In the forest!

August 17th, 2007

Unbelievable, a lusty and a horny woman masturbating away in the forest, a photographer happens to be near, what is he going to do? There are only She and He…

Walking down the forest I hoped to find something that would make me set the camera and shoot! However it took me about half a day to wander the wood and to take only 2 pictures of a butterfly and a squirrel. Lean and hungry I sat on the high grass amongst the bushes and fell asleep.

I woke up of some strange noises. It seemed to me like someone was moaning in my sleep. When I opened my eyes I looked around and checked my camera, it was by my side. Then I tried to doze off, but the same moan came to me again. It sounded more distinctly this once. Now I could swear that it was female’s moan, my dream was rather sound and I didn’t even want to find out what was that, but anyway, the moans turned to some whisper from time to time. Having laid a bit and listened to that noise I opened my eyes again and tried to listen attentively to those noises. That was a girl moaning, she uttered some groans from time to time, perhaps with enjoyment or may be a pain, and she also said something like: “Come on! Come!” it surprised me a lot. I raised myself on my elbows and looked out of the grass: there was a tree a few steps far from me, some chick was sitting in the squatting position at this tree in profile. Her light top was rode up revealing protruding nipples. Her jeans and panties were removed, with opened legs she was trying to slide something in her butthole, while flicking her pussy with fingers. Expecting to reach a climax she talked herself to come. I was astonished to see her insistence and perseverance; she couldn’t reach an orgasm but went on masturbating herself anyway. She was beautiful, nice rosy cheeks and brown eyes. Long ginger hair spreading over the shoulders. Big boobs, medium-height, but sexy.

It wouldn’t be wise of me to lose the chance, so I pointed the camera at her and took a couple of pictures. I was already cock-stand and eager to join this girl, so I conceived a plan. The first thing I did was that flinching of her jeans and panties on the sly. Having felt in her pocket I found her ID, her name was Lola, she was 23 years old, and there was also her note book. I read it: it covered the most vulgar and perverted dream and whims of Lola entirely, like some porn scenario with masochism elements. One page even had a picture of thick male’s cock with a sperm splashing around; she seemed to be horny one, longing for sex. And a sign on the last page of the note book: “where are you, my lover?”

I rose a bit, and passed around the tree, leaving my camera and her cloth in the shrubs I couldn’t stay calm that she wouldn’t flee nude. She noticed me when I was approaching her, taken by surprise Lola glimpsed at where her jeans supposed to be, she tried to cover her tits with one hand without taking another one out of her pussy.

- I thought I was alone here…

- I was sleeping aside near by; I replied and squatted down at her watching her shaved pussy: you woke me up…

- I didn’t want to… sorry!

- Let me help you, I see you can’t come!

- No need, thanks, I can do it by myself……

- Really? You’ve been moaning all this time but still have no come! Let me fuck you, this stick in your hand is awful! I lowered my jeans and showed her my hard-on. Then I jacked it off a bit demonstratively. My erect cock was right on the level of her eyes. Well, we can try! She removed the stick out of her pussy, turned around and protruded her ass to me.

I revealed a wide hole in her backwards, – Lola seemed to work it out properly. I put my cock in her butthole easily, gripped her hips and started fucking her roughly.

Lola slid her fingers into the cunt and went on masturbating, but now her excitement grew faster and harder. The strangers cock appeared to relieve her monotony lusty and shameless fun. I took an initiative, grasped her palm and put it on my balls, whereas began jerk off her pussy and a clit. Lola simply began moaning loudly and whispering something like: “Fuck me harder like a slut! I’m a bitch!” she grasped the tree right in front of her, I lifted her right leg and holding this way went on ramming her sissy. Her wet vulvar lips were too slick to grip the clit, so it slid out of my fingers, seeing it I began jacking it off with my whole all five fingers. That was her weak point, she breathed hard and heavily, her eyes closed, she bit her lip and only sniffle escaped her mouth. Lola asked me to let her recover herself as it was too much for her. However, I stood my ground and continued fucking her asshole. She begged me to stop for a while, saying that she was on the verge, and she couldn’t stand it. Nevertheless, I increased the pace of my palm and she started twitching, I undid her top and put down the leg, standing on both legs she rose and I turned her body to me, then I got down sucking her tit, my left hand stroked her nipple while another was flicking her clit. She stood astraddle and bending the knees a bit. I carried on banging Lola in this position, her heat faded and after that she was just moaning slightly. Gradually it got increased as the act went on; I was close to come so that I found no witty way than to put her down on the knees right in front of me and come in her mouth, jacking off and filling Lola’s oral cavity with my sperm I saw her trying to swallow it. Then I bent my head and kissed her lips. She swallowed the sperm, and then rose looking at me pleadingly. I put my cock in her butthole again and began jacking her clit off, sucking the nipple. Lola came immediately, convulsing with the bliss and starting. I hardly kept my dick ramming her hole, as she came she grasped my palm trying to stop me, this time I obeyed. Lola turned to me and kissed me at lips taking my cock and squeezing it tight. She grabbed my dick in her palm while kissing me, wanting to prolong the kiss as long as possible.

I was shocked a bit.

- Will you fuck me once again?

- Right now?

- Later?

- Well, if you want…..

- I liked you, would you like to be my lover?

- Wow! It’s an honor!

- I can blow you any time you want, you make me fun whenever I long… do it like today.

- Did you enjoy?

- Yeahh, her eyes twinkled

- All right, I’ll be your lover….

- Great! What’s your name?

- Macs!

- I’m Lola!

- I know.

- How did you know that?

- It’s written all over your face!

She wiped her forehead

- Inconceivable!

- I read it in your ID, you know

- Where’s my cloth? She looked around not seeking her jeans

- With my camera in the shrubs out there. I’m an amateur photographer. You didn’t see me sleeping right there and came here. I woke up and saw you, then took you cloth by stealth and checked the ID…

- But, my note….

- I read it too… I smiled

- I am so ashamed of myself!

- Was it yours? Did you write those things really?

- Yeahh….

- I liked it! You have a tumultuous fancy! Would you like to have your photos taken in my studio? We can make a lots of interesting and fine images… you’d be nude and lecherous!

- I…

- As far as I understand you agree! We’d better lay on the grass and I’ll kiss your lips, then neck, then tits…..

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3 Responses to “In the forest!”

  1. tayo Says:

    i so much enjoyed and fancied the story keep it up and i dont mind if you mail me another interesting one

  2. Tommy Says:

    Lovely… A fantasy of mine. keep up the good work.

  3. Aries Says:

    Really enjoyed yur story. If you find someone needy like her please give her my email.

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