December 15th, 2007

Imagine you want to rent an apartment and the realtor turns out to be a stunning babe, she shows you around the place but the only thing you see are her boobs and there’s nothing you want more than her…

The idea to rent a room was so unexpected. He just wanted to have a place to go and spend some time alone. At least, that’s what he thought it to be.

He thought he was happily married. His wife was a brunette beauty with a good body. They both enjoyed their sex. But anyway he felt like something was missing… Some part of his personality wanted something else. He probably needed to be able to yield to his sudden desires and temptations, like one-night stands, for example.

Anyways, he came to the conclusion he needed to rent an apartment. He had a good realtor. She was a pretty lady of about 30. He saw her husband in the firm too. He was a tall guy with red beard. He had a chance to see more of his realtor while working with her.

-My name is Carmen. We have several apartments to show you. If you like anything now, we can see the apartment and you can sign the contract today.

She was wearing her light hair in a bob, her makeup stressed her incredibly bright green eyes. Was she wearing lenses? She had a straight nose and plump lips she was habitually keeping pressed. Her green suit stressed her attractive curves, she was also wearing a white blouse. “The girl likes business style,” he thought.

He had enough time to admire her round knees and chubby hips. Carmen loved to wear stilettos, and they made her legs look damn beautiful. He had enough time to examine her beautiful calves in semitransparent golden stockings. Her short skirt was always on its way up, so the gal had to set it right from time to time. He was enchanted by her fingers with polished nails, they were moving so smoothly, it was so arousing. He saw a wedding ring on her ring finger, he felt a very strong erection. Her hand with a wedding ring was a real turn on for him.

He shuddered when Carmen asked him something. He answered something not really knowing the question. It turned out he agreed to see the apartment.

-That’s not far away from here. Just 20 minutes, I guess. – She took the papers from the table and showed him the way to the car.

They found her blue Ford in the parking lot. Sitting in the car, they were talking like really good friends.

-I see you’re married…
-Yeah. My husband works in our company, but in another department. – She laughed. – Looks like he’s my boss here, unlike in our family life.
-You don’t really look bossy. – He remarked.
-Thanks. But I must tell you there isn’t a woman who wouldn’t like to be bossy sometimes. Well, it mustn’t necessarily concern work, a woman can be bossy at home, during sex…

She broke off. She realized it was a bit more than she intended to say. But it wasn’t she rather he who was blushing. Her short skirt raised up a bit, and he saw more of her hips, as well as the lacy stockings’ rim. He was looking at her hip, trying to keep the track of the conversation and not to expose his arousal. Her hand was always trying to set the skirt straight, but the slit on her skirt made all her attempts useless.

He was staring at her fingers. It was really hot to think that they could be playing with man’s hair, caressing man’s chest, getting lower and lower to… He was imagining her nude body during sex with a man. He could almost see her hair spread on the pillow. He could almost hear bed’s squeaking.

-Do you spend a lot of time together? – He asked her.
-Not really. – She lit a cigarette. – I don’t know why I’m telling you this. But, you can tell al lot when getting in the traffic jam.
-It’s surprising for me to hear such an attractive young lady complaining of lack of attention. – He added.
-You’re also married, right? So tell me then, do you often give flowers to your wife? Do you still feel that incredible passion and desire to court her as you used to do it before the wedding? Do you cheat on your wife? – She asked suddenly.

He turned his face to her, but she put on sunglasses and he couldn’t see her eyes.

-Sorry for the question. – She said.
-No, it’s ok. Well, I’d really love to cheat on her with YOU.
-Stop it, it’s not funny. – She concentrated on driving the car.

There was some chemistry felt in the air. They felt some exciting ambiguity present in the conversation.

When they got to the place, he got out of the car first and opened the door for her.

-Thank you, it’s really sweet, – she noted.

Her skirt rose up a bit again.

-So how do you like the house? Isn’t it quiet here?

It was. It was quiet as if it weren’t situated in the center of the city. They got inside the house, it was clean and empty there. They came into the elevator. He was standing leaning on the wall, Carmen was standing with her back to him. His hand suddenly touched her hip, but he didn’t jerk it off, rather touched her butt right between the buttocks.

It was explicit provocation. He was standing still, feeling his heart beating fast in his chest, while his palm was caressing the round butt of that woman. They got out of the elevator and Carmen opened the door, saying:

-Nobody has lived here for a long time.

