November 5th, 2007

Office life can be very interesting, colleagues are very close to each other and it seems there are no moral prejudices preventing them from having sex…

When Vera knocked the door we have already freshened ourselves up. Ann was just bustling about in the kitchen; she was wearing long brown peignoir and short bed gown. I put my suit but left tie open. Vera came in and her face put a surprise seeing me in there. She was wearing her daily jeans, with a nice perfume smell, a very stylish hair cut and gold rings on her fingers. I could see black short top under her jeans jacket.

- Are you having fun here?

- That’s right! Fucking brains out! Let you join us! Ellen was a bit tipsy

- Don’t think about it! I’m a girl of strict principles!

- You remember you once said you wanted to see me being fucked by 2 hot studs?

- I know! I just get excited and enjoy thinking of you having sex with those who have cocks, unlike me! They gave you what I don’t have. But it doesn’t mean I enjoy a mere thought I join these orgies! Not at all! You know, men fail turning me on! But I have only once seen you getting your ass fucked so far! the rest I saw on CDs

- I let her see movies to get hot: Ellen said to me

- Vera, honey girl, let’s have some drink! I interjected

- I see you are nice done! Ellen, this lingerie looks very good o you. You look so hot wearing it! I haven’t seen it before. New?

- Women! Duds talks!

- What else should we talk about? Men?

Meanwhile Ellen was laying the table. Everything was prepared remarkably: nice cut glasses, crystal vase with broken ice cubes, a plate with cut pieces of limo, snow-white plates with summer sausage, smoked ham, see foods, salads, trays with olive, stellate hand fish, pressed caviar and paste. Tall wineglasses white with frost. All this sight made me ache to eat and drink. Ellen asked us for dinner.

- Take seats where you want! You, Vera sit here, by my side, you, Vlad take a seat near the window. Vlad, pour us some cognac! Vera, you ought to drink full!

Drank at once, had snack. I made next round pour. Drank again.

- Vlad, how long have you been with Ellen?

- Today is the first day

- Ha, you started pat! Very pat! I can’t keep up with you, guys! I meat drinks! Ad sex too.

- Today I have fun and relax! We had dire fucking straits, cuz of you, girls!

- Shit, my fault you mean to say? When we work, no thanks, when make some mistakes: a stab in the back!

- Girls, come on! It’s OK! Let’s have drink, you have had troublesome day! Relax! I exclaimed pouring cognac into empty glasses.

- I heard some nice Russian joke this morning: a woman walks down the gynecology unit; a man in white in a white smock is approaching. She asks: are you a gynecologist? He: not at all, but could be!

- Done!

- Vlad is gonna examine us tonight?

- I bet he wants himself!

- A come on! I know you have once showed your pussy to guys!

- It’s not wise to say! I shouldn’t reveal my secrets to anybody and everybody! If you fuck with him: she nodded at me: s it’s your business, and I go along with my attitude!

- I’m sorry! Will you forgive your drunken friend?

- You are done

Ellen virtually looked much done! She was looking at us with sleepy eyes…

- No. I am OK! I want sex, much sex! An ocean of sex! Perverted hardcore sex!

- Have to take this bitch to the bed room

- That’s not a big deal! Gotta go there on my feet! She tried to rise but her legs gave way, she just tottered and collapsed on the floor

- You are entertained? Ha? So, now fuck me right here! Both of you! I wanna cum!

Her boobs poked out of her chemise. Her one hand was stroking her tits while another one was flicking her clit.

- Come one, what the hell are looking at?

Vera uttered with perfect calm:

- You know, Vlad, I got used to her tricks! I have seen them for many times over! She is completely done when got drunk!

- Yeahh, fuck me! I’m a slut

- This bitch is leaking! Look at her, she is wet!

- And you, Vera, you are so beautiful! You were made for love

- Come on, stop it! You had better just get down to this whore lying like a slut!

My cock was ready; I settled down on her and inserted it without a word. I fucked Ellen slowly, savoring every second of it. I was very please to see a charming young woman sitting by my side and watching me fuck her girlfriend. Ellen kept moaning and moved her as. However I knew she was drunk and lost her sensitivity, that’s why it was very hard to make her cum fast. With a corner o my eye I saw Vera’s hand fondling her pussy down there. She was exciting too.
I slapped Ellen at her ass and said she had to turn in dog style. She did turning her ass high to me. Then I began to fuck her arsehole and things were fine further. Her tight hole squeezed my cock letting it penetrate deeper, and making me feel so good!

- Ooo, feels so good! Fuck my ass, don’t stop! Let Vera see what a fallen slut I am!

To make it feel better I started slapping her ass. She squealed with delight and joy with new feelings. I saw Vera start undoing her cloth, she opened her blouse, took up caressing her tits. Her boobies were very nice, so perky nipples and white silky skin. I was longing for taking them in my mouth! Vera closed her eyes turning on more and more. I was about to cum as well. As for Elle she was far from reaching! But she felt very awesome, in view of moans and cries she was uttering al the time.

