An office cleaner

October 12th, 2007

It doesn’t matter if you are married or not, if you meet a sexy chick you can invite her home and have fun with her, while your wife is out, so this guy did and it was right…

It was 1995. Our boss hired a new office cleaner. I’d always been a bit crazy about sex, so she attracted my attention at once. She was a slim pretty woman in her 30s. She often came to out nook for smoking. We used to chat a lot. My friend always hinted at going somewhere to drink beer. I said I had my birthday next week, so we decided to celebrate together in office.

It was my birthday. It was lunchtime. We were sitting in a far office. There were three men and three women there. Our new office cleaner, Tanya, was among us. I was sitting by her side. I didn’t drink alcohol that day, but it was nice to watch my friends get more and more relaxed. My arms were round Tanya’s waist. Suddenly she took a sweet and popped it half way to her mouth, holding it tight with her lips. She looked at me in some special way. I looked around and saw everyone was looking at us, waiting what would happen next. My face was so close to hers. Our lips met. Her lips were so sensual that I couldn’t stop kissing her. We heard applauses.

-Just like at a wedding, – Tanya whispered.

I squeezed her hand in mine. Soon our boss came into the room. We began talking shop. I was sitting in the corner; Tanya leaned against my body, sort of closing it. I saw a piece of chocolate in her mouth, she offered me to take it.

-Later, – I pointed at my boss.

In stead of answering she pressed against me even tighter. I was sober, and I could see the situation the way it really was. I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it. But my lips found hers and we began kissing again. I got back to reality only in several minutes, my colleagues didn’t notice what we had just been doing (thanks God!). I was so aroused that it made me scary.

We got back to work after lunch. I couldn’t let Tanya go. We were standing in a doorway.

-Your legs are so beautiful… – I said in admiration.

Her body was really wonderful.

-Yeah, – she raised the dress rim a bit up.

-Can you go all the way up?

-I can, -she raised her dress up to her pubis.

My dick was so hard that one could easily see the bulge through the pants. She noticed it too, of course. She came up to me. I felt her hand on my pants, caressing the cock. I cupped my hands round her waist, holding her close, kissing. I felt her tongue in my mouth this time. I liked our French kissing a lot. Her fingers on my groin were so gentle that my phallus was aching of sweet pain.

-Let’s go somewhere…. – I heard myself whisper.



I was waiting for her in my car. Such a hot chick, I thought. I took her to my home in spite the fact that my wife was to get back home in three hours. I bought champagne and we got in my house. I opened the bottle, took chocolate and brought it all to the living room. Tanya was sitting on the couch. I sat down right beside her. I passed her the glass and we drank to my birthday.

I couldn’t wait longer. I began kissing her. My hand slipped under her panties. It was wet there. My finger got inside her pussy, but she pushed me away and stood up from the couch. I was perplexed, looking at her. I saw she was pulling off her dress. I calmed down and undressed too. I threw her on the couch and wanted to fuck her, but she evaded my caress and made me lie on my back.

She was smiling, standing above me. Her right knee and her left foot were pressing against the couch. She took my hard-on in her hand and impaled herself on it. It was so hot inside her. I could easily see my prick getting in her cave. I felt it press against the womb. Then she put her hands on her left knee and began ramming me. It was so great that I came very soon, spurting inside her.

She lay beside me. Her head was resting on my belly, she was facing the cock. She took my penis in her hand, looking at it. I figured out she hadn’t come yet, but what could I do? My right hand got between her buttocks right into her vagina. I decided to make her cum by fingering her. I immediately felt her lips on my shaft. It was great! My stem became hard again. We never stopped pleasing each other till the huge wave of orgasm seized us. We both came but we wanted more. She began kissing my neck, lips, my stomach, getting lower and lower till she reached the dick. I was glad to get more caress. We were taking our time, trying all different positions. Friction was slow, so it let us last for a rather long time, actually. Tanya was the first to cum – her vagina muscles contracted, spurting her hot juices on my cock. It was too much for me – I came too. We went to shower, and then got back to our love games. Tanya embraced me:

-Do you want more?

-What if I can’t…

-You can…. – She was pressing my head to her boobs.

Her hand was pushing my head downwards.

-What do you want? – I asked her though I already knew the answer.

She smiled, getting on her back and spreading her legs wide. Her pussy was before my face, I began licking it, getting my tongue deeper inside her cave. I was kissing her love button, fondling it with my lips. Her body got tense, she squeezed my head with her hands, she was trembling, cumming.

She began kissing me then. I looked at my watch. My wife was to return in some 30 minutes! We had to dress up and leave the place in a hurry.

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4 Responses to “An office cleaner”

  1. Andew cunt lover Says:

    you know. this story is truly about me! i have a wonderful wife, we have lived together for a quite a long time but i still can’t help picking up other chicks and do them in my home while my darling is away!

  2. Bond Says:

    Office romances are always sweet and if you have a chance why not fuck an office chick?

  3. vincy Says:

    fuok me soon

  4. CarlT Says:

    Mate reality is better than dreams, hot man hot. Lucky dude.

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