They got in the hall and started when they heard the door shut behind them. They were alone now. He looked at Carmen and saw her tremble.

-It’s cool here, though it’s pretty hot outside. – She said.

It took them some time to see the kitchen and the bedrooms. When he got back to the living room he saw her standing with her arms round her shoulders, she seemed to be freezing. It was empty in the room safe for the couch standing in the center. The woman was standing still looking at her reflection in a huge mirror leaned on the wall.

He came up to the couch and touched it.

-I bet you’re also wondering how many women have been lying here, – he drawled. – You’re thinking about them, right?

She stepped back.

-Have you been fucked here? – He asked her, shaking her by the shoulders, trying to look in her eyes.
-No. – She replies silently.
-But you’d love to? Right?!

She was looking at him scared, her lips were parted. He realized he could do everything he wanted. She subdued to him. He was fully enjoying his power. He took out the bag she was holding, he lowered her hand, making her touch his hard dick. He was feeling up her boobs, pinching the erect nipple through the blouse and the lacy bra. She cried out, trying to set herself free of his wild caress, but she was moving very slowly, as if unwilling to do what she actually had to.

He was stronger. He pressed her against the windowsill and raised her skirt. He made a step back to look at her body. He saw a woman in a business suit who was covering her face with her hands. Her elegant suit contrasted with the raised up skirt. Her saw her slender legs in nylon stockings and small lacy panties. He pulled them off, tearing them part.

-You’re a gorgeous slut! – He said looking at her wedding ring, it was turning him on. He pushed her on the couch and made her get on her knees.

He was taking his time, dressing off in front of her. He came up close to her to poke his dick at her lips.

-C’mon and show me what your hubby has taught you to do….

She sucked on his dick, on his swollen dickhead. He groaned and pounced on her, entering her from the rear. His cock seemed to be ready to explode with desire. He was drilling her wet pussy vehemently, looking at their reflection in the mirror. He saw a nude man fucking a beautiful woman. Her clothes were torn apart. Her skirt turned into a rope round her waist, her jacket was unbuttoned, her firm tits were seen from under the snow-white blouse.

Carmen was pressing her head against her hands, her hair fell on her face, so he didn’t see her face expression. Soon she was helping him fuck her, trying to catch his tempo. One could hear heavy breathing in the room.

He felt like cumming so he directed his ready-to-explode pecker in her opened mouth. He filled her throat with his semen. She was trying to step aside, but he grasped her hair and tossed her head back – he wanted to see her eyes. She was looking really great – her lips were parted, she was blushing, her semi-conscious look was driving him crazy, she was smiling lustfully.

The fact that somebody else’s wife was obedient to his wishes was really arousing for him. He took Carmen by the hand and made her take his shaft in her hands and stick it in her mouth. Carmen was obedient to his order. She was fondling the dickhead, getting it deep in her throat, while her hand was jacking of the rest of the stem. His prick was hard again.

She got on her fours, and pressed her forehead against the couch, she raised her butt and spread her cheeks. He clenched his teeth in seeing her hand with the wedding ring. She was his slave. She was inviting him to enter her virgin tight asshole. But he didn’t let he control him. He put her to the side and told her to get her knees up to her chin. First he was rubbing his dick again her vulva lips and then he started screwing her slit. She was moaning, trying to change the position, but he never let her do it. He punished her for being disobedient – his finger entered her anus. She cried out.


He didn’t answer but sped up his frictions. He was looking at their reflection in the mirror, caressing her stockings, feeling up her boobs, trying to set his great arousal free. His finger was getting deeper and deeper in her rectum. The finger and the dick were ramming her in sync. The woman was moaning and bucking being impaled on his finger and his phallus. He climaxed.

He stood up from the couch, leaving her alone. He went to the bathroom to wash his face and dress up. When he got back to the room he saw Carmen standing by the window. Her suit looked crumpled, she looked like a whore who’d just been fucked well. All of a sudden he felt sorry for that woman. He wanted to hug her. There was something they shared – it was the instinct and the temptation they yielded to.

-Sinning feels so great, – he said and started helping her get dressed.

She sat down on the couch and put on makeup while he was smoking. She set her suit right and turned to him.

It was a union. They went out of the apartment holding each other by the hand. He rented the apartment, he signed the contract in her car. When it was time for him to go she gave him a deep good bye kiss and a business cards with her phone number, as if promising to see him soon again.

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    Very hot story….will it be continued?

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    please continue this story

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