- I want you cum in my mouth! She was crying: come in my mouth!

I pulled out rapidly and approached my penis to her mouth, my sperm splashed in there, filling it fast. Some drop fell on her forehead. In a minute she swallowed it everything

- So good! You are marvelous! Breathing heavily I settled on the sofa next to window

That was nice! I would not be able to do anything on that day, even being punished and persecuted! That was truly enough! The next morning women couldn’t wake up early, didn’t know why; I rose, washed up and moved away.

The following several days passed very calmly. Ellen was away from office, – first she was dealing with tax authority business, and then she went to customs committee, next she went to London on business trip where our financial director was carrying on negotiations. Our office life passed evenly and normally without our superiors. All document and records were already submitted, no serious work, in the mornings, operating servers, then breakfast with accountant department girls, Microsoft software support assistance, then lunch in the same company of girls, and easy flirt till the end of wok ours. Ellen called from London twice: she was asking some numbers…

Vera took leave after Ellen’s departure. They said she was promoted with a 5000 bonus payment. That’s why she decided to have fun somewhere on the islands. To my surprise, at the next day she left I was called to the accountant office where she gave me blue envelop with a pretty penny what made my heart sing with joy. Once in the evening, when I left an hour before close of business, I dropped in at our directors’ secretary’s office, Marta, and invited myself for a cup of coffee. To be honest, my office status started growing up, very significantly, even beating my brains out trying to find out why it was happening to me, I soon failed to answer this question and let things go on.

Marta was wearing black blouse and short grey skirt. Having settled in an armchair in front of her I got down to admiring her nice long legs.

- How long are you gonna look at my legs? She asked me suddenly

- That’s not the point! Marta, you are a marvelous girl, you should know you are very beautiful! I have wanted to tell you this for long, but didn’t know how to begin! You are so inaccessible!

- Bullshit! You should have come to talk!

- Smoke?

- Yeah! Sure!

- Just a minute!

I slipped out on the street, gone to the nearest shop and bought a bottle of wine, sweets. Then I got back to Marta.

- In what connection? She asked me when saw my victuals

- Just have fun!

- Fun? Hold on, I’ll take glasses.

- Very nice of you!

- Marta, if I was your husband or boyfriend, I would make your life a whole holiday! It’s so nice to see such wonderful girl like you! I was telling her some other bullshit, then we clinked glasses and drank. After a while she offered some Russian vodka. I didn’t mind but left my glass half empty. She confessed:

- You know. Mister Andrew, our financial managers once told me that if their business deal succeeded we would have our wage doubled! Can you imagine? Twice!!!

- That’s great!

- Let’s drink to it!

I guessed for now it was enough for her:

- And now I’m gonna kiss you

- Right now?

- Yeah, what a deal?

- I can’t let strangers kiss me! We can’t do this!

- This is the right moment to know each other well!

I approached her and kissed her lips. My palm appeared onto her tit, so nice, young and tight.

- Marta, you are so beautiful! I want you!

- Here? Her eyes rounded

- Yes!

- No. Let’s do it I chief’s office! Wait a bit, I’m to the ladies!

She went off. My dick was about to tear my trousers away. Marta joined me right after the ladies and I noticed her walking without panties! Ooo, her pussy was clean and shaved! So nice cute pussy. She got down on her knees and started fondling my penis. She sucked on me very well!

- Come on. Girl, do it deeper, deeper!

After a while I put her on the desk and put my cock in backdoors! She moaned but clenched her teeth.

- Oo, no – no I don’t love it! I don’t like you do me this way! Put your fingers in my pussy!

As she asked I did. She felt good, me too!

- I have never done it before! Enjoy? She asked me after a while when we, exhausted and happy settled on the floor after I shot my load in her mouth.

- Give me some drink! I loved it, girl! You are fucking hot! How often do have sex a week?

- Well, I have a boyfriend, his name is Alex. I have sex at his, when we have free time!

- Do you love him?

- Sure! He is very kind! And a good listener!

We were talking shit for about 15 minutes, and then I put my cloth back on, washed my face and hands. I looked at Marta, in her eyes I red a slight desire to go on.

- You fucked me very well! I didn’t know it before

- You have a boyfriend! I said

- Every girl has some periods when she is longing for sex! One girlfriend of mine told me this! She did it to me. No, don’t think I’m a lesbo. But she managed to put me under one… guy. Made me drunk and put. I was very young! But I wanted so much, though felt shy to say. Let me suck your dick!

And she gave me a nice blowjob

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  1. Violet Says:

    great story, i really loved the part of Vera. enjoyed a lot. it made me think of taking part in a threesome some day…thanx.

  2. Jack Says:

    Next time, try learning proper grammar. Or just use a better translater, as it sounds like this was written in another language first.

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