Private Tutor

July 25th, 2007

Oh, private tutors are often experienced not only in subjects they teach…Andrew, for example, fucks his students so skillfully!

Andrew got a call from his former student Natalie, it was Svetlana who introduced Natalie to Andrew. It turned out that she was a rather witty student, she even managed to get the love-sick teacher into bed twice, and it’s worth mentioning that he wasn’t resisting too much to be enticed by her.

Once Natalie reminded about herself…
“Mr. Andrew, me and my friend want you to give us private lessons, My friend’s parents dream of the day when their lovely daughter will start speaking English. She is not cut out to be a linguist of course, but you are a pro and you can help her I am sure! May be a miracle will happen and Vera will start speaking English, her parents will spare no money for this! I would like to refresh my English too, so we would like to study together”.

Andrew agreed rather quickly.

As the two friends lived in the same apartment building they decided to study together at Vera’s apartment. For Andrew it was rather convenient, he could save his time and earn more money at the same time. Vera was a slim 19 year old girl with brown blond hair, she was trying to pose herself as a diligent – honor student. Natalie, a 20 year old brunet with thighs and bottom that really stood out was on the opposite far from being modest. After three hours of studying Andrew felt like he did a good job so he was going to leave them when Natalie stopped him by a question:

- Mr. Andrew, would you like some Hennessey?

Andrew accepted the offer to have one for the road, one drink for the road was lingering though. The alcohol was doing its job, the teacher felt a wave a sexual energy so he made a suggestion:

- Let’s play cards, the one who loses must take off a piece of clothes
The girls already drunk were happy with the idea.

… The game was in full swing. They already started the second bottle of “Hennessey”. The teacher was wearing his underpants only, his students had nothing but panties on. Natalie’s panties were hemistich black, Vera was wearing the pink ones. The teacher’s eye was drilling into the tiny pieces of cloth on the girls’ bodies as if trying to get into and see what’s under them. He could see the tiny black triangle showing from Vera’s panties, it was wet with excitement, he could see some black hairs showing from Natalie’s panties. Andrew threw lusty looks at Vera’s ball-tits with hard nipples then at Natalie’s bigger tits. Their tempting, sweet smelling, pink nipples were just asking him to take them in his mouth. That was a real sweet dish for a sex gourmet!

Vera lost and was persisting.
- I am not going to take my panties off.
- A deal is a deal, – the partners reminded her of the card game obligations.
Vera hesitated but then finally took off her panties. The young, light fluff was hardly covering her pubis, the red chink was exposed. The teacher’s pennies felt uncomfortable in the underpants.

- “Now let’s play wishes, – The teacher suggested.”
- “And whatever the wish is, the one who loses must perform it”, Natalie already hot with alcohol supported the teacher.
The teacher dealt the cards. In a few minutes Vera lost. Natalie was at the seventh heaven. – “I want you to take his penis in your mouth”

- No, Vera hesitated again.
Andrew already took out his mighty club, Natalie pushed her friend to the teacher and placed her hand on the dick that was already as hard as stone. Vera touched his penis interestedly, she tickled his testicles, pulled off his foreskin and exposed the red head that was glittering with precum. Vera was blushing, she couldn’t take her eyes from the hard-swollen trunk that started from time to time. Her fingers gripped his hot penis. Up and down, up and down her warm lips touched the big head. It was a new, interesting experience for her. She wasn’t sucking it skillfully but she was doing it vigorously. Natalie, seeing the flaws in the blowjob performed by an inexperienced Vera couldn’t look at it anymore so she herself took his life spring in her mouth. She gave herself to his penis, her playful hands, her magic tongue, especially her moistened mouth were taking the teacher to paradise, although he couldn’t come. That happens when you are overexcited. The testicles were full of sperm, the teacher needed something tight and narrow.

- Let’s play again?
The game was hard but the teacher’s ace bit the king. The teacher won!

- Stand on you fours.

Vera lay on the sofa and held up her young ass. Andrey felt the hole of Vera’s cave. The girl was excited, he could feel the moisture in her pussy. He pressed his dick against her pussy and tried to push it inside, it didn’t penetrate. He again pushed his massive head inside, he took the girl by the shoulders and started at her.

– oh, Mommy, it hurts!
- It won’t now.

He tried to stick his dick in, then took it out, then tried to put it all inside but couldn’t, then he saw fresh blood on the skin of his phallus.

- Are you still a version?
- No, I tried it once with Sergey.

“I see now, Sergey didn’t finish the job, seems he is rather inexperienced”.
The teacher was making the girl’s tight pussy wider and wider. He felt great! His dick was again and again thrusting in the virgin’s hole, it was tight, small and hot. Natalie, who was burning with desire took off her panties and took the doggy style position, showing her tempting ass to the teacher. Andrew noticed the new lust object and switched to it. He stuck his phallus in her aggressive vagina. Of course Natalie’s vagina was wider than Vera’s, but it felt fine also. She was rather experienced in sex. Vera was looking at the copulating partners, moaning and masturbating – her clitoris was red with desire! He put his two fingers into her vagina and helped her come. Then Natalie started and came. The teacher still couldn’t come. Then he stuck his penis into her narrow anus, it was really tight so he made two abrupt movements then took out his dick and came right on her back with lots of white liquid. There wasn’t much pleasure, but no need to worry about the contraceptives.

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