Nurse at work

February 1st, 2008

A doctor falls in love with a young and pretty nurse, she’s young and he is middle aged, but grey beard but lusty heart, they say, and it is actually true….

We extend our thanks to the author DOCTOR D.

Rebecca and I have been dating now for over a year. I was married for about 13 years before we met, through work at a local hospital. I was modest when it came to sex, only ever having slept with three girls in my life. Rumor had it that nurses were quite adventurous, if you can believe the the tea room chatter.

First it was casual Hello’s and then the odd cup of coffee. I was warned that she had a reputation, as a man eater. Quite what that meant, I wasn’t certain at the time. My wife is a prude, always in long pyjamas, even in the height of summer. The fact we have 3 kids is a miracle.

One evening, late after a 12 hour shift, I offered Rebecca a lift home, which she gladly accepted, the weather was vile. In the car, she tilted the seat rest back a bit and stretched out, arms above her head. She instantly shrieked in pain, she had spasm in her lower back. Painful if you’ve ever had it. I reached across and slipped my hand in behind to her lower back, kneading the knot to try and release the spasm, awkward as it was. The thing I remember most was her smell. That sweet flowery smell of fresh cut flowers and a scent that just caught your nostrils on the way past. As I gazed down her full breasts were strained against her shirt as she arched away from the pain. I felt a tinge of guilt and wanting at the same moment. Her nipples were erect, straining at the flimsy material. She didn’t have a bra on. All of this happened in a flash of a second.

The knot eased and the pain subsided. “You have amazing hands Doctor D”, she whispered and the touch of her hand against mine just lingered a second too long. I was smitten, I wanted her there and then.

After I dropped her at the Nurses Res, I felt my loins begin to stir, and I pressed down on the semi that was lurking beneath my worn green scrubs. I stroked it through the cotton cloth, and knew I had to get it out and get myself whilst the memory of her was still fresh. I spat into my hand and grabbed my cock and my penis reared at the touch of my own hand sliding over the swollen purple head and along the thick shaft, down to my balls. Within about 6 strokes, as my arse tightened and the powerful feeling surged through my balls and my cock spewed the white glob up and onto the steering wheel and dash, As the second convulsion followed, then the next, and the next. Where had all that hot seaman come from? God she was beautiful, those tits, that firm young body, I was suddenly embarrassed.

Over the next few weeks, I arranged that Rebecca would follow me on ward rounds and even put in unpaid overtime just to be around her. At 22 she was gorgeous. The stories about the Nurses res, their weekends of fun, left me dashing off to the men’s room, to stroke my rock hard cock again and again.

Finally I could take it no more. I grabbed her arm the one day and said, “Rebecca, you are driving me crazy, I’m 45years old, and all I can think about all day and night is making love to you”.

She looked back at me with a look of disbelief and slowly the corners of her perfect lips and mouth twitched and a smile formed, showing her pearl white teeth, and she leaned forward and so softly pressed her lips against mine. The kiss lingered for a second and before I could react, she was gone, had turned and was heading out into the ward. God I felt stupid. What had I done? I would be up for harassment charges if this ever got out. Crazy middle aged fool that I was.

For 2 days I avoided her, hoping that my indiscretion would be forgotten. But that night as the shift ended, she came into my office and closed the door, leaning up against it, her shoulders shrugged up and the naughtiest look on her face. ” Rebecca, I,” stuttering, “I must apologize..” I stammered,

“Shhhh, don’t say a word…” her voice all husky and coarse

“Well then Doctor D, you’ve been having naughty thoughts then have you” as she sidled up to the desk and raised her stockinged leg up to the side of my chair.

I tried not to gaze down and along the length of her thigh, but my eyes flickered down and caught sight of the dark mound of her crotch beneath the light white of her dress now raised. My body felt like it was weighted down and I couldn’t move. I was paralyzed. She straddled me shifting her dress up above her hips, as I stared down at her crimson lips of her cunt. Still I was motionless.

“Rebecca I’m married and …” My words were cut short as she forcefully began kissing me, her tongue darted in and out my mouth and she bit my bottom lip, sucking on the very place she had just bitten. I was snapped out of my temporary paralysis as I flung my arms around her and began to devour her like it were my last days on Earth.

“Slowly Doctor D, I’m now in charge, let me do all the work.”

She hand both hands under my scrubs smock massaging my chest and running her soft hands through my hair on my chest, as she worked her way down, I instinctively raised my arms to allow her to remove it. I can’t quite remember the sequence of events but I now focused away from her hot wet gash, and lifted my head to look straight into the lacy white bra that held back her ample breasts. I undid the clasp at the back and her tits voluntarily folded forward, no longer held aloft by her bra. As the bra slid to the side her perky nipples hardened, her Areola was the size of a silver dollar coin, but soon began to pucker up as I put my mouth over and latched on to them.

She kicked back and my chair slid aft, and in a single fluid movement she was down on her knees, with her hands expertly bringing down my trousers. My cock had got so hard, and erect it caught under the lip of the elastic band as she lowered my shorts.

“Oopsie” she giggled, as the tustle between, penis, elastic and nurse was won by Penis, which slapped back upright so fast, it gave us both a fright. I had both her breasts in either hand as I lay back and thrust my hips forward to give her better reach. Her tongue flicked around my helmet, and softly down the back of the shaft, before she took me in. The instant warmth of her breath and mouth made me shiver with excitement, as her head began to bob up and down my swollen member. I released her tits and put my hands behind her head and ran my fingers through her hair, following her every move. I can’t explain how she teased at one second and sucked hard the next, whilst the whole time massaging my cock with her mouth. Now I’m no short, If I say so myself, nine inches at full stretch is all I have but a girth of about 2 1/2 inches had Rebecca’s Mouth muscle working overtime. As I looked down to admire this beauty on my dick she looked up and I thought I caught a smile.

«I want to put myself inside you and feel you on my cock” I strained.

She shook her head from side to side, indicating that she would decide when. I knew I couldn’t hold it any more. At my age I had never cum inside a women’s mouth before, in fact the last time I had my penis in a mouth was over 15 years ago!!

“Oh God Rebecca, I ‘m coming!!” I cried

I half expected her to pull away and let me drain my load out onto the carpet floor. Instead, she sucked down harder and began moving faster, up and down. I almost blacked out as the wave of orgasm swept over me. The exploding and force of my bolt struck her deep at the back of her throat, of that I’m sure. I jerked and twitched as her tongue did one final victory roll over my now sensitive penis. The tip stung with delight as the sensation of her tongue flicked by my post orgasmic cock. She looked up.

“Well, now then Doctor, what can you prescribe for me?” she mocked.

Rebecca the Man Eater, so it was true….

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  2. Black Budha Says:

    Nurses give the best handjobs too. Believe me.

  3. titan Says:

    if only my gal have those skill…

  4. longjohn Says:

    My ex is a nurse n u should have tried it in her pussy!

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