Serious talk

February 29th, 2008

A beautiful lady working in the university wants to take a break from work but the director is standing in her way, can she take a leave and will he not mind that?

It was about 6 pm when I came in her office. She told me to take a seat and said she would be back in a couple of minutes. She left and got back in about 5 minutes. She sat behind her table. She was under 30 but looked much younger. She was a beautiful brunette with long legs. I can’t say I loved her style. She always dressed up in a sluttish way. She loved to wear high boots, black pantyhose, black skirts, white blouses, and a black leather jacket. Seemed it was her favorite outfit. She always swayed her hips from side to side when walking.

There were a lot of rumors about her. Somebody told me she was caught giving head to the university president.
So, she sat behind her desk and said:

- Mr. Rodgers, don’t be in a hurry to go home, cause I have to talk to you seriously.

She gave me the key and told me to lock the door. I asked her why. She said to lock it for nobody to be able to distract us from the conversation. So I stood up to went and lock the door. Then I sat back on the chair. She started preaching me. I told her:

- Ms. Rodgers, I don’t get why you need it, you’re not my mom, and you’re not even my student adviser. Why should you care?

She didn’t answer but looked at me in such a strange way… Then she told me to come up to her. I did. She told me to move up closer. I did another step in her direction and saw her rubbing her twat under the table. I got what he wanted from me.

- So Mr. Rodgers, I hope you understand what you gotta do to change the situation for the better? – She asked in a low hoarse voice.

- I do. – I replied.
- So what are you waiting for then?
- I… I’m just a bit embarrassed…
- Ok, come on Mike, don’t tell me you’ve never licked pussies!
- No, never – I confessed.
- Ok, then I’ll help you. – She said pulling off her boots, her pantyhose, her red thongs, and spreading her legs wide.

Her snatch wasn’t shaven. There was a thick bush there.

- So what’s wrong now? – She asked impatiently. – Come over here.

I did. She cupped her legs round my neck and pulled me to her snatch. I didn’t resist cuz I knew it would happen anyway. I just HAD TO DO IT. I felt her vulva lips at my mouth. I sucked on them she tossed her head backwards and moaned.

- If you do everything right you will have no problems with me anymore. – She whispered.

My tongue touched her sagging clit. She started shivering. She was moaning when I stuck my tongue in her vagina. She was holding my head with her long legs, rubbing her pussy against my face. She stopped rubbing only after having the third orgasm in the row. Her juices were flowing on my lips. Then she licked them off my face.

- Surprise! – She said and unzipped my fly, she took my boner out of my pants. She was rubbing it against her face, her lips.

She managed to suck all my 9 inches in her throat! Seemed she was gonna suck my balls along too. I came in her mouth. I took her by the hips and wanted to fuck her cunt, but she didn’t let me do it.

- Don’t get too excited, boy…

She put on her panties and said:

- I hope you’ve learn the lesson.

She wiped her lips with a paper napkin, put on her jacket, and unlocked the door. I went out of the room.
I didn’t see her at the university next day. They said she was on sick leave. Her sick leave lasted till the end of the term.

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2 Responses to “Serious talk”

  1. michael Says:

    the referance to either one was silly and you really need to prufe read you’r work or let some one else read it!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Fuckery. U motherfucker

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