My boss

September 22nd, 2008

When it gets to boring at work, the girls will always find a way to entertain themselves. And of course to entertain their boss…

I was at work. My colleague Megan was sitting on a leather sofa in the middle of the room. We were talking about our boss who ordered us to compile the reports at this time of the day. It was 6 p.m. and tomorrow was Saturday…

Megan was wearing a light blouse and close-fitting trousers with a low waist. Her belly button was exposed and even part of the pubis could be seen. And I was wearing a snowy white translucent blouse, a short skirt, flesh-colored stockings and shoes with long stiletto heels.

We had an open bottle of champagne and candies on the table. After a hot discussion we suddenly became sad. Here Megan put her hand on my thigh as if occasionally. I felt such warmth of this touch… I looked into her eyes and felt I wanted to kiss her. Our faces were so close to each other. We kissed…

The kiss was not a friendly one we exchange when meeting in the morning, it was passionate… Her tongue went between my lips and explored my mouth thoroughly. Meantime Megan’s hand was slowly fondling my leg coming up to my skirt and then under it, and put the stripe of my thongs aside. I felt she was caressing my pussy and clit. Her lips were kissing my neck already and her spare hand was unbuttoning my blouse. My hands were fondling her ears and neck. Taking off my bra and a blouse Megan was caressing my breasts and her hand was stroking my vulva lips and the nub. She was sucking my nipples.

We were so excited that when you entered the room we didn’t get frightened at all, we just stopped the caress. You came up to us and asked to go on as you’d never seen anything more wonderful. But Megan unzipped your pants, pulled them down together with your briefs and a surprisingly fat cock was now swaying before our faces. I took it into my hand, pushed the tip of it into my mouth and began sucking; Megan was tonguing the shaft of your cock. Reaching your nuts she started swallowing them in turn. You were so delighted!

You took off the rest of your clothes. Megan wanted to suck your dick too, so I gave up and rose from the sofa. You put your hand around my waist and pulled me to you and we started kissing.
You were squeezing my hard boobs. Your hand slid into my panties and began exploring my wet crotch. Megan was jacking off your dick intensely, squeezing the huge balls and sucking the head. I stood behind you and pressed to your back. Your griped me at the butt and I began kissing your back going lower and lower. When your ass was before me I started licking your anus. This caress made you almost crazy and you exploded into Megan’s mouth. You shot so much semen that Megan couldn’t cope with swallowing all of it, the cum was flowing from her mouth to her breasts, belly and hips.

When your orgasm was over you looked at Megan, then put her on the sofa, pulled her trousers off and moving her panties a bit aside began tonguing her pussy. I sat down and took your cock into my mouth and began sucking the rest of your semen jerking off the shaft with my hand. My second hand was fondling my cunt. Megan was caressing her tits and moaning as you was working on her pussy, I guess you’re good at it… When she was sexed up enough you raised her from the sofa an lay down on it, lowered her on your prick and signed to me to give my twat up to him. And we began enjoying ourselves.

Your hands were stroking and squeezing my butt and Megan’s thighs. Your tongue was fiddling with my vagina, that brought me real pleasure. My pussy was leaking right into your mouth and the observation of all that made me even more excited. Megan was bouncing on your dick and rubbing against your pubis. I was giving Megan a soul kiss and we were pinching nipples of each other. Then your finger touched Megan’s shithole and began stroking it. You pushed it inside and fucked her anus. She stopped, pulled your dick out of her vagina and pushed it into her butt, she began impaling on it slowly. Her movements were getting faster and faster. All three of us came simultaneously enjoying the reaction of our organisms and ecstasy which covered us like a wave.

Megan and I separated from you and sat on the sofa. Sitting between us you poured us some wine. We clank the glasses and drank the wine.

I was surprised to realize my boss was a sexy man, I‘d never thought of you in this way. You were a stud with strong arms, broad face and a nice bottom. Why hadn’t I noticed that earlier?

You were so bold! You embraced us both and kissed. Then you took our hands and put them on your dick. I felt it was throbbing and increasing in size. I gripped your cock head and Megan took your shaft and we began jerking your tool off. Your prick was soon erected again and you were looking at us greedily.

We were sitting on the sofa and you were in between. You decided to take an advantage of that. Both of your hands went between our legs and were fondling our pussies. It was so nice… I wanted you again and the same lustful desire I could read in Megan’s eyes. We approached your faces to your dick almost at the same time. Megan began sucking your head and I started licking the hairs around your cock. Your hands were stroking our breasts and pulling the nipples. Your eyes couldn’t hide your joy of having two women together beside you.

We were both standing with our butts up and serving your beautiful fat dick. You were slapping our asses, stroking our backs with your hands and soon your digits found the divide between out buttcheeks. Having wet your fingers with the saliva you inserted them into our assholes and began ramming us with them. Megan and I were frisking with your prick moaning of pleasure. You took me in your arms, put me on the sofa and spread my legs. You saw my beautiful pussy, you thought it was nice, really nice, you liked it. You drew your face nearer to it and started licking it with your rough tongue. You were doing that very carefully. My smell turned you on a lot.

Megan rose from the sofa and stood behind you to lick your ass. She took something that looked like a dildo from the table and pushed it into your hole. Your lips were sucking my clit and hands were caressing my thighs. I was fondling my breasts and pinching the nipples moaning with my sensations. Megan sitting behind you placed the tool into your rear up to 7 inches and started moving it inside. You moved your legs wider and spread the buttocks. Your tongue was deep in my vagina and all the surface of your face was touching my cunt, your nose was stroking my nub.

Suddenly a thought occurred to you… You took a bottle of champagne (it was empty now), licked its smooth neck and put it to my pussy. You pushed it slightly and it entered my loin easily. Megan’s hand was jerking off your penis, it was big already but not hard enough, her hand was operating the dildo in your butt. You were watching my reaction and thrusting it deeper and deeper into my cunt. I was sitting on the sofa with my head tossed back. My mouth was half-opened and I was panting out of enjoyment you were giving to me. You pushed the bottle deep inside and began moving it here and there. I was enjoying that so much that didn’t notice my saliva was flowing out of my mouth.

Megan stood up and took a seat at the “toy” she was fucking you with. She was moving her pelvis so that the dido was ramming your ass. You loved that much and your phallus was very stiff now. Megan was moving the tool faster and faster and you were moaning with pleasure. You took the bottle out of my cunt and pushed it into my bottom. You were licking my pussy and drilling me with the bottle.

Megan positioned herself in a doggy fashion with her butt to your butt and impaled her ass on the other side of the “toy”! Standing with your asses to each other you were fucking fiercely. I was observing what you were doing, it was so exciting that I began coming into your face. My cum was splashing onto your face, flowing down the cheeks and lips.

Megan was flicking her clit slightly and then… screamed and climaxed. We were both howling… You were glad we were enjoying all that. You stood up and we sat down in front of you. Your erection was swaying before our faces. You took my head tightly and entered my mouth. I grabbed it with my both hands and began jerking it off and sucking it with all my might. Megan was biting your bollocks.

- It’s fantastic!!! – You were moaning.

You began fucking yourself with the “toy” sticking it out of your butt. You were so sexed up! At this moment I felt the eruption of your orgasm. Oh!.. Euphoria… Pain and intense pleasure… I pulled the cock out and pointed it at my face, your semen in big drops was on my face. Megan licked it from me. You took the phallus in hand and started slapping its head over our faces. We liked that. Our faces, bodies and pussies were burning with pleasure.

We were laughing…

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