November 12th, 2008

You can’t be in love with your wife all the time, you’ll get tired of her sooner or later and that’s the time when you should discover something new and exciting…

The air was stale and hard to breathe. Neither short-sleeved flannel shirt with all buttons undone occasionally nor air conditioning in the office or car, even the fact that total time spent in the open air on the way to work and back home was not more that half an hour could help in this situation. Nothing, just nothing could save you from the heat.

Two hours after he’d had a shower he started to feel the skin on his face become wet and greasy. A drop of sweat would roll down his backbone at first slowly then faster and faster. His boxers were not very close fitting that’s why the drop would slide between the headband and his body along the tailbone between the buttocks touching and tickling tenderly the most secret spot. He couldn’t say if he liked that or not. It always happened so unexpectedly that all he was able to feel was slight tickling, a drop of sweat in his butt and wet coolness. He knew it wasn’t repulsive but he wasn’t willing to repeat that either. He didn’t feel fear of becoming a gay as it seemed so primitive and deserving attention of those only who really had to be afraid of that.

It was mid-August. Midday temperature was over 35 degrees centigrade. Half of the office personnel were on vacation and those unlucky to work in this conditions used to be late for work and disappear after lunch. It seemed everybody from all offices went on vacation. Partners, customers, even the company manager who had never been on vacation and was considered a thorough workaholic stopped replying to e-mails and receiving phone calls, he had forwarded all the calls and correspondence to his employees. There were not so many inquiries. However, business was not very successful as there cannot be any business without people. And those who didn’t manage to leave their workplaces could just envision those more fortunate be dancing at a disco or relaxing in the open air.

There had to be people to support business in these days, those who could verify reports on oil production and transportation, check the workmanship of all the junctions of this well-co-coordinated mechanism and make decisions. One of these people was a director of a branch company in Washington, Victor. His wife called him chief executive officer jokingly. He liked the idea of being a chief manager instead of an ordinary manager. And he hoped that every dog has its day and one day he would have a rest from this work. But it was not today…

Today he had to work until 7 p.m., then drive home, jog at the stadium, shop for food, have dinner alone, watch TV and go to bed in a stuffy room…

Time seemed to be too long in such a hot day, especially if you had to do routine work. It was strange that in retrospect you would think about a short summer but now time turned into this sticky hot air. Two weeks ago his wife went to visit her parents and now called him every day, asked him how he was doing, what he did during the day, whether he missed her or not. But she never asked him if he missed sex. Maybe she took it for granted that he missed her and wanted to make love with her. However she couldn’t even imagine how much he wanted her.

He didn’t like jerking as a means of satisfaction. But the lack of sex made him feel like a balloon being blown up and ready to blow out any time. His capacity of work increased and six hours was enough for sleep, almost no food was needed. But at the same time images of girls were always before his eyes. They were wearing short skirts, high-heeled shoes… and hurrying to their job places. He fancied himself pulling up a tight-fitting skirt, seeing white thongs which could cover just the intimate holes. In his mind he spread plump buttocks, moved panties aside and pressed his mouth to the tender neatly shaved pussy, pushing his tongue deeper and deeper into her vagina feeling her leaking with tasty juices and opening towards him. His tongue slid a bit aside to the clit and he was happy to notice her bending the back and moaning.

It was very difficult for him to get down to work after such fantasies. And the thing that troubled him even more was his conscience which didn’t allow him to have a mistress. Sometimes it seemed to him this problem had its roots in his early years when his parents divorced due to the father’s mistress. And he didn’t want to lie to his wife who tried so hard to create a perfect picture of family happiness.
But now the seduction was too strong. Victor was willing to free himself from the desperation which strained all his life. Actually he realized it was that warm liquid in his bollocks that he wanted to get rid of. He knew it was bad to free his brutish instincts but now it was the only thing he could think about. His desire developed into a thought and the thought was going to materialize.

He remembered about a place his friend Andrew had told him. It was similar to a saloon of elite prostitutes but Andrew never used this word describing it. Victor considered Andrew to be the last person to approach to a hooker of any kind. He had a beautiful wife who he was in love with and a happy marriage.

Andrew started the conversation about it very carefully that was not peculiar for his character. They had nothing to hide from each other. They could chat freely about their wives and what they preferred in sex. But for their friendship they would probably become swingers inside of these two couples. But it was the risk of losing their strong man friendship that prevented them from this decision and even conversation.

According to Andrew it was something like an inner club which could be entered by married men only on friend’s invitation. Every member of the club received an invitation which could be used to invite a friend. Handing an invitation to Victor Andrew said very seriously:

- Victor if you’re not going to use this invitation in close future give it back to me and forget about it. Inviting you I guarantee that you are a reliable person who can keep secrets. And I hope you won’t lose the invitation as I run the risk of being excluded from the club. It is something that I’d like the least.

The invitation looked like a business card with Ruby V.I.P. in capital letters. There was a picture of a big ruby and an ICQ number. Today he had a huge desire to send a message to this number. Until now he’d had an inner barrier not to contact with prostitutes. And even now he convinced himself just to try it.

