My wife’s friend

August 14th, 2007

Wife’s friend, so sexy and hot! Forbidden fruit is so sweet! He wants her, he decides to get his wife totally drunk and see what he can do to get her girlfriend.

Helen is my wife’s best friend. I have known her since we got married, she was my wife’s best woman at the wedding. Helen is a rather attractive blonde, I have always liked her of course I didn’t even think of hitting on her moreover soon she got married too. My family and her family sometimes got together but there was no close friendship between us. Two years passed like this when once Helen and her husband invited us to their summer house for barbecue and for the sauna. They got their summer house built not long ago and they wanted to have a nice rest there. At first, everything started out as usual, whiskey, barbecue. When it was evening already, Nick, (Helen’s husband) got the sauna ready and invited us in to take a steam. By that time we had already been loaded with alcohol, I felt I wasn’t standing firmly on my legs and my balance was not alright. The women were the first, wrapped themselves in sheets and entered the steam room.

I can’t say I am a reserved person but it’s worth mentioning that if we’ve been to the steam room before, there was only my wife and I. I felt a bit shy about taking off my underpants, I looked and Nick, he was wearing swimming trunks so I decided to keep my underpants on and we proceeded to the steam room. When we entered the steam room we saw our wives lying on the berths and it’s clear that they have nothing under their sheets. As soon as I saw that my ‘friend’ reminded me of himself, it was too hot for Nick in the steam room so he went out leaving me along with the women.

My wife, Abby asked me to massage her a bit, she loves taking a steam.

- Will Nick come in again? Abby asked Helen.

The answer was negative so Abby put away the sheet and lay naked on the upper berth.

- Come on, start it.

I came up to my wife and started massaging her body, she was moaning and breathing heavily, when it was too hot we went out of the steam room and discovered Nick sleeping and snoring. There was a lake near the summer house and we decided to walk there, it was already dark out so we didn’t expect to meet anyone.

- Turn around, Abby ordered. And the girls dropped their sheets and rushed to the lake. I followed them immediately. There was full moon, that was a real sight to look at! Two naked ladies in the transparent water under the moon. They both had long hair, my wife had black hair and Helen was blond. I sort of started playing with them, swimming up to them, grabbing them. They were laughing trying to break free while I touched their butts, lets and breasts.

They were playing the game and I didn’t know how I got so bald near my wife and her best friend but they were laughing and having fun too. My dick got erect soon, protruding from my underpants and I swam to Abby and pressed my dick against her ass while embracing her, only a few seconds later I realized that I was mistaken, it was dark and I mistook Helen for Abby. Though the alcohol made my head realize it slowly and I slid my hand down her body and touched her pussy. Suddenly I felt a bit embarrassed, Helen is quite a serious lady, she works as a teacher at college. I have always treated her as an example of a loyal wife, she always seemed to me like she was. Suddenly my wife swam near and I moved away from Helen. We spent a couple more minutes in the water and then went to the steam room again. Before entering the steam room we had some more whiskey again. My underpants were all wet and transparent and I couldn’t do anything to put my dick down. Abby, feeling no shame at all, was walking around absolutely naked.

Helen went to the room to try to wake Nick up. Me and my wife went to the steam room.

- Now, it’s your turn to massage my body, I’m telling her.
- Take off your underpants, she replies.

I didn’t argue and lay on the berth, naked.

As soon as I lay on my back, Helen entered the steam room. Just a thought that I was lying naked before her made my dick rock hard. Abby found nothing else to do than to take my dick in her palm and started jerking it. I felt that she was too drunk to feel any shame in front of her friend. Soon she bent down and took my dick in her mouth. She was sucking my dick with slurping sounds and Helen was staring at us. I felt I was going to cum and moved Abby away from my dick, now Abby noticed that we were not alone in the steam room and she asked me to massage Helen. In a second, Abby took off Helen’s sheet and I saw her naked for the first time in my life. She lay on the berth with her legs open and I could see her pussy clearly. I must say that her body was perfect, neither slim nor fat, rather the golden middle, a real seducing 30 year old lady. My wife felt she couldn’t be in the steam room any more and went out leaving me alone with Helen. I bent over Helen and started massaging her body, her back, her ass trying to touch her with my dick that was swaying right beside her.

For about a couple of times I got too close and my dick touched her face, she was lying, not reacting to it. Then I started massaging her buttocks, her thighs and soon got to her pussy, she only moaned and spread her legs wider. When I touched her pussy I felt a real ‘lake’ there she was leaking so hard that I was really surprised. That moment my wife entered the steam room and suggested going to the lake again. We went there again, absolutely naked. Helen was the first to get into the water, I was too hot that I felt I was going to explode. I grabbed Abby, bent her down and penetrated her from behind. About ten thrusts and I feel myself exploding. Now I can go for a swim. We started fooling around again but now Helen took the initiative. She couldn’t have failed to notice what we were doing on the shore. I felt her hands on my dick a couple of times, although she tried to touch me in the water in a way so that I couldn’t tell exactly who was grabbing my dick, she or my wife? But I know perfectly the way my wife touches me, I knew that it was Helen and the only thing I was thinking about now was how to fuck Helen so that my wife wouldn’t notice. In the water I touched her pussy a couple of times, pressed my dick against her but nothing more as my wife was near. I didn’t even think about Nick, he never was my friend so I didn’t care.

We got to the house again. I suggested having something to eat so we sat at table. I tried to wake Nick up but it was next to impossible, so much the better for me. Meanwhile I decided to play dirty and poured whiskey into my wife’s beer glass. Then we went to the steam room again and soon it was me who suggested going to the lake again, I saw my wife was deadly drunk, she fell on the kitchen floor and we left her there with Helen and went to the lake. Helen was walking in front of me and I couldn’t take my eyes away from her ass. On the shore she fell on her knees and avidly took my penis in her mouth and started sucking it. She was really HOT, then she lay on her back and said, COME ON, TAKE ME. I entered her with no problem, she embraced me both with her legs and with her arms and started moving in rhythm with my dick, I had never felt so good. Helen had two orgasms and I still couldn’t come. I put her in a doggy style position and soon came. I came right inside her, not asking her if I could do this. I just couldn’t break the act and take my dick out. I filled her pussy up with my sperm and soon we got back to the house. Our absence wasn’t noticed. Our better halves were peacefully sleeping until morning.

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  1. D Says:

    U sick pice of shit

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  4. c Says:

    thats a great story – hope you return

  5. JJ Says:

    Lovely story. You the men

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