Hot, pretty babes shouldn’t drink and drive, this chick did and ran into problems with the law, she had to take the issue with the hot officer who fucked the shit out of her…

We extend our thanks to the author Phil.

It had been a very long day and after 10 hours at work Kath just wanted to go home and soak in a hot tub. As she returned to her desk she noticed that an email had come through at the last second.
‘Do I really want to read this now?’ she thought but before she could answer herself she had already clicked on it. It was from the girls at the office reminding her that they had arranged to go out that night. Although Kath felt tired she also felt quite excited at the thought of a night on the town, so turning off the computer she made her way down to the car park.

Pushing the button on the key, she suddenly noticed in the corner of her eye someone standing by a car. She swung around slightly nervous at who it could be.

‘Evening. Just checking the car park. Don’t be alarmed’, replied the police officer. ‘You’re in a bit of a rush?’

‘Just on my way home, then out with some friends but I’m glad you’re here checking on us.’ Kath felt immediately attracted to the officer and felt the warm tingle down her spin into her underwear. She opened the door of the car and wondered to herself why she had got so aroused at the sight of that officer. ‘Maybe I’ve just been working a bit too hard and need some release’, she thought.

On the way home the warm sensation had now developed to a wet feeling and Kath knew that she had to relieve it before she left for the night club. The car pulled into the drive and she rushed up to the front door, not realising the car lights that had pulled into park further down the street.

As she turned on the taps in the bath, she returned to the bedroom where she immediately reached for her secret stash of ‘goodies’. Reaching into the bag her fingers slid down a large rubber dildo that she kept for such an occasion. She unbuttoned her blouse and unzipped the skirt she was wearing, pulling one of her nipples above her bra top and pinching it lightly. Her soft pink skin pulsed beneath her clothes. Pulling down her cotton knickers and sliding her fingers either side of her clit. Rubbing slowly she could now feel her heart starting to race and her nipples rising to the mood. She turned off the tap and stepped into the bath. Taking the dildo in one hand and pushing her breasts together with the other, her head became light and she started to feel the overwhelming sense of comfort fill her. Sliding the cock slowly in and out the warm water splashed around her clit. Pushing her feet against the end of the bath she now felt as if she needed the release she was after, using the suction on the base of the bath she knelt up grabbing at her breast as she rose and fell onto the erect cock. Faster and faster the water began to splash over the sides and screams of excitement could no longer be contained. A burst of cum poured out of her, and she collapsed back into the bath.

‘Wow, that was so big. I almost could carry on. I hope the girls are running late, I wouldn’t want them to be waiting too long. I still feel so sexually aroused, oh well I’ll have to see who is out tonight.’ As she washed the shampoo out of her hair. Getting out of the bath she picked up the dildo to return it to its case. Denying herself that extra attention she so desperately needed. Flicking through the clothes in her wardrobe she couldn’t shake the feeling of want and need, pulling out her corset she wondered if she had the guts to wear it out without a top. ‘Fuck it, why not?’ she said to herself. Standing in front of her bedroom window she rapped the corset around her bare breasts and reached down to pull up her stockings. Now feeling slightly adventurous she clipped the suspender clips onto the corset and pulled out her best G-string. ‘You never know,’ reassuring herself of some extra attention at the club. Finishing her outfit off with a pencil skirt and heels, she walked over to the mirror. Appling the eyeliner and lip gloss to her face she reached down for the car keys and phone.
It was a cold night and the girls had been waiting for Kath for some time. ‘Where you been hun?’ shouted Caroline the loudest of the group.

‘I’m sorry guys it’s just been chaos. The traffic was bad, but hey I’m here now let’s go in.’ Slightly uncomfortable with the lies she was telling and feeling guilty that they had waited while she amused herself.

‘There is a problem’, explained Caroline, ’it’s Ladies night and we have only managed to get five tickets. Seems there are six of us, I don’t know what to do?’

