Far from conventionality. Part 2

December 12th, 2008

The man who was sent on a business trip with his colleague really loves it when they stay together in the hotel, they are far away from everyone and there’s only one thing that they care about and it’s hot and passionate sex…

I added more gel to her anus ring and making confident circling movements occasionally penetrated the sphincter. I was developing her little hole carefully. I wasn’t going to have anal sex with Claudia (it shouldn’t be done so fast) but I wanted to “discover” her!

My finger broke the first resistance. Some gel went inside making the sliding easier. Claudia stopped still as she was trying to understand her sensations.

The stream of water washed the remains of the gel from the girl’s vagina. Her vulva lips were wet (it was not only water that made them wet) and spread invitingly. It was time to finish the performance with my tongue and lips touches. I began with deep penetration of my tongue into her pussy trying to touch all the inner spots. Then I came up to kiss her vulva lips with my lips. I love such kisses, they are the most passionate. I like to embrace as much of the lips as possible with my lips, squeeze that simultaneously tonguing the hot spot inside. Claudia started shuddering in response, moving in pace and giving me a better opportunity to reach her most sensitive places.

The tempo was increasing. I was “running” my lips and tongue over the full length of her nether lips touching the crotch occasionally. I suddenly noticed that my partner moved me up that very place between her pussy and anus. She liked that! I pressed my tongue to it, stroked here and there and then moved lower. I hadn’t planned that. I guess if you want to “discover” someone you should discover yourself first. I touched the ring with my tongue, caressed the folders and moved a bit inside. Claudia shuddered and twitched moving up herself. I felt she was on the point of screaming something like “I belong to you, up to the last hole! Tongue-fuck me more!”

I became bolder and visited her hole more often kissing her pussy as well. My tongue was moving over a wide path already, stopping at the most wonderful places. Her relaxedness made me extremely excited and forced to get rid of the last hang-ups. Once I stopped at her anus-ring and pushed my tongue inside fiercely. My girl’s response was a scream that turned into a moan soon. She started trembling and pressed me to her using both her arms and legs. She was panting trying to recover her breath. And then she kissed me tenderly.

Then she soaped me long and ceremonially. The girl who had just experienced a huge orgasm was touching me so tenderly as if I was a religious idol. It seemed to me a half an hour passed before she reached my belly. She asked me to rise. She squatted in front of me so that my cock was right before her face. Her first reaction was to take it into her mouth but then her strict upbringing overpowered her and she kept on washing me with double effort.

From time to time my hot cock touched her cheeks but Claudia made no attempts to move away. On the contrary she seemed to touch my phallus with her face intentionally. She was trying to get used to this closeness and this thing made me restrain myself. I don’t know what helped me to control my emotions and avoid bending her right there and fuck fiercely, fuck her hard and deep holding her in my hands, squeezing her body… But I had to be patient and soon was rewarded for that.

My girl winked at me playfully and rushed out of the bathroom. She started the most ancient game man and woman could play. She was running away from me but her secret wish was that I caught her and impaled on my cock. I followed her quickly to see her lying on the bed. She didn’t feel shy any more, didn’t put her legs together or cover herself with a towel. She stood on her fours and revealed her pussy for me. Then she stuck out her butt a bit, smiled and moved her ass in the way dogs do.
A few moments later I was entering her warm opening. This time she was very moist and thanks to the position as well my cock entered her easily. But at the next minute her vagina muscles squeezed and I started moving, having lost the control over the situation absolutely. We climaxed almost simultaneously, collapsed exhausted and fell asleep immediately. We woke each other a couple of times at night but no one felt hurt as we started our game again. We wanted to be one whole piece…Then, having played enough we cuddled up and crashed out happily.

I had a nice dream. A luxurious castle, sands, a wide river flows slowly… Strong guars are standing near my door protecting my house. Gold-plated furniture, soft carpets, jugs in the shape of wizard animals… Pretty servants rush here and there wearing just a few rags. I’m sitting on a golden throne wearing a robe embroidered with golden threads and looking at the beauty around me. A girl with long slender legs brought a new jug. When she was passing the window I saw her breasts through the fabric. The servant bent showing me her rounded butt, picked up the empty jug from the floor and left. I felt my cock was getting stiff and coming out through the folders of my robe.

Soon the secret room behind my throne hid me. I found my favorite servant sleeping on soft pillows there. Her body is perfect and has never been covered with clothes. I can see her nice vulva lips swollen. They are seen even from behind. She woke up and smiled. My girl could do something that women should be trained to do.

The girl wrapped her lips around my hot cock, made it wet with her tongue and then took it deeply into her mouth. My tender skin touched her palate, lips embraced the shaft and I felt blood was pulsing in my veins in response on her caress.

I woke up. Woman’s lips were still caressing my phallus… Claudia took me deep into her mouth, licked my organ, kissed it looking at me naughtily. Yes, that was happiness! My girl made the best awakening for me! The girl was obviously enjoying what she was doing. She had probably realized her dream…

It’s hard to overestimate the pleasure a man experiences when a woman caresses his penis, kisses it, licks it like an ice-cream… I felt thankful to Claudia and shot my semen into her tender mouth.

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