Sex in my life! Rebecca

September 19th, 2007

At an office party a pretty babe gets drunk and this guy sure doesn’t waste his chance to fuck her tight pussy, as they say – a drunk women is not the master of her pussy- so he followed the saying and got what he wanted.

“Reb, how about fucking?” “You are kidding? I’d like to….” To tell the truth such a question should be asked when I’m dealing with a babe when I know that’s she would not feel insulted. Some virgin like babes cant’s stand a word “fuck”, they even feel hurt when you call their holes some like “pussy”! I used to talk sex with my girlfriend for several times and she always said why should not call these things by their right own names. But this one was a definite special case.

First, I and Rebecca, a sales manager of our company, were both hard drunk – no less than a bottle of cognac on each one, second, by the moment of this question as given Rebecca was already sitting on my knees, embracing me with her legs, her dress and bra rode up while panties and stockings were lowered down her hips. Hot French kisses I changed with biting her neck, then I was kissing her petite but very sweet tits, after that she allowed me lift her a bit and penetrate my tongue in her pussy. This gave her more relaxation and turn on, but I definitely kept her from getting orgasm by now, prolonging the pleasure.

As far as I recall now, we were celebrating New Year occasion, the next-door resounded with glasses chin, and drunk voices, though we paid no attention to all that, I was just dancing with Rebecca and when I set to kissing her she reacted immediately and I took her to the first free office to stay alone… we should have found some another very, very quiet place, so we moved to my office, far long the corridor, having locked the door, no sooner had the door shut as completely drunk Rebecca asked me to fuck her hot! I meant to do it right on my office seat; thought the whole desk was full of scattered papers. While I was thinking of it, she settled on the chair and got down to unbuttoning her bra.

I got off the couch and went to my knees. I placed my mouth over her nice tit and began to suck. I licked it all over the place, as I heard a little moan. She then placed her hand on her pussy and began to rub. My left hand began to slightly make its way to her thigh and moved it up even more. Our hands met, and I pushed down a bit to get a feel of her pussy. Now she was moaning even more. I started to unbutton her pants, and then pulled them down, to unveil that red thong. She told me to get back up on the couch, while we started making out she began to unbutton my pants, and I flung them off, throwing them to the floor. She could see the bulge in my boxers, as she grabbed my cock. “Oh, yeahh, such a huge cock!” she said. She couldn’t take it any longer and told me to take off my boxers and I did. I looked down at her face when she saw my cock. “Suck me!” I said. “You promised me to fuck me!” Rebecca protested. “We will have enough time!” “No, it’s not fair!” “All right, come here!” She began to bite her lip, getting closer to my dick. She kissed the tip of its head. Then she laid her head back down on the headrest of the couch. I moved on further, and took off her blouse, and threw that to the ground. Her bra bounced down to expose her cleavage. She panted falling back up and took off her bra, letting out her petite boobs. Then she lay back down. I laid flat on top of her sucking at her hard nipples. Time after time, by every minute, her moans got even louder. I moved down to where her pussy was and pulled her thong off. That was something amazing! So hot wet licking adorable hole covered with hair….. I extended my hand down to the slit. And I placed 2 fingers inside. She let out a loud groan. Pushing them in and forcing them out. Her juices began to flow like river. I stopped to make sure she wouldn’t cum just yet. I didn’t expect such a fast effect, she was leaking with her love juice on my tongue, in a few minutes Rebecca twitched and started as if receiving an electricity shock, her thin fit body stretched. She cried out, her moans could be heard by all people on our floor; I stopped putting my tongue inside her hole and just went on sucking her clit. Then, after she came, I rose and kissed her. After that it was her turn to give me pleasure.

Then I was standing behind her, she grabbed a bottle of some lub in her fanny and rubbed some into the palm of her hands. She got down on her knees and lathered my hard dick. Then placed both her hands on it, and began to stroke it again and again. I told her I was about to cum, so she stopped and got back up. She looked at me and pointed down to her pussy. She then stepped back a few times turned around, and bent down. I pulled my dick, towards her wet pussy. I placed it right on in there. And then I slid it back and forth slowly for a few seconds. She told me to go hard and fast this time. So I directed it back in, and began to pump her like crazy. I was fucking her hot, ramming that motherfucking hole. Pushing her down on the couch, my legs were up and I moved my body over to where her head was.

Rebecca took my cock and stroked it slightly and gently. It was before her face. Then she recoiled and said: “Thank ever so much for you fucked me, it felt so good! I came very well” “All right, babe, just suck my cock!” “OK” she said, then looked at my shaft and noted: “So big, what you are doing to this to have it so huge?” and after that she opened her mouth knowing what I wanted, as I placed my cock right inside the warmth of her spit. She placed both of her hands and began to stroke it. Faster and faster, she sucked and licked my cock. It felt like an eternity, before I came right in her mouth. I knew she swallowed it, when she stuck her tongue out to gather the remains of the dripping cum over my cock.