- Hi! – He sent, though he didn’t hope for an answer.

- Hello! Send your ID number, please, – was the reply a few minutes later.

Victor typed the number and waited.

- What’s the name of a person who gave you this number?

- Andrew.

Then he received an address and time – today at 7. He could ask questions only face to face. So, he had no choice. Though you always have a choice. He could refuse and stay at home. But in this case he could do a bad turn to Andrew. He knew he was trying to find excuses for what he was doing. Victor smiled. “I’ll go there just to look at the place, it doesn’t make me stay or something…”

The door opened and I saw a young pretty woman. Her hair was black and curly. The skin was tender and tanned and the face was very beautiful. Her figure was gorgeous and you could take her for a model but for her nice sexy curves. She looked intelligent. Her look had something that could be grasped only unconsciously: sincerity, benevolence and cheerfulness. She was obviously happy and wanted others to feel happy too.

She was about thirty but her age didn’t add her grey hair, wrinkles or weight; it seemed that the sun made her body even more elastic and juicy.

Her name was Martha.

Victor liked her at the very first minute he’d seen her. She looked at him with no reproach, condescension or indifference as he had expected. It was really strange but he seemed to know her for a long time as if they had gone to the same college or something. She started the conversation easily. They talked about the hot weather and problems that people have in dealing with it. On some impulse Victor wanted to tell her about that drop of sweat which tickled his anus but then he restrained himself.

Martha was wearing a tank top, a short skirt and fluffy slippers. Her skirt and top were snowy white and fitted closely to her gorgeous body. From the first seconds he noticed she had no bra on and areolae of her nipples could be seen through the fabric. But it wasn’t the nipples that attracted his look to her so much.

Inviting him to come in she turned round and in a nice light step went along the corridor. He could look more carefully at her now as she was in no hurry and waited for him to follow her. Victor tried to make out thongs under her skirt but saw nothing of this kind. But there was something up there that made him stop breathing…

At the divide of her halves under the white stretch fabric he saw the shape of a big wine red ruby. “What way is it held up there?” his first thought was. “Probably it’s a part of her thongs”. But in his mind he realized it was something bigger, something that had a cone shape on the one side and a handle of a ball form on the other. He saw such “toys” in porn movies. The cone had to go into a butt and the handle was outside telling everybody the butt was ready for a bigger thing than a cone. Sometimes instead of the handle you could see a horse tail imitation that also looked very sexy.
All that flickered before his eyes just for a moment while they were passing the corridor but it was enough to make his imagination run wild.

Anal sex was a forbidden topic for Victor but it was also so magnetic. His wife strongly objected even the idea of anal pleasures for it was painful and one could have constant problems with a rectum like haemorrhoids, rectal prolapse and others. And he had been blamed for perversion and watching porn films. Generally speaking the theme of anal sex was closed forever in their family.

Martha was obviously enjoying walking in front of him in the corridor. She was wagging her hips putting feet in one line before her.

At last they entered the living room furnished beautifully and sank into soft arm-chairs opposing each other. A glass coffee table was between them with some papers on it. Nothing was on the lower shelf of the table and it could reflect what he was eager to see. But Martha crossed her legs and was a bit squirming in her armchair with a charming smile on her lips. Victor envisioned how deep this cone was inside now and how tightly her butt embraced the narrow part of the handle. He wanted to fuck this lady right now and there.

“She is teasing me, but I like it…”. He decided to concentrate on business. Martha was telling him about how she had made up her mind to start this inner club running.

- I don’t want you to get me wrong. Many men have mistresses who they spent a lot of money on, buy presents convincing themselves they display their love this way. Isn’t that self-deception? Love is something you cannot buy with money. Love is shown with words, feelings, actions. These men just don’t want to see the truth. I’m sure people don’t have to be in love with each other to go to bed together. Usual liking or passion is enough. I love sex, love new sexual games but I know who I make love with. I’ve always got aroused by men who have money. It demonstrates he is strong and smart enough to earn it. You would probably say I reason like an ordinary lover. Well, maybe you are right. But I want to be independent and honest with myself. To reach all my goals in life I need finances. Every man wants his mistress to belong to him only but he can have a few of them. Doesn’t a woman have the same rights? My club is an inner club and here men are equal to women. Men should give money to women, money, not presents. I want people to forget about material things and just enjoy sex here. I want them to be independent from each other and irresponsible for partners. It is the very thing that creates so many problems in relationships.

Victor totally agreed with her. he was surprised by the fact Martha could persuade him so fast that her club had nothing in common with prostitution, it was a new approach to sex-industry. He liked the idea very much. He had always considered hookers were dirty, even a kiss with them seemed contagious to him.

But here he knew the women shared the bed with a few men only and the men were married and well-off if they could afford such service. Moreover they had to be clever to prevent themselves from getting into a pretty mess. Yes, he wanted to be a member of this club.

When Martha gave him a contract to sign, his fears were completely forgotten. Every member had to have a medical and AIDS checkup once a month and provide medical certificates.