‘Don’t worry I’ll just wait here until it starts and sneak in when the bouncer isn’t looking. It’ll be fine, you guys go in and I’ll find you soon.’

Before long Kath found herself standing alone outside the club as the lines disappeared inside, she hugged the coat she was wearing and checked her phone for something to do while she waited. She glanced up and noticed a police car opposite her, but through the tinted windows she couldn’t tell if there was anyone inside. She moved slowly down to the other entrance door, and slipping inside the club she removed her jacket so that it wasn’t so obvious. After a while of watching the tanned muscular men prance around the stage, Kath felt tired and disappointed at the lack of men inside the club.

‘I think I’ll go home and call you later, I think I’ve just been doing a bit much lately and could do with rest’, she shouted at Caroline through the noise of the club music.

‘OK honey’, Caroline not really interested in what was said as she focused on the rubber bands tied round the swollen cock of the stripper.

Kath picked up her purse and walked out of the club. As she stepped outside she noticed the policeman from the car park leaning against his car. A feeling to dread flushed over her as she had just gate crashed a paid event. She walked past him and pulled the keys out of her pocket.

‘Just a moment, Miss’ called the officer. She now felt her heart beating as she had surely been court.
‘Yes officer?’ She asked innocently.

‘It’s just that you came out of that club and now you intend to drive your car home. Sorry but I’ll have to give you a breathalyser test just in case.’ pulling the equipment out of the car as he talked to her.

‘Oh, it’s OK. I haven’t been drinking. I haven’t really been in there that long.’ Trying to open the door and hoping he would change his mind.

‘I’m sure you understand,’ he placed the mouth piece onto her lips and she slowly fell back against the car. In her mind see looked into his eyes willing him to make a move on her and hoping that he could read her thoughts. Her chest began to move more quickly and for all the effort she made she couldn’t calm herself enough to get a proper reading.

‘I’m sorry miss but my equipment isn’t getting a reading, I’ll have to take you back to the station for a proper test.’ He pushed the round cardboard cylinder out of the slot and raised his hand to her arm. She felt her breasts push against the corset beneath her coat and the wetness return to her. She couldn’t help but bite her lip as fantasies of hers rushed through her head.

She sat in the back of the car as he made his way to the front. ‘You know this is the second time I’ve seen you tonight,’ she said trying to make light of the situation.

‘It’s the fourth time for me Kath.’ He replied. ‘You see when I checked the car park earlier, it was official police business. But something about you made me follow you back to your place. I thought at first that you just were there to get changed, as you said you were meeting up with some friends. Then I watched as the light came on in your bedroom, and you unbuttoned your shirt. The way you pulled at your breast you looked amazing. I watched you for a while and couldn’t help but stoke myself imagining that you would want me to help. Then you disappeared but after a few minutes you returned to the window. Your wet silky skin glistened in the light. Your breasts looked so naturally and your nipples were so aroused. I was sure that you was feeling the same way. So I apologise for following you here but I needed to see you again.’ He admitted.

‘Wow, well I could take that as being quite creepy but to be honest when I saw you I felt safe and turned on at the same time.’ Kath said softly.

The officer turned around to face her. ‘I watched you pull together your corset and the way your breast lifted to fill it, I thought that was great but when you bent over and pulled up the stockings…. I saw the whole of your pussy and how it danced in front of me. I just wanted to fill it. You are so turning me on at the moment. You are awesomely sexy, I just want to fuck you.’ His breath now racing much more quickly than before and Kath could tell by his eyes that he wasn’t joking. She reached down to her skirt, pulling in up to give him a better view.

‘I am so wet right now, I want you. Take us some where we can be alone.’ She demanded as she knew she was ready for him.

He drove for a while a glancing in the mirror while Kath gave him his second show of the evening. Stoking her lips and licking her finger, pushing it into her cunt. Separating her vagina to let the wet pre cum drip down onto the seat. She pulled off her coat to show him the corset he so much admired, lifting her nipples to shelf them on the top.

