. Instead of a film that I’d expected I began watching an amateur video filming.

An apartment I’ve never been to. A camera operator went through a dark corridor and found himself in the kitchen. Now I saw something familiar. Delia and a few guys were sitting at the table. I knew them; they were students of the same faculty as we were. Jonathon was a handsome guy of middle height, he wasn’t a skirt chaser but girls liked him; Dan looked very sporty and had dark hair; and Thomas was short and thin… Fellows of all sizes, all colors… Not goons, just ordinary guys.

They were drinking, laughing in front of the camera… nothing special. – Oh, Fuck, – I thought, – she’s mixed up the cassettes. I started to get bored of watching when suddenly Delia and Jonathon went to another room. The cameraman followed them.

- Wow, Delia, come on! – I laughed. – I thought you were shy. I got interested. They began kissing. I was surprised by Delia’s skillfulness and activity. The lights were on and I could clearly see what was happening. He began caressing, pawing her – she obviously liked that. Thomas entered the room and embraced Delia from the back, then kissed her neck. Jonathon was kissing her lips and fondling the thighs, Thomas was stroking her boobs. Then his hand slid under her sweater and kept on working there. Now Delia was enjoying two men. They paid no attention to the camera. Delia looked at it occasionally and giggled.

- You’re hottie! – I thought. The show was making me excited more and more. She wasn’t wearing a sweater any more, there was a bra and jeans on. Delia helped Thomas and Jonathon to take off their shirts. Jonathon pulled her bra off and started sucking her nipples. Thomas’s hands were touching her belly, neck, caressing her breasts. By the way, her breasts were VERY plump!!! Jonathon put his hands on her shoulders and pulled her down. She squatted and took his jeans off. Jonathon’s dick shot up before her face. I have to admit my own prick was longing to leave the pants by that time, too… This video sexed me up better than any porn film. The guys treated Delia very tenderly and she was obedient.

Delia was going to start giving head to him but he raised her up and put her on the bed which was rather big. Then Jonathon raised her legs up and pulled her jeans off and then the panties. The camera zoomed in on her pussy, it was damp already. Jonathon climbed the bed and sat by Delia’s face. Thomas was near her legs; he took his jeans off revealing the phallus. It was big, much bigger than Jonathon’s one. He raised Delia’s legs and penetrated her. She moaned. Thomas began rhythmically moving his pelvis. He thrust his knob up to balls and Delia moaned and squealed each time. She moved in pace with his movements and her breasts shuddered after every jerk. When she stopped moaning and got used to the rhythm Jonathon turned her head to him and pushed his dick into her mouth. She started sucking it loudly smacking her lips. She was lying and couldn’t move her head properly, so Jonathon was doing everything himself. He was literally fucking her mouth. The squelching sounds between her legs were accompanied now by smacking sounds of her lips. During this unusual gang bang the camera zoomed in on either Thomas’s buttocks or his prick working as a piston in Delia, or sometimes Delia’s lips sucking Jonathon’s cock. The scenery was fantastic! Jonathon was on the verge of coming, his penis was trembling with convulsions, then he rushed in Delia’s mouth deep and judging by her swallowing motions I could understood he came. A bit later Thomas made four brutal thrusts, kept his cock inside Delia’s body and then set her free.

The guys sat on the bed satisfied. But Delia wanted more. She stretched her hands to the vagina and started flicking her clit. And where was the third boy? Oh, here he was! Dan was naked and his tremendously fat cock was swaying from side to side.

- Babe, you want more? – He asked smiling.

- Lick me, please, – she moaned.

Dan positioned himself between her legs, put them on his shoulders and began eating her. The camera was very close and I could see his tongue working around her nub, then pushing inside the pussy and licking the shithole. Delia was moaning with pleasure.

– No, girl, you can’t climax right now, – saying that Dan recoiled, pulled her to his cock, then took his head in his hands and impaled her on his stem. Delia nearly choked down but managed to catch his phallus with her lips. Dan made a few movements and said:

– Make it moister.

- Dan… – Delia pretended to be objecting. She’d guessed he wanted to ram her in a doggy-style position. She was right. Her voice sounded more playfully than offended.

She knitted her brows (What an actress!) and stuck her butt up. Dan licked her hole damping it with his saliva and guided the cock to her ass; Delia smiled, then moaned and closed her eyes tight when Dan drilled into her. He stopped for a while and moved back. Delia mumbled but didn’t remove her bottom. Gradually he speeded up and began fucking the girl rhythmically. The anus probably became wider and Delia moaned from pain only occasionally. While Dan was ramming her butt Thomas sat on the bed and pushed his knob into her mouth. She started moving her head up and down. I thought about her full lips and realized I could come at any moment. I had a great cock-stand. She was sucking so well that I wanted to fuck her myself. Dan was quick to have an orgasm and then pulled his limp cock out of her. Here Jonathon decided to join them…

- Guys, I’d like to join you!

- I’ve got an idea, – Thomas said.

He stopped sucking Delia who was so fond of giving blow jobs and turned her with her back to him. He asked her to squat and then impaled her on his dick. Hid dick was thinner than Dan’s one that’s why it went into Delia’s butt up to the base with no problems. To add to this it had been in her mouth and was rather wet. Then he lay and put Delia on his chest. Jonathon placed himself between her legs moved widely apart and rushed in sharply. Delia screamed and screwed up her eyes. It was a little painful as she had two pricks in. Thomas and Jonathon began moving their thighs slowly and carefully. Delia wasn’t screaming any more but she was still moaning sometimes. Now she was between two of them, she could lean on her own legs to half-rise and sit down on the cocks and she was kissing with Jonathon at the same time. Thomas was stroking her tits and Jonathon was holding her over the hips. Jonathon settled back and Dan stood over these three. Delia took his buttocks in her hands, now they served as an additional support for her. Dan winked at the guys and they simultaneously thrust in rather abruptly. Delia closed her eyes tight, opened her mouth widely exhaling the air and got Dan’s dick right inside. He was holding her hair that’s why it wasn’t easy for her to suck and two more cocks were moving in her. She pushed Dan’s prick out of her mouth all the time. When he came his semen gushed on her face, then it leaked over her neck and breast. She didn’t notice that as her own orgasm was approaching. Thomas was the next who came, he pulled his penis out of Delia and left her with Jonathon only. Now she had more space to use and she was literally racing on him. He possibly didn’t like her speeding and pushed her on the bed raising her legs. A couple of jerks and she was thrashing in orgasm. Jonathon decided not to torture her any more, took his dick out and began jacking off. Soon Delia’s belly was covered in his cum.

The camera zoomed in on Delia. It was worth seeing… Delia was lying on a wide bed… A sweet smile on her face, her eyes closed, legs spread (I guess she had no energy to bring them together), all her body covered in semen which was flowing over her cheeks and glistening on her belly and bust…

I thought my phallus was going to blow up. I rewound back… The camera zoomed in on her full lips sucking a cock, the sound of smacking lips, her spit flowing over the chin and the dick. I stopped the film. I wanted to come. No, I didn’t want to come in this way, I wanted to fuck Delia, fuck this “innocent” girl who had been rammed by three guys and more than once. I called her, we chatted and I invited her for tea (I used to do that before). You know, I didn’t have to beg for long…

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