Women had to provide the certificates once in two weeks. Partners had to use condoms when practicing both anal and vaginal sex. Victor paid special attention to the rule for the women: they shouldn’t refuse their partners in anal pleasures. He recalled the ruby in Martha’s bottom and his phallus was again as hard as a rock. Now she couldn’t notice his erection as it was hid in the folders of his pants.

He had a few variants of visiting the club, but the fee was different. Anyway it was not much higher than visiting an elite whore, however it was safer.

There was a questionnaire on the table. Martha offered Victor to fill it in. The questions were regarding his preferences in sex. Which girls he liked more: blonde, red-haired or brunette. What made him more excited: high heels, mesh stockings, lacy lingerie, etc. Tattoos, latex, piercing, the color of condoms, etc.

Victor filled the form and read the club rules. There were a lot of rules about safety of any kind. Men and women in the club could not keep in touch. They couldn’t for instance come up to each other in the supermarket and have a chat. Of course, it had some logic as it could compromise either a woman or a man.

Finally Victor signed the document and was on the point of leaving but Martha didn’t want to let him go so soon. She took his questionnaire and read the answers (the rule of the club was that only representatives of the opposite sex could read them and they had no right to divulge the information to other members of the club). It made Victor a bit strained. Can you imagine how it feels when a beautiful woman who you like a lot and want to fuck is studying your sexual likes and dislikes?
She had no stupid smile on her face which he had expected, it was rather a twinkle in her eyes. Her lips half-opened and breath slowed down.

At last she raised her eyes, smiled playfully and asked:

- Do you also like red color?

In the questionnaire he wrote he liked red condoms and it was true.

She parted her legs as if accidentally. This time he didn’t have to look into the reflection in the lower shelf of the glass table. He could see a thin strip of her pubic hair. “She is still teasing me, it’s time to leave…” But he was wrong.

Suddenly she rose and squatted in front of him touching his rigid cock in the pants. He wasn’t going to resist. All he wanted at that moment was to forget about everything and relax.

Without pulling his pants down she unzipped the fly and took a very stiff phallus out. She pulled out the balls too lowering the headband under them. Now his entire tool was stuck out in her hands. She began slowly sucking his bollocks gradually moving to his head. When she reached it she started licking it around pulling the skin down so that the head was bare. She was looking at him. He liked watching a girl giving him head but Martha was the first who was looking straight into his eyes without removing them and even smiling.

She evidently didn’t want him to come now and he didn’t want to stain his T-shirt and pants. But she fondled it for some time swallowing it deep into her throat. He felt her wet tongue stroking the area around the head. He could feel the orgasm building in his balls and was going to burst out. Fortunately a condom of red color appeared in her hand. She smiled playfully again and began pulling the condom carefully on his penis. Now it looked really bellicose!

Martha turned round and lay on the table with her breast squashed against it. She stretched her hands behind and pulled the skirt slowly up. His guesses about the cone, handle and the ruby were right.

- Red should match the red, – she said and he understood what she wanted with no words.

He remembered her squirming in the armchair while they had been talking and his hands shook with excitement when he was pulling the cone out of Martha’s elastic butt. Then Martha pushed a little plastic bottle into the place where the cone had just been. He understood that was a lubricant.
He thrust his cock into her bottom sliding inside easily due to the lubrication and the fact her butt was very well developed. He had barely reached the limit when Martha’s sphincter embraced his shaft tightly. She turned back to him and kissed his lips tenderly.

- Welcome to our club, – she whispered.

He started fucking her; you can’t describe it in any other way. He was fucking her with all his might. She liked that, she was impaling herself on his shaft enjoying the process and moaning all the time. The table was very comfortable; it seemed that it had been made for special purposes. Victor was drilling into her, as deep as he could, up to the balls. She wasn’t trying to resist him. Instead she leaned her hands against the table and moved her thighs apart so that it was comfortable for both of them. She relaxed completely…

It could not last forever and soon she exploded. His orgasm was so strong that he thought everything had ruined around him, he could see nothing and nobody. It was the brightest climax in his life. The feeling of pleasure was spreading all over his body…

Recovering his breath he was lying on her. The drops of sweat were flowing over his face and back, his phallus deep inside her. She wasn’t making attempts to free herself; instead she was kissing his hands lying on the coffee table next to her.

He felt grateful to this woman, he was ready for everything to make it last as long as it could, today, tomorrow, forever. Now he began realizing the role of a mistress in a man’s life. The thought that she was not his mistress didn’t occur to him any more.

They parted with a tender kiss. According to the club rules he could come when he wanted but had to let them know beforehand. Martha reminded him about the medical certificates and showed him her ones which had been given to her three days ago. The members had to provide the certificates and ask for ones from their partners before coitus. It didn’t seem paranoid to him, it even increased his trust to Martha and her club.

- Today I made a traditional present for a new club member. It was risky but so incredibly well! – Martha said and kissed him good-bye.

No duties, no meals in the restaurants or presents, a lot of beautiful girls and an individual approach to every client. Now Victor began to realize why Andrew was so afraid of being excluded from the club.

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