Can you imagine what sometimes can happen during a long bus ride? Especially if you are sitting next to a hot chick who’s got sluttish thoughts in her head…

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Marry was going home to Miami. She was excited, anticipating hot sun and sand beaches of Florida. She got to the bus stop, which wasn’t too far from her house. When the bus came, she got inside and took an empty seat in the very back. The bus was very spacious, enough room for any passenger. It contained 22 seats, and all seats were far apart, for more convenience. There was no one at the back seats. A few stops later, a man sat down next to her. He was a muscled man, with no hair and a tattoo of a Scorpio on his shoulder. They exchanged greetings, and talked a bit about themselves. His name was Andrew, and he was going to Miami as well. He was 32, seven years older than Marry. She noticed a bulge and his pants, and came to opinion that he was excited. Watching a man with a bulge on his pants was a good turn on for her. He kept gazing on her all the time, and she could feel his eyes seeping through her cloths. She was horny.

Marry asked Andrew if he thought she was hot. Andrew replied yes. Then she began to think about something for awhile. A silence came between them and when she looked back at her partner, he seemed to fall asleep. His head was leaning against the window. Suddenly, she had a naughty idea. She took off his shirt slowly, not to wake him up. Then she unzipped his jeans, and pulled them off along with his trousers. She took off the rest of his clothes and stuck them in her bag. Then she looked at him lustfully and waited anxiously.

Andrew woke up about half an hour later. It took him about thirty seconds to realize he was naked. His clothes were nowhere to be found. He turned to Marry, and found that she was smiling. He demanded to know where his clothes were. But she seemed to be willing get his clothes back. She said:

“I’ll give you back your clothes when you deserve them. Get on the floor and suck my pussy.”

“What the hell?”

“Go on your knees and suck my pussy!” she said, and lifted up her skirt revealing her neatly shaved pussy.

“Give me back my clothes,” he said nervously. She slapped him, and repeated her command.
He found no other way, but obeying her command. So he got onto his knees reluctantly. He lowered his head slowly to the woman’s crotch, but she took his head and shoved it into her pussy. He paused for a second, as if pondering what to start from, but she struck him on the back giving him right direction. With that Andrew began eating her pussy. She moaned. He tried to lift his head, but she pushed it back down. He continued to lick. She moaned again, and took off her shirt. Everything was happening in the bus. She began to play with her nipples, and told Andrew to stop. He did, though reluctantly: it was a nice pussy. She told him to get on the chair. If he thought he was finished, he was wrong. The show was just about to begin.

Marry’s hand reached down for his 8 inche long cock. She found it, already hard, and grabbed it. She stuck it inside her bulging pussy. He thrust it in and out, sucking on her breast greedily.

Marry looked up, and noticed that no one was in the bus, except the driver. She realized that they were almost at Miami and she told him to stop. She gathered up her clothes and bags and got dressed. Andrew was left naked. The bus stopped, and she led Andrew out. The bus driver stared at Andrew for a while, shocked. The bus pulled over a big white house with a grass plot in front. Marry led him to her house, and opened the door. He walked in obediently, looking around. She led him to her room and told him to get on the bed. He did so, and she picked a small vibrator from her collection. She tied his arms and legs to the bed posts, so they were spread apart. She stripped, and impaled herself onto his cock, his large manhood slid in her ass, she was facing him.

He let out a sigh of pleasure. She bounced up and down for a few minutes, then stopped. She stuck the vibrator in her pussy and moaned. She leaned over, pushing the vibrator deeper into her cunt. She came all over his stomach. She began to bounce up and down again riding his cock with her ass and pushing the toy deep in her pussy. Andrew groaned, and let loose a jet of cum in her ass.

“Who said you could cum?” she said softly, slapping him hard. He apologized. She got off of him, and began to stroke his now limp shaft. It was forming a bulge soon, and she began to lick it. He started to moan. She stroked and licked until he asked repeatedly if he could cum.

”No,” was her reply. She stopped letting his cum shot subside back to his balls, and looked around. She picked some rope from the floor up, and walked back to her slave. She began to tie his dick up at the base. Soon it was tied tight and turned purple. Now Andrew’s cock wouldn’t go limp. She took a cock ring from her nightstand and clipped it around the base of his rod. He let out a yell, but she crept over his head and sat on his face:

“Eat me.” was command.

He sucked like a starving beast. She moaned and came in a few minutes. Then he saw her ass twinkle and open. In a jiff, her sweet yellow ass juices oozed out and flashed onto his face. Marry began to rub her ass hole all over his face: cheeks, nose, and eye brows. She squirted anal juices like crazy. At the same moment he could taste her pussy love juices pouring out of her cunt and splashing his face and neck. That was the best climax of a female bitch he had ever seen! He couldn’t do anything but swallow everything she was giving to him. Then she turned around in 69 position, and leant over his crotch where his purple cock was. He opened her mouth slowly and wrapped her lips around his shaft. It needed some care, so she wanted make him come again. However, he had already come, so it could take her very-very long to get his cum. That’s why she went to the kitchen and soon got back taking some cream can in her hands. She poured some cream onto her palms and rubbed it all over his shaft. When it was all glistening, she gave his purple cock some good hand job. After that Marry began to suck on his rod again. She deep throated it thoroughly, even pushing his balls into her measureless mouth! She could see his balls boiling and building up a new portion of love juice. When all cream was licked, she applied some more. Then once more. Again and again, she would suck on his hard on cock, applying new portions of cream. When there was nothing left in the can, she noticed a traces of closing cum. All this time she was sitting on his face and rubbing her cunt all over his lips. He never stopped sucking on her cunt. In the long run, his cock strained and released a big load right in her mouth. She hardly managed to swallow drops. Hot jets of semen would pour out, and never finished. She thought he got a plenty of cum to shoot. But she couldn’t swallow everything. Lots of his cum left in her mouth. Then she turned to him, leant over his face and gave him a good swap. She spit a good clot of his own cum in his mouth, and he ate it.

When he was done, she untied his shaft, his legs and arms and gave his clothe back to him. She gave him her phone number, and said, if he ever needed some good fuck, he might contact her any time.

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