A wife shares her dirtiest fantasy with her husband and it turns him on like hell!

During sex, my wife and I usually tell each other dirty stories to stir the excitement. Frequently, the stories become very adventurous and horny, especially if we have had a few drinks or came back from some merry party. My wife often likes me to tell her stories about my cum, and enjoys topics where she is forced to eat it and so on! So, for some reason and from this time I have known that she has a fetish for sperm. A few weeks ago, after hour long hard core sex session I asked her to tell me her nasty story. It was her turn to begin the story. Well, now I’m gonna tell you about what she told me and what astonished me very much and really drove me wild at the same time. Right in the heat of passion she began:

I awoke up and found myself stretched and tied to a table in the basement of a strange house. I was absolutely naked, my hands and feet were tied in a way that revealed my pussy, spread wide aside. Anticipating being used as a dirty sex slave for some good bondage, I could feel the warmth and moistness between my legs. Though I was helpless and everything was disturbing and inconveniencing me, it was a bit of turn on. When I heard footsteps coming down the stairs, the excitement and anxiety overwhelmed me absolutely wild. Looking to my side, I could discern a figure with a dark mask, this man approached me. Unable to realize what he was and what he wanted to do, my heart sank into my boots. Thing happening next just made me startle with anxiety! The figure was wearing a long black cloak, suddenly the three open his cloak and revealed a fully erect cock. When the figure slowly walked towards me, the long and fat cock of his began to swing from side to side right in front of my eyes. Now moving even closer, the massive cock of lowered over my face, and the figure spoke:

“We understand and know that you have an appeal for fresh cum, girl”.

When I tried to respond, my voice quivered: “Ahhh, yeahh, I do”.

“You have been chosen for a very special ritual. It’s the ceremony where you will satisfy your desire for warm semen. Brothers, now join me”, the figure raised its voice. I heard more footsteps coming down the stairs, and I saw numerous cloaked figures entering the basement. My Lord, what were they going to do with me? All figures were having black masks on their faces, they surrounded me in a circle. I felt dizzy with anxiety, I counted about 10 men around! 10 men – 10 cocks! While I was staring at them, anticipating thing to happen, all of them suddenly released their fat hard cocks to me. Sizes varied, some were very fat and wouldn’t even fit my mouth, and some were long but massive. However, all men were well equipped. To maintain their full erections, each figure began to stroke, massage, and rub their hard cum guns…

…I continued to screw my wife, and I could not believe what I was hearing. Never till now had our stories come with such a horny stuff! Usually, our dirty stories were about her and me. This one was different. She was about to tell me a story about numerous men fucking her! It was a gang bang with the only female acting! God!

Then she continued….

Then the main guy spoke again:

“Each of my brothers has been carefully selected for you. Each brother is capable of producing a massive load of cum. In this secret club we have been improving our cum skills for weeks to maximize the volume of releasing cum! All this time we have been abstaining from sex for a month. And all previous weeks we have been masturbating only. This is for you to get massive loads of semen You, girl, will serve as the receiver of our huge massive cum explosions.”

When I looked around me at all those numerous pulsing cocks, I could feel the juice running from my swollen and gaping cunt. Moving closer to the table they began to rub their warm rigid pre cums all over my face, tits, stomach and legs. Warm cock ravaged my entire body. They freed my hands and feet from the ropes, and slid me down to the end of the table to use my aching pussy. When the first cock slid in to my slippery cunt, another pressed at the lips of my mouth. Soon I was also stroking two very long and thick shafts with my free hands, while the remaining cocks rubbed across my entire body. I had my cunt and mouth fucked while giving hand job to another 2 rods. Soon they changes places and now 2 other lucky men were fucking me. Thus they all took turns in banging me. I was feeling like some dirty slut getting my fuck severely! As they cocks swell, I could tell that they were getting closer to orgasm.

The taste of pre cum filled my mouth. I could feel the warm clear liquid begin to build up in their balls. My hungry body was aching for their shots! The explosion of semen was supposed to be very massive, coz each cock could no longer contain its warm sticky fluid! Now they took me off from the table, they moved me to a wall where I was forced to kneel on the floor. My hands were then chained to the wall by means of steel chains so I couldn’t move them or have use of them. No mercy, the cloaked men surrounded me again and began to stroke their massive cocks in front of my face, which was perfectly positioned for their aims!

…When I listened to my wife tell this story, I began to tremble with excitement. Listening to her being on her knees and a large group of men jerking off onto her face was such a turn on for me that I could handle it long! And hearing her fantasies about men having an enormous amount of hot cum ready to release all over her asking face just drove me wild!

…When, they started to shoot cum, it was absolutely amazing. The first guy pumped his cock and when he came, he was just holding his cock at the base letting his cum flow out freely. Opening my mouth to taste his warm cream, jet after jet of his hot sperm leapt onto my face. Oh, God, there was so much cum! I couldn’t believe how much cum came out from only one cock! It seemed he wouldn’t ever stop releasing his white juice! One after one they stepped closer to my face and drained their balls. Each ejaculation gave way to another one, bigger and much more massive! Each cloaked man seemed to release at least 7 or 8 spurts of cum! Heavy cream was covering my entire face, some drops fell on my eyes and my mouth had no free space from cum! My face was drenched with warm sperm. It dangled from my chin, it filled my mouth, it was in my hair, it pooled all over my tits. And it tasted really so good! I could taste each man’s cum and I should note each cum shot tasted different.

…After we climaxed together, I pulled my own erupting cock from her soaking hole, and directed the next blast of semen toward her beautiful face! That was too much for me! now I’m waiting to hearing one more dirty story of hers again!

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3 Responses to “My wife’s dirty fantasy story!”

  1. Food funatic Says:

    Loved your wife’s wild fantasy story about being forced to endure massive cum-shots. I enjoy food sex play – using food as stimulus as part of the sex act. Sometimes this ends with my partner cumming on some food and me eating it. You said your wife likes cum eating fantasies. Would she go as far as to like this sort of thing, and perhaps if so, this will spark her imagination to come up with a great food & cum-eating fanatsy for your bedroom and this site

  2. Sir Fuckalot Says:

    What a shitty story line.

    Best regard’s

  3. SSR Says:

    very goood story really liked it even ilike to expreance some thing like it

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