My sex-partners

November 4th, 2008

A girl is reminiscing about the sex partners she had in her life and I am sure you’d like to be one of them…

I’m 25 years old and I love sex very much. I’ve had over 30 sex-partners during my life. Only one of them licked my anus and once I did that. Of course these are different people. The man who licked my shithole wasn’t even given a head by me.

I’ll tell you a bit about him. His name was Jack. We met at a disco. He was 40 and married. He could be hardly described as handsome, as he was big and awkward. A strange guy I must say… But he had a car; that was important for me at that time for he used to drive me wherever and whenever I needed.

When we had our first sex he licked my pussy and then my ass. I’d gotten cunnilingus before that but nobody had licked my butt. That was nice. I liked that.

We used to meet in summer as we could fuck in the car or somewhere in the open air. Here is just an example of how it would happen.

We were driving. He stopped the car suddenly and asked:

“Sarah, shall I lick you?”

I guess it made him excited. I also got excited, morally rather than physically, as he wasn’t very good at eating a woman. I nodded smiling. Jack pulled my skirt up; as usual I had no panties under it. I spread my legs. He bent to me and started licking my pussy. Then he put me on my side and his tongue penetrated my anus. I really don’t understand how he could do that! I think it begins to stink fifteen minutes after I wash it.

I remember some bright moments of our sexual relationship. Once we made ourselves comfortable at the back seat of his car. I sat on his face. He licked my crotch and I jacked off his cock. He climaxed so easily then, no fucking was needed. I think he was too sexed up.

On another occasion I kneeled down on the front seats and he was on all fours licking me.

I remember one more man. We had one-time sex but it was fantastic! Unfortunately we didn’t even exchange phone numbers.

Do you want to know how we met?.. Well, he was driving a car, I was walking, he stopped and I got into his car. We bought a bottle of wine and drove to his apartment. I had no objections as I liked adventures. We drank a bit and he began.

The first thing he did was spreading a sheet on the bed; you know such neatness surprised me. He began undressing me and then took off his clothes. Kneeling down on the bed he pointed his dick at me. I embraced it with my lips and began sucking. I was sitting lower than he and looking straight into his eyes, usually I felt shy about that, but not this time. He was also staring at me and encouraging:

“Good girl, you’re a nice sucker!”

It certainly turned me on. He was stroking me on the head and pushing me to his cock slightly. Then he pulled his dick out of my mouth and positioned me in a doggy style. He entered me and began fucking. That was wonderful as his prick was rather big and fat. He was slapping my butt asking me all the time:

“You like fucking, don’t you?”

Somehow his name didn’t stick in my memory. Probably he will read this story and recognize himself. I want to address him here:

“Dear Stranger! I liked sex with you a lot. Try to find me in our city; I’d like to experience all that once again!!!”

Thank you for your attention.

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2 Responses to “My sex-partners”

  1. Trembling shaft Says:

    Darling Iwant to lick yor pussy and armpits.
    [email protected]

  2. Trembling shaft Says:

    Darling I want to lick yor pussy and armpits.
    [email protected]

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