She was an accountant!

September 10th, 2007

It’s too dangerous to surf porn sites at work during lunch time, this guy was so excited that he started jerking off thinking he was alone, he was caught red-handed by a pretty, young accountant who offered him her pussy instead…

Our room office was located at the very end of the passage, that’s why I didn’t shut the door. I opened the browser and visited this site with erotic stories, by this time I was hard-on. I lowered my pants and settled right before the computer to read attentively, rubbed my cock and hardly kept from coming right there, and then began thinking of shaving my manhood.

…thoughts seized me completely, and I couldn’t hear our accountant, tall sexy young woman come in. she was standing at the door and watching me doing it, her breast was swaying, mouth was half open, having licked her lips she looked out of the door and then entered the room. I was still sitting at the table and my cock was on 45 degrees level, she approached me very quietly and her warm soft fingers touched it. I moaned and couldn’t believe my eyes, was it our shy accountant sitting on her knees and licking my dick with closed eyes and blissful look on her face. She did it so good that my cum was on the way to erupt, her tongue was much better than all pussies I ever fucked. I decided to come in there; warm liquid poured on her tongue and filled her mouth. Some heavenly relaxation waved through my body, I sank into the chair and looked at her, and she lent over her head and licked the clots of my cum from her lips: this babe’s eye shone with lusty fire. “Oh, you are dirty bad guy!” she said. She grasped my hand and pressed it to her tit, my palm failed to hold this huge boob with erect nipple, it seemed her tit would seep through my fingers. Having unzipped her bra and got down to fondling her boobs, she gripped my hair with her nails and moved my head, pressing it tight to her tits so that it could toke my breath.

Tearing my head to let me breathe in she then immediately made my face turn to her boobs and things went on in a circle: she seemed to turn on from getting her boobs licked. After that I settled her on the desk and began kissing her lips, at this time my hand shoved under her skirt and groped something hot and licking, her pussy was burning and this bitch appeared not to wear any lingerie! My fingers got wet with her love juice, she started twisting like a snake, whispering: “yeah, oh, my God, Yeahh!” my fingers flicked her clit sliding inside her hot crave from time to time. My cock was paining with a hard strain, I was longing for fucking this slut! After some time passed I recoiled, spread her legs wide so that all pares on the desk flew about the room and I finally saw what I wanted most: her rosy open pussy lips with a love juice licking out of down there! Taste me! She said. One more minute and I was on my knees felling to her pussy and sucking her clit. Her moans resounded through the whole room.

“Good guy! Don’t stop, keep sucking me!” but thus game soon bored me stiff, I couldn’t help fucking her hard. I tried to rise, but she cuddled me up with he legs and said: “what are you doing? I won’t leave you!” then I grasped her buttocks and commanded: “No, bitch, listen to me!” and after that my cock rushed in her wide hole, so hot and sweet. She moved her hips in time with my thrusts, being very obedient and meek. She gripped her own tits trying to lick the nipples, sometimes she succeeded….

The sweat was pouring off her, running down her tits and belly, as the feeling to stop this wild race came to my mind, I stopped it for a while and recovered breath, then, like a giant refreshed, I went to drilling her cunt. But it was about the time to come, so I pointed my shaft at her boobs and my sperm spilled on her tits with thick drops. This was my gift for her!
And then…tempestuous applauses resounded, I looked at the door and saw 2 of my colleagues watching us and enjoying this free show! However this situation didn’t confuse our accountant, she freshened up herself, and passing by these guys winked at them playfully. Yeahh, next lunch promised to be more interesting!

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  1. Love man Says:

    Waw, fucking hot story, liked it very much! Bingo!

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  3. jay Says:

    ahh much better

  4. sakthi Says:

    Wr r u de…

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  6. make love to me Says:

    hot gillllls hit me up at [email protected]

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