In the back row

July 28th, 2007

Sometimes what’s happening on the back row of the cinema is much more exciting, than the movie itself! Like this story, for example…

This incident occurred when I was a College junior. It was spring and we were all bored with lectures longing for the bell at the end of the lesson. Professor delivered a lecture about civil law, but students treated him as a big joke doing some other things.

There was a girl, Kate, sitting next to me and I fell in love with her at the moment. Lecturer gave us some interesting facts, but I was watching her half face, dreaming to fuck her instead. My thoughts were dispersed by her sudden question, whether I liked to go to the cinema with her. I gave her my consent though I knew that nothing would come out of it, for she had a boyfriend and never played him false. We got to the cinema at 5 pm, and took 2 tickets to the first showing, and settled in the back row. She chaffed me with: “Kiss seats”, however I paid no attention and let it by. There were 20 minutes left to the start, so we bought some beer and got back. There were a few visitors in the hall, sitting in their seats.

When it began, there was some scene of crime and pursuit. Kate gave a strange look and suddenly approached her face so close that I could see her open-wide eyes. I thought she would scoff at me as before but there was my mistake. She asked me:

- Would you like to have sex with me here, on the back row?
- Why not! – was my reply

And we started kissing each other passionately. I kissed her taking her blouse off with one hand, then I could recover myself and managed to unfasten her bra. I lowered my head and slightly pressed her tit fondling it with my tongue until it turned hard. She was arching with pleasure; after that I fell back on the seat back and she started unzipping my pants. Then Kate lowered my trousers and underwear a bit and put my cock into her mouth. Oh, this was unforgettable! She immersed it into her mouth several times, playing with her tongue over its head, like it was an ice-cream. Shortly after I came and she swallowed and licked all the sperm.

I set her in a way that her ass was on my hand. I bent and let my hand deepen into her perineum, through the panties. I took them off with care and put into my pants’ pocket. Her pussy was already hot and leaky. I licked it slightly and felt saline taste on my tongue; then opened a bit her vulvar lips, groped her clit and started licking it until she came.

Finally we decided to have a bang right there. As Kate was in a short skirt she had no difficulty fucking with me. She just sat on my knees, opened her legs wide and placed my cock inside her vagina. She revolved her ass as willing to setting herself down on the favorite chair. Having driven my cock deep into pussy she began riding on me as I was licking her tits and flicking with nipples. Then I switched over to fondling her anus with fingers. I came into her vagina; however she didn’t recoil and let my sperm run inside. She rose a bit for I faced her belly, I gripped her fanny and started sucking her cunt, licking it to dryness. Sudden glimpse at the screen made us hurry up, because there was the end of movie.

I gave Kate her lingerie, put my trousers on, and adjusted my cloth; we saw showing to the end, kissing and hugging one another as some amorous twosome. When it was over I saw her home, then Kate waved me good bye and ran away. Next day I met her in college, but she behaved as if nothing had happened between us.

Nowadays, on finishing my college, I come to that cinema from time to time and recall the moment when I had a gorgeous time with Kate.

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  1. a fisher of men Says:

    I pray for you that GOD will forgive you and that you all will seek JESUS CHRIST and repent of your sins so that you wont spend eternity in the burning pits of hell where there is no sex, parties or joy at all. GOD bless your young souls

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