Office Party!

October 9th, 2007

Office parties can be an interesting way to spend your time, especially if you are a secretary, there are lots of guests and all of them are willing to play with a young, sexy secretary.

The story I’m gonna tell you about happened 3 years ago. Then I was 24. We had a party at our office; we invited lots of guests, ladies and gentlemen, they were directors and financial managers of different firms. As I was a secretary of my chief and Personal Assistant at that, I was at guests service, for this party my boss decided to present new night dress to me, I was wearing this nice attire and soon became a focus of interest for whole group. He just said I couldn’t appear before these people in my old cloth, so, his present was just right on the button. He took me with him on shopping, and he bought everything I chose, everything…

So, when this party started, I looked very fascinating, and others couldn’t compare with me. I was talking to all guests, spending my time with the most important of these persons. I was drinking as much as I could afford. I really liked it, most men, married or not were trying to chase my skirt, some tried to stroke my tits, but I kept them all aside. Only once, a couple of months ago, one medium aged man managed to shove his hand under my skirt. I was speaking on the phone at this time, he approached me from behind and then a felt his hand slide in, and first his fingers flicked my panties. My boss presented me with this lingerie on my birthday, I really loved it. And then I sensed them right in my pussy. When he found my slit, my clit was bombarded by his attack, he was flicking my clit very softly, and slowly, I dropped the phone and set my hands against the table. It pleased me very much and after his fingers penetrated in my wet cunt, I began to groan, even tried to move my legs wider, but there suddenly door creaked and he quickly removed his hand out of my pussy. When he did it, he just stepped aside; I rose and managed to put my panties back on, but all day I was walking around the office excited, blushed crimson. People cast glances at me all time, they may be pondered what the hell was going with to me.

When I entered my boss’s office, I took some cocktail and settled on the sofa. Some thirtish old lady was sitting facing me. She had a plenty of make up on her face so I couldn’t guess what age she was. She looked at me, I was excited and alcohol did its job, she began to ask me who I was, what my job was based on, whether I was married or not, etc. We got into conversation, friendly talk about things that featured different issues. Unwittingly she put her hand on my knee and asked me if I tried lesbo sex ever. I said No. she gave me her visit card and said she would be happy if called her and changed my mind. Then her husband (I seemed it was him) came and they gone. After that I went into ladies room to adjust myself. There I happened to see one elder woman, she was rather attractive, and she was standing right before the mirror, her legs moved aside, her lingerie lowered down, and her hand on her pussy. When she turned to me she pulled out and I saw her fingers glisten. It seemed to me she beckoned me to approach her, I obeyed, she turned me with my back to the wall, so that I could see what she was doing, her hand passed on my pussy and fingers slipped inside. I couldn’t even resist, and I had no other way to do than trying to relax and help her. My pussy was shaved, woman’s fingers made it very exciting to feel. I opened my legs a bit, her fingers deepened in there. I enjoyed it a lot. The mere thought that I had not man’s fingers but those, belonged to a woman. In response, perhaps unwittingly, I shoved my palm under her panties and found her hairy pussy; apparently, she didn’t shave her cunt at all. Her dripping wet cunt turned me on; it was so hot and sweet. It lasted about 15 minutes; I was having my eyes closed all this time. When I finally opened my eyes, I saw this woman put a sanitary pad on her panties, then, she wiped her legs with a napkin, looked at me and left me alone. I remained in the ladies room, within next 5 minutes I couldn’t guess what happened to me, after that I opened the door and went off too. It was like my first time. It’d really been my first time when a woman touched my body. I felt my face turned red, and I seemed al guests look at me and knew what happened to me just a few minutes earlier.

Anyway, I had to find my boss. The party was soon over, and when everybody moved away, I left to clean up my chief’s office. The whole table was crammed with drinks and food. While doing his office I managed to drink various wines and taste all the cognacs there, so, after a while I was completely drunk. My only desire was to seat on the sofa, having reached to it I just collapsed onto it and fell asleep. I slept soundly, and hardly resisted my boss fucked me soon. He just entered the room, saw me lying on his sofa sleeping and fucked me while I was in that state. That could not last long and he came right in my mouth. After that I went on my sleep, and only by 7 pm, in the long run I got back my home. My husband had been waiting for me all this time and I even got it hot from him. But everything was OK, we had sex then, and things were fine.

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  1. Jenya Stud Says:

    We have a whale of time having office parties. Yesterday night we had a gorgeous time in our office late at night, we had fun with nice sexy girls! in our office we have 4 sweet awesome girls who love having fun and drinking much! this story shows what we often do! i love such stories

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