When it was over, she smiled opening her mouth full of my cum. I guessed what she meant, lifted her by hands and set to kissing her, during next 5 minutes we had fun with giving this juice to one another, and then she finally swallowed it entirely. “you like to have come in your mouth?” I asked. “Yeahh! I really love to eat cum. By the way, you are the first guy who kissed me like that” “like what?” “Like when I have a full mouth of juice!” “I enjoyed it too!” “Well, thank you!”

We had some snack and smoke. Then she said she wanted to pee-pee and asked me to look outside whether there were our colleagues. I did, but couldn’t notice anyone. “go ahead, come on!” I said. “Take me there, I’ve had on too much!” she asked smiling. We approached the “guy’s” as the “lady’s” was on the next floor. She begged me of coming inside together with her, being apprehensive of something and grasping my hand…

I had no other way than putting her right on the toilet sink carefully. She started weeing, what made me turn on. Standing before peeing girl I waited a bit and then unzipped my pants. Took my cock out: “how about continuing our fun right here?” “You turn on so fats!” she said. “Just with you….” While we were talking she finished her job and took my cock, stroked it, and kissed its head. “Lets’ fuck again… help rise.” We went outside and got back.

So we kept kissing then she went to the next step and very slowly put her hand down my pants. She didn’t touch my penis yet, she just played with my balls, pulling and fondling and whatever else she did. My penis started to grow. All this time we kept kissing. Then she started to take off my shirt revealing my arms, as she kissed all the way down to my belt. I just looked at her and said nothing. Rebecca started to undo my belt buckle. As she saw the bulge in my pants grow to its limits. As she pulled down my pants my thick penis sprung straight up almost hitting her. She took my dick in her hand as she started to stroke it. She licked the head and put it in her mouth. Her mouth was so warm and wet, it felt so good. I didn’t know if she could handle all of my cock but her mouth seemed to be rather wide. She started off slow only getting about half in her mouth. Soon Rebecca started going further down my shaft almost all the way, at least 10 centimeters. As she did that for about 2 minuets or so I finally pushed her head all the way down to my pubic hair. I could feel the head of my penis in the back of her throat, the amazing thing was that she didn’t even gag, she pulled her head back off my cock and then went all the way back down. Rebecca did this, until I came all over her face and in her mouth. She tried to swallow my huge load of hot slimy cum but some slipped out. Then she got on top of me and adjusted to fit my still hard cock inside her wet pussy. She went down slowly until my entire 17 centimeters of meat reached inside of her. She was not so tight and completely wet so it was pretty easy to get inside of her. She moaned very loud as she humped my penis. I played with her very nice, plump, firm tits while she did this.

Having fucked like that I soon got tired. She got off me after some time and we kissed very passionately. I pulled out turned this heavily breathing babe to me. “Like it?” “Sure!” “Are not you coming?” “Not yet! I want it some more” “All right, let’s juts change the position!” I put her to the windowsill, she pressed to it. I sat, lifted her ass with my hands, impaling her asshole onto my cock, Rebecca figured it out fast and rested on her legs. So the fun went on, soon I felt my balls were giving me signs of closing orgasm, but Rebecca seemed to be still too far from climax. “Are you ready, not?” “No, I can’t it may be because of I’m too drunk!” she said looking guilty. “It’s all right, babe! Your pussy is great! It’s so hot!” “You have got a very nice cock, man! Just keep on fucking me hard! ”

I put her on the desk in my office; she approached it and lay onto it and spread her legs wide. I kissed her pussy enjoying the taste of her juice, the she sucked me a while, making my cock get harder. “Fuck me” she begged. Having climbed onto her I began to drill her hole. That lasted for some 10 minutes, then she sucked me once again, and I then rolled on top of her and put my cock inside of her petite pink pussy and fucked her vigorously. She moaned and yelled so loud I thought someone would hear us. I released my load of cum inside of her and sat on top of her exhausted.

After that she was talking something, I couldn’t remember. She was thanking me for the sex, saying she gad never been fucked like that. After that I drove her home said I loved her and dropped her off at her house.

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4 Responses to “Sex in my life! Rebecca”

  1. John_PORN-LOVER Says:

    I love having sex at work, it makes it so much more interesting and exciting. We have a nice secretary in our office and I often fuck her tight pussy, she loves it and she doesn’t mind

  2. MachineofFuck Says:

    i fucked my three secretary at once, believe me they licked my dick & we have much fun until i have been tired.

  3. sarmd Says:

    im very sixey love

  4. hornychic Says:

    bullshit none of u fucked your secretaries. especially not three at a time. u all live in a fucken fantasy world.

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