My boss is the best

December 18th, 2007

A pretty girl feels in love with her boss and all she wants is him, she’ll do everything to seduce him, that’s true!

I wanna tell you guys about the feelings a young pretty gal has when she’s in love with her boss.

He was a nice guy who was at the same time my boss. We got along well, though sometimes he could cry at me when I was doing something wrong. It was an ordinary Sunday when I suddenly realized I desperately wanted to see him at work next day. I wanted him to pass me by, I wanted him to look at me, talking on the phone, I wanted him to fidget on the chair, staring at my slender body and having a lot of dirty fantasies in his head. I was ready to make all his dirty fantasies come true.

I stopped hiding my intentions. I didn’t give a damn. Business suits gave way to deep cleavage blouses exposing my soft boobs, I was wearing very tight clothes. So I was all so fresh, young, sexy and pretty. I was a blonde girl passing him by 100’s times a day. I felt his shy but sex craving look on my body he was sure to wanna take me on his table… I was such a nasty bad girl. He couldn’t stand it anymore.

He didn’t just pounce on me. He was struggling with his self. He was angry, strict, he was trying to take control over his every impulse. So it was a usual day, the workday was over, but I still felt boiling arousal in my blood, I felt like something needed to be finished… There were three of us in the office: he, our programming specialist, and me. Why the fuck was that stupid programmer still sitting in the office? Go home, buddy! “Star wars” must be on! Hurry up!

But the programmer was still sitting at his computer typing something nervously. I knew my beloved boss was sitting and waiting for something, but he didn’t know for what exactly. He was typing something, leanings his head on his hand, staring at the screen. He was looking so sad and lonely. Then he stood up and came up to my table. The programmer saw his unconfident look and blushed. I looked at him. My eyes told him everything before he even asked the question: “yes, I’m ready. I’m ready for everything.”

-Are you gonna stay here for long?

-No. I’m just gonna finish the report.

I couldn’t believe my ears but I told him:

-Wait for me, I’ll be ready soon.

-OK, – he said quietly and went back to his office.

I was excited and happy! I was ready to let him take me in the office, in some five minutes when that stupid asshole programmer went home and we were alone!

I was pretending to be working when actually I joined the chat. He was there. I started chatting with him. It was stupid – we were alone in the office, but that game was turning us on.

-What I we gonna do? – I wrote in my message

-Whatever you like

-A U in a hurry?

-No. What A U doin’ there?

-Come & see

And he did come up to me. AAAAAA! I was ready to shout when he was standing behind my back. But I had to calm down, what if I got him wrong? I smelled his expensive perfume and felt his hot body. I felt his fingers on my neck. He was caressing my hot skin, sliding down to the cleavage. I was aroused and ashamed at the same time. In a second he was fondling my nipples in the bra, and I knew I got him right! I felt dizzy cuz he was so close to me, his gentle touch made me lose control. He bent over me and his fingers (I was longing to feel them on every part of my body) started typing:

-Do U want me? – He wrote.

I stood up and cupped my hands round his neck, I kissed him vehemently. He wasn’t expecting such an attack. He kissed me in response. We were kissing passionately, licking each other, biting each other, trying to get what we wanted. And we wanted sex… We both knew it. He looked at me. He pressed me against the table and unzipped his pants. I was like his obedient slave waiting for his order. My lips were parted, my curls were disarranged.

He started undressing me fast. He exposed my firm boobs and started fondling it with his lips and tongue. It was funny and pleasant at first, but in a couple of seconds I was so hot that I could think of nothing else but of his penetration in my insides. He felt I was ready. He was pulling off my skirt, my panties, and my stockings. His tongue was roaming over my body, making me feel hot and trembling. I was bucking and arching my back, I was pulling him downwards…

He spread my hips and saw my bosom. He’d been longing to see it for so many days. He was looking pleased and proud. My eyes told him I was his girl. He was fondling my pussy with his gentle tongue, but I was ready to…. I stopped him. He got me.
I was lying on the table, my legs were resting on his shoulders. He rushed into me. My pussy started trembling feeling his dick in my insides. I was moaning. He knew in was on the verge of bliss, so he started fucking me harder and faster. Oh, God! I was ready to cum, but he didn’t let me. He liked to tease me. Then I kissed him. He closed his eyes. I made him sit on the chair.
I was riding his dick. And… it happened! I cried out his name that echoed in the empty office. I felt him cumming. He sped up impaling me on his dick, his moaning made me feel like a goddess. He had a strongest orgasm, he grasped my hair, as if I were his slave.

His semen was streaming down my legs when I went to his table to fetch him cigarettes. We had sex every single day since that time. It was a wonderful affair!

So, girls, you can get a job and meet your love. And as for you, bosses, you can hire a girl and she can be a real sex addict! Take care!

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7 Responses to “My boss is the best”

  1. !Amigo! Says:

    Hey!!! Your site is great!!! I love your stories, they give me a hardon that lasts!!! I am very happy I’ve found you and I’ll tell all my friends about you.

  2. Bill Says:

    I think that there must be a lot of bosses out there who fuck their secretaries and a lot of secretaries who lay in wait and fuck their bosses. It’s great when it happens and I remember one day when my secretary was so horny that she came and sat on the edge of the desk.

    Her skirt went higher and higher and her suspenders came into view. That was in the days before tights and all girls showed off their legs’ with a set of short stockings and long suspender straps. Not much I could do in the office but that evening she wanted a good fuck so we went to local set of woods and did just that.

  3. ben Says:

    this is very very good

  4. ana Says:

    i have a boss that is cute and then one day i was in the bathroom with no one else he crawled under the stall and kissed my ass

  5. earmark Says:

    i like your story i hope i will get more story from u

  6. Dick Says:

    I had sex with my boss now I am her boss lol

  7. mikki Says:

    I like the word boss becoz it stands for Brother Of Sexy Sister.

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