Big mistake

June 24th, 2008

You have to be really careful at work, if you mess up, you can have troubles with your boss and you’d better not disappoint him…

I was ready to die when I was standing in front of my boss in his office. I was scared, I was ashamed, I was distressed. I made a huge mistake, and it was just the third week after I joined the company. Damn! My mistake cost a lot of money and I had to work 24/7 to pay it out. And I liked my job, though I was only an assistant. I didn’t wanna quit.

“So what shall we do, Kerry?” Boss looked at me closely.

I was ready to burst in tears.

“You can fire me. I mean I quit. I know I can’t work here anymore…”

Boss hemmed.

“You think it’s a way out?”

He stared at me and looked me up and down. It made me hot and sweat. Seemed he could look right through me or at least under my clothes. I was wearing a white blouse (one could see my lacy bra through it) and a tight skirt. I was wearing really high and really sexy heels.

“You’ll have to work your mistake out. I won’t let you quit. If you try, you’ll have to pay out every cent you made me lose. Come here babe.”

His words were shocking. I could hardly keep my balance. There were thousands of different thoughts circling in my mind, while boss was staring at me, waiting for me to do as he said. I hardly realized what was going on – I made several steps and paused. Boss pulled me closer and I found myself on his knees. He got his hand under my blouse feeling up my boobs through the lacy bra. He was rude and hard. The whole thing was so unexpected it made my head feel dizzy.

“You smell so good.” I heard him say. I suddenly felt his cold hands under my skirt.

His hand was thrusting deeper under my skirt and I had to spread my hips a bit wider. My thong didn’t help me fight against the attack, so I felt my boss’s fingers toss my vulva lips. He got his fingers out of my vagina in a while.

“Now go and dress off.” He told me.

I was kind of dreamy when I stood up and got in the center of the room. I closed my eyes tight and started dressing off. I took off my blouse and my skirt. What to do with the bra? I didn’t know.

“So what are you waiting for?” He said impatiently.

I got my hands behind my back and undid the bra. My boobs were free from the pretty tight lingerie item.

“Wow! I think you shouldn’t wear any bra at all, Kerry. No use to hide such beautiful tits.”

It was panties’ turn. I got my fingers under narrow laces and swayed my hips pulling my thong off (it was the scene I saw in some erotic movie and always wanted to do it myself). I looked up at my boss when panties fell on the floor.
“You’re well shaven, I like it,” I heard his voice. He sounded pleased. “Open your eyes.”

I did. Boss stood up from the chair and sat down on the desk edge several feet away from me. He was dressed, while I was absolutely nude. It’s not that I was tense feeling nude. I got really tense when I saw his unzipped fly and his Huge penis swaying in the air, throbbing. Boss was staring at my body fondling his dick slowly. I tried not to look at him and his shaft, though feeling really hot in my lower belly.

“Let’s see your mouth in action. Suck it off, babe.”

I bent down and felt his smell. Smell of desire and sex. His dick was in front of my face, it was still throbbing. I parted my lips and sucked on the dickhead. Boss moaned loudly. I felt his heavy hand on the back of my head, pressing me and impaling me on his shaft. He was pressing hard and I had to open my mouth as wide as I could to let his dick get deep in my throat.

“Suck well babe”

I was fondling his dick with my tongue. Boss showed me the tempo, holding my hair tight making me feel like a puppet in his hands. I had to obey and suck the dick deep throat. I was about to choke sometimes, tears flooded my eyes. Finally I felt his hand let my hair go. He touched my butt. He was squeezing my butt cheeks for a while and then he bent down lower to reach my pussy.

“You’re so wet!” he said. And he was damn right.

I was happy to have a short break but I realized I had to keep on fondling his giant cock otherwise he could make me suck it deep throat again. My tongue was circling round his dark red dickhead, while my fingers were jacking the stem. Boss was fingering my vagina.

Soon he said I was ready for his big dick. Hardly had I said anything as he turned me round and put me on the table. I squeezed my hips tight instinctively. But it didn’t help. Boss raised my leg and put it on his shoulder. He pressed my other leg to the table, leaning on my knee, making me lie down on the table surface. I was stretched on the table, my legs hurt. The lips were apparently opened as my boss touched them and grinned. He took his dick in his hands and pressed it against my vagina. He entered my pussy.

“You’re so tight…” He moaned pausing.

Well, it’s just that his dick was too big for me. I didn’t say it loud. I felt his rocky hard dick tear my snatch apart. Boss started fucking me. He was slow at first. It hurt to feel his giant pecker in my tight snatch but then… I just couldn’t help moaning, it felt so good to be filled. My butt was fidgeting on the table, there was something sharp under my back but it felt great anyway. I didn’t try to resist or whatever, I liked being fucked by my boss’s giant member. Several more frictions and I arched my back and climaxed.

My moaning and muscle contraction made him cum too. He grasped his dick and ejaculated on my pubis. His cum was so hot and gooey. It smelled arousing. I was still shivering in orgasm when his semen hit my vulva lips.

It took me several seconds to open my eyes and look at my boss. He was standing above me, breathing heavily, leaning on the table. My pose was so naughty and kinky, my pubis was sperm covered. I couldn’t help blushing.
Boss straightened his back, zipped up his fly and said:

“You got to shower first.”

I started gathering my clothes scattered about on the floor. He was staring at me smiling. Guess it was fun to watch a beautiful blonde bend down now and then, exposing her holes and watch semen flow down her hips.