‘Oh yeah babe, you are so hot’ he encouraged her as she moved between her pussy and mouth with the same fingers. Before long coming to a stop behind a car garage, he had obviously been here before.

‘Am I under arrest officer?’ Kath said playfully. ‘Damn right ‘, he replied. ‘You’re a bad girl who needs the long arm of the law, and maybe the right type of punishment.’ He slowly unzipped his trousers to expose his hard erect, throbbing cock, still looking through the mirror at her.

‘Well, officer is there anything I could do to change your mind? I’m sure I could be very good for you.’ She whispered in his ear lightly caressing his lobe, removing her G-string while he was being entertained. Slipping her leg around the front seat she positioned herself directly over his hard penis.
‘Not just yet,’ pushing it to one side she grabbed his hand and moved it around to her clit. ‘See how hot I am for you. I’m standing over you wet and ready for more.’

The officer reached for the door compartment and pulled out a flash torch. ‘Let’s see how you taste then?’ Pushing it deep inside her cunt and pulling it back out again. Kath gave a surprised gasp as the cool metal slide inside her. She was now ready more than ever to get him in too. She pushed the tip of his cock into the opening and sat on top. Her weight down on the torch and cock together, gave the officer a sensation he had never felt before.

‘Holy FUCK,’ he shouted with excitement. Pulling the torch back out he licked the case, ’You are delicious. I want more!’ Pushing Kath’s legs back to the passenger seat, she fell back. Kissing her thigh he moved quickly to her clit. Long slow licks up her cunt and across her legs left Kath nearly screaming to be fucked.

‘Oh my god, I need you!’ She demanded.

‘Not yet,’ he replied.

Sucking, biting her clit and pushing one finger up onto her g spot, left Kath unable to control herself any more. She grabbed his hand and pushed her breast up against it. Blood rushing through her body to her pussy and building around an orgasm. He grabbed her wrist and with one quick move, hand cuffed it to the ceiling hand rail. Kath gasped with excitement. Moving himself towards her he pulled out a huge erect cock, and brushed it softly against her lower lip. She met this with a tongue stoke, screaming inside and wishing he would push it into her mouth. She jumped forward and took as much into her mouth as would fit. Rubbing her tongue along the tip on the cock, rapping it around the head so he could feel the underside and roof of her mouth. Slight shy’s of ecstasy escaped through his lips.
‘Right, marm. You have the right to remain silent but scream if you need to….’

Phill went down on her, Kath felt her legs lose all control and feeling. Hot gushes of cum bursting through her swollen lips and running down her arse. Screams could not be contained any longer.
‘Oh my god, that was huge!’ exclaimed Kath. ‘But now it’s my turn. Let me out of these cuffs.’

Phill did as he was told, he felt so out of control at this point he would have done anything to spray his cum over or in her. He really didn’t mind what she had planned. Kath pulled him on the back seat and pulled his trousers down to his ankles. Taking his truncheon in her hand she licked slowly across his mouth and slipped a wet finger of her own cum into his mouth. Spinning around to doggy style she pushed the truncheon up into her pussy and glanced over her shoulder.

‘What do you think officer? Any room for one more?’

Quickly answering her, he pushed his cock in too.

‘No, I need some punishment. I’ve been so bad tonight. You can put it any were you want!’

Sliding his cock out her pussy he pushed it deep into her arse. Rhythmically, Kath pushed the truncheon in as he pulled out. After a few minutes of the two riding her they fell onto the seat in utter pleasure, hot steamy windows and cum filled the air. Grabbing at her breasts from behind and biting her neck Phill offered her a ride home.

All the way home they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Phill stroked up her leg, pushing her skirt out of the way while she slipped her hand down his trousers and stroked his cock.

‘Well I guess this is your place? I would like to see you again if thats OK?’ Phill hoping that this wouldn’t be his last encounter.

‘Oh, you not coming in?’ Kath winked at him. ‘I’m not finished with you yet!’

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