Once, when I fucked one babe!

September 8th, 2007

Your life in the office becomes more exciting when there’s a sexy, nice female colleague working by your side, but it gets even better when she is offering her pussy to you and you can do whatever you want with it.

I am 24, it’s been a year since I got this job, we have a wide staff, however, we have only a few beautiful women in our company, the most babes feme-coverts who have been living family life for a long and have already lost their grace and subtlety.
Nevertheless, we had one girl, Stella, who just turned 22, she was working in my department, long hair, slim legs, nice petite face, and she is still cute. As I joined the company she attracted me from the first sight. However, I am married and all my colleagues know about it, I can’t lose end, so I had to take myself in hand. By all accounts she was a courteous girl with good manners, and she would never flirt with a married man. All our communication was determined by some greeting at the work day start, and some chat by ISQ.

Approximately, a couple of months later, I learnt that Stella found some new better work and she was supposed to leave us. I felt some pity when I heard that, I couldn’t dare think of having sex with this cutie, soon she signed a leave paper and left.

Once, I had to stay late at my work, dealing with some assignments my superiors charged me with. I seemed to stay alone in the whole empty building when suddenly I received a message from Stella:

- Hi, where are you?

- I’m at work, doing some job! What’s up?

- I have left my bobbypin at yours, so I should have come and take it back. May I come in? I’m staying with my girlfriend, but soon I’ll be there!

- Yeahh, sure! I am still here

In bout 10 minute she appeared. She was in a high mood, joking and smiling, having entered the room, Stella undid her coat and set to rumbling in her desk cupboard looking for something. After that she approached the mirror to make up, she was wearing some white sweater and blue tight fitting jeans. At this moment I stopped doing my job, and watched her enjoying her slim slender waist. She seemed to be shy and innocent girl at this jiff, whom I willed to cuddle up tight caressing her tight ass. Whether I was too tired or something else was bombing my mind, but I stretched out my hand inadvertently, and started nursing her slowly getting to her butt.

She started, gave me a puzzled look, I was working something out for some seconds, but then pulled her towards me automatically as Stella sat on my knees. Without further ado and started stroking her tight round butt, then passed my palm down there, she turned to me, and in a while we joined our lips in a passionate kiss. Meantime my hand was rumbling down there, trying to unzip her jeans, she took another hand of mine and put it on her tit under the sweater. I rubbed her tits, exciting more and more by every minute. By that her naughty tongue touched me earlap catching my tongue at the same time; I undid her sweater and undid the bra, having pressed her wonderful boob in my palm I fell to kissing her neck. Stella went on caressing her body, rubbing her pussy and fondling her tit. Then, suddenly, she rose up, undid my pants with a jerk, gripped my erect cock and put it deep in her mouth, jacking it off slightly. I was on my clouds, the girl, who just seemed to be rigid and unapproachable now was playing about in my hand, sucking my dick! Can you believe my state? Putting my hands on her head I began controlling her movements, doing what I loved most. Stella’s hair threw on my knees, she did this blowjob so violently that I was afraid for my cock! She seemed to be willing eat it, tearing up the skin. Oh, Lord, what a lovely picture it was seeing her half naked on her knees and giving me head. Enjoying it a lot, I knelt down to removed her jeans, lifting one leg, then another one, she set before me in her white panties. Then I rose and set to fondling her nipples one by one with my tongue!

I worked one nipple in my mouth while my hand manipulated the other one, all the time Stella was giving me directions on how she wanted to be handled. She wanted to make me do all instructions on how to work her boobs to their peak of sexual satisfaction. Now she put her hands on the back of my head and moved it slowly down her body. I kissed my way from nipple to navel where I met the end of her beaver again. It seemed she loved oral pleasures very much! My hand wandered ahead to her pussy and gently massaged her mound through the material of the panties. Stella spread her legs to enable full access to the most inviting body areas of hers. I pulled aside the material to view her pussy in a whole new light. Already moisture glistened on the lips and the aroma was intoxicating. I took several deep breaths through my nose to imbue that smell in brain forever.

I was just about to move our love making up another level. My tongue effortlessly made its way between her lips and into her vaginal canal searching for “that” spot. She shuddered, and gasped loudly, moaning with every twist of my tongue. I held her thighs firmly so that she couldn’t pull her legs together or recoil. My probing tongue found its way to her clit and produced an amazing response as she stiffened, arched her back and moaned long and loud.

Lowering her underwear’s string aside I put my finger right between her vulvar lips, she moaned. I could never think I would do cunnilingus to a girl, but this time, this once, I didn’t mind doing thus naughty job, my tongue was working like in 3 shifts, fondling, sucking and licking her hole at the same time, she pressed my head to her beaver tight, she thrashed like fish in the net, her love juice seeped through he pussy out in my mouth and its saltish taste turned me on hot! She continued to cry out loudly, almost screaming. “Ooooh God, Oh yes…Don’t stop”. Her body thrashed and squirmed on there, her arse was bouncing up forcing her pussy onto my face. Her voice had a wavering tone as if she spoke between waves of pleasure. I was so hyped up by her performance I was ready to explode, but not until she stopped me eating her pussy. She continued to hump my face so I slipped a finger in and probed for her G-spot.

Soon after I felt her body become flabby and twist, thus, I put her on the desk. I pushed my dick and with virtually no effort I had slid fully into her, having her impaled on my penis. She was reveling in every moment. She squealed, moaned, gasped and swore as I pumped myself to complete sexual arousal. Her reaction only excited me more, pushing me to unknown heights of ecstasy. I raised myself up to enjoy the view of my penis, as it thrust forward and slowly withdrew from between her swollen pussy lips. I thought it was pushing too deep, but Stella kept asking for more. She then asked me to take her from behind.
I saw my penis was slick with her juice as she got on all fours down on the desk and I lined up on her from behind. Her juice had run down her crave to her butt hole and taking an initiative I forced the head of my penis to pop her anal ring. I was surprised to hear her scream of passion and pain at the same time, but I continued to feed my penis into her arse. Oh, my God! My Stella appeared to be a virgin in her backdoors! I stopped for a moment to gauge her reaction but her suddenly calling me an “Assfucking motherfucker” switched me on! She was swearing, bucking, and thrashing, as I drilled her butt, we were like wild animals in heat.

- Fuck me… Oh yeahh! Your dick feels so good” she cried. Al papers and all office accessories flew about the room

By now she was on the highest scale as orgasm after orgasm wracked and flooded her body. She half lying on the desk using her hand between her legs giving her clit a thorough hand-job. Meanwhile I had raised the pressure to a shuddering climax. First I plunged into her ass as far as I could go, nearly slapping her buttocks harder.

I moved my cock from her arse to her pussy in a single motion. This was enough to send my Stella over the top. Still calling me a motherfucker and telling me to fuck “Slut” harder and faster she finally exploded in a thundering climax that had her shaking and convulsing on the desk. Stella was face down on the desk and I could hear her ragged breathing as we both lay still trying to recover from the most frantic and powerful sex we had ever had. She then started flicking her clit with fingers without rising up. At the same time as a deeply feral groan issued from my mouth, as I pulled my shaft out, Stella got down on her knees and put her face to my cock; I set right over her and in a second my first spurt of cum rocketed from my penis to her lusty lips. Stella moaned like a whore when drained the last of my cum from my balls onto her pussy. She was smiling when rubbing my sperm over her tits.

Here it was, don’t know why it happened so, but at that working hours I fucked my ex colleague furiously. After that adventure we had never seen again. We still kept getting in touch for some time by ISQ, but then she disappeared totally.

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