That wasn’t the end. When I was passing him by with a pile of clothes in my hands he slapped me across the ass…

When it was time to go home boss asked me to come in his office. He sounded hoarse and I dragged myself in his office. Boss was sitting on his chair half turned away from me. When I came into the room he turned his face at me and smiled broadly.

“So, let’s continue….”

When I came closer I saw his pants pulled down to his knees, he was jerking his hard dick off. I knew what he wanted me to do. I knelt down in front of him and sucked his dickhead into my mouth. My lips were sliding up and down the stem. I squeezed the shaft with my hand, while my fingers were playing with his balls.

It was easier this time. Boss let me take over the initiative. He wasn’t in charge anymore. It was me to control the process. He was watching me give him head. He was moaning. My blow job lasted for a pretty long time and I was obviously upset I wouldn’t be able to try his giant dick in my snatch again.

“Stand up.” Boss said suddenly.

He got his hand under my skirt. He touched my wet through panties. My body gave me away, I desperately wanted him. I bit my lip and moaned, arching my back. He was fingering my pussy lustfully.

“Good girl.” He said.

He tuned me round and raised my skirt to my waist. I was kind of hanging in the air with my legs spread wide. His erect penis was pressing against my wet panties. I couldn’t wait any longer. I drew my panties to aside, spread my vulva lips with my index and middle fingers. I took his dick and thrust it in my gushing slit. His huge throbbing dick slid inside my vagina smoothly. I signed and started swaying my hips impaling myself more and more on his penis. Sometimes I took his dick almost out of my pussy and then thrust it deep in my womb. It was so hot!

Soon I realized I wanted a faster tempo. I pressed my hands against my boss’s knees and started swaying my ass vigorously. I was cumming, crying in orgasm. His slap across my butt made me regain consciousness.

“Hey are you sleeping there or what? Go and suck me off. I wanna cum.”

I got off his dick and got on my knees again. I was still trembling and was really relaxed and kind of exhausted. His shaft was all covered in my juices. My hand could easily slide along the stem feeling its hardness and heat. Besides, my lips were licking the head, my tongue was tickling the foreskin.
He didn’t last long. A huge cumload hit my throat. I was trying to swallow everything but some of the load spilled and was flowing down my chin right on my white blouse. I was milking the dick in order not to lose a single drop of his tasty juices. I licked his balls and his groin to gather the last drops.

“Well Kerry. See our cooperation can be pretty productive.” He stretched his hand and got a drop of cum on his finger. I licked it off. “Looks like I’ll have to forgive your mistake. Moreover, guess you’re gonna get promoted. You can be free for now.”

God! I was going to become an office slut! I just couldn’t believe it. I stood up and went to the ladies’ room. My skirt was raised up and my panties were drawn to the side exposing my pussy.


I just can’t believe it happened to me. That day was really full of surprises. My colleague gave me a ride home and said that instead of ruining my carrier I actually helped the company. Looked like our partners got interested in the lot. And besides we were going to get a 3 per cent increase in profit. Everyone knew about it since the very morning. So boss knew it too! He used me! I was ready to get back in office make a scandal and quit… then I thought I’d quit next day.

I was so indignant. I was waiting for the boss to come to tell him I quit and to tell him what an asshole he was. But when I saw my boss smiling friendly and saying what a beautiful suit I was wearing that day I just… I just couldn’t do it. I heard his voice in a couple of minutes asking me to come in his office and help him. His voice was husky again.

“Kerry come in, please. Don’t bring the coffee.”

I felt sweet pulsation somewhere between my legs. I set my skirt right and opened the door. The work day was gonna be hot.

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12 Responses to “Big mistake”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    omg this story is great it turned me on im still coming this very minute..this makes me want to fuck my boss !!!

  2. chris Says:

    very sexy story

  3. hi Says:

    made me cum

  4. Anonymous Says:

    very sexy but your boss is a twat

  5. c2x5 Says:

    I would love to have a assistant like that !!!!!!!!!!!

  6. JANI Says:

    I can not believe that some girl can be so innocent and feared that she would get ready to do such things just by shouting from boss and putting some loss on her. but infact the story is very interesting and sweet. It made me feel as I am her boss and fucking her.

  7. Porn King Says:

    Holy SHIT!!! That was very good. It was so good I read it twice!! Pleace continue and write some more stories.

  8. RenkliAdult Says:

    Very Very Very Sexy , Ty !

  9. ace Says:

    oh my gosh…I want to suck my bosses dick so bad but I know it will never happen but this story helped me “fulfill” my fantasy!

  10. ShakeB Says:

    Very HOT story,I loved every minute of it. Wife has become her Bosses little cock sucker. Often he makes a way for them to be alone & she ends up on her knees sucking him off. She loves sucking cock & has become quite the expert.He hasn’t fucked her yet but I’m thinking pretty soon he will. I guess his Wife doesn’t suck cock. Wife says he has a big cock & she loves sucking him till her fills her mouth & she greedily swallows every drop.Usually she comes home & tells me all about it & has me fuck her till she cumms.Once again,good story.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I liked the way of ur story telling.Pls write a story of a forced office sex story-Indian( girl’s point of view). make it raunchy like a traditional indian gal enjoyed by her 40 yr old indian boss after lots of persuasion in his car, hotel, home.use some dirty english conversation in the story between the two, persuations, denials, moans-tat makes it spicy…..:p use lots ok direct conversations between the two-preferably in english

  12. bobo Says:

    W0w I got hard readin tht u rock babe

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