I don’t get it…

February 27th, 2008

A girl who is a real nymph can’t imagine her life without sex, she wants to get fucked everywhere and wherever she is and she doesn’t care who is the one fucking her, why don’t we read about her adventures that took place in real life…

I don’t get it… What is going on with me? I feel like I’m a teen, who can think of nothing else but sex. But I’m older! And I’m not a boy… I’m a GIRL… but I want to fuck everything that moves, winks, smiles… I can’t use public transport, I can’t go to restaurants, to the gym… I’m always staring at men in a lusty way… but I have my man, and he loves sex… He loves it a lot! We can make love non-stop for hours, not getting distracted by such stuff like going to work, or shopping, or eating, or… So what? I always want more! Even if I’m in the width of a traffic jam, and it’s damn hot in the car. Maybe it’s some sort of an illness? I think if I satisfy my irrational needs in full my body will get old pretty soon. I don’t want it.

You see! It was happening again! I was in the plane flying to visit my mom in Chicago. I was on vacation, damn it. I was wearing a short tight red skirt and a white top with a deep cleavage. One could see my black lingerie through the top. And it was not that I wanted to attract attention! It’s just that it was hot… Very hot. Cold drinks didn’t help. Stop sniggering at me!

A young guy was sitting by my side. He looked about 2 years younger my age. He had a very beautiful body. He was pretty muscular. He had tanned skin and green eyes. And he smelled good. (I just loooove when guys use perfume, it blows my mind! Just like that time.) I knew he wouldn’t be able to escape, we were in the plane, right? The guy was apparently nervous. He looked at me now and then, probably wanting to say something, but he was not brave enough to do that… I asked the flight attendant to bring me 2 whiskies with ice. I was trying to analyze the situation. So, what did we have? I had two glasses of whisky and a nice guy sitting by my side.

- Do you want some? – I asked him and gave him the second glass.
- Ah, I don’t know… Thanks… – He was embarrassed and shy. (It’s so cute, I love it!)
- My name is Mandy, and you are..
- Stephen. Nice to meet you. – He said smiling.


- Where to?
- Pardon?
- Oh, sorry… To the safe flight. Cheers.

After drinking we started chatting about him, me, other things. Stephen turned out to be a rep of some firm and had a business trip to Chicago. Well actually all that bla-bla-bla was not important. The significant thing was body language: eye contact, smiles, gestures.

Stephen stood up from his seat in a while. He needed to go to the loo. Well, we had such a nice conversation… Although… It was wonderful! What a nice idea! Go, boy, go!

I stood up from my seat in another 1.5 minute and followed him to the loo. When walking through the aisle I noticed everybody to be a bit sleepy. Why couldn’t I be sleeping too? Instead I was trying to get some quickie in the loo. Man… When I came up to the loo door the door flung open and I saw Stephen. Hardly had he said a word as I pushed him back inside the cubicle and locked the door. Seemed there was enough space for two of us there.

- What is going on with you, Mandy? – Then guy asked me.
- You want me right? – I replied pulling off my top. – What are you afraid of? Your own desires?

I pulled off the skirt and was standing in my lingerie.

- But.. That’s not right… We’re in the loo… We’ve jus met… – He whispered in a hoarse excited voice.

Oh, God what an innocent angel was that guy? I really hoped he wasn’t a virgin. Stephen wanted to say something else but I pressed my finger against his lips to make him shut up. No one cared about his opinion anyway. I was taking off his t-shirt and undoing his belt. He was no longer resistant. He was just staring at my body in black lingerie. And I was examining his muscular chest, his abs, his shoulders. He was gorgeous! He was like an Ancient Greek God. I unzipped the fly of his jeans and felt something hard and big underneath the pants. So, he was ready… I love to drive men crazy.

It was his turn to take up the initiative. He pulled off his jeans and his pants. He was standing stark naked. His dick was hard. The cock was so beautiful, it was huge, and the dickhead was shimmering in the lamplight. I was breathing heavy, my heart was beating sooo fast. Stephen was looking at me so passionately, seemed I was about to cum just of his look. He undid my bra and pulled off my panties. He was caressing my boobs, feeling up my butt. His hands were so gentle, they made me shiver all over my skin. He felt it and gave me a smile. Stephen sat down on the toilet sink. I was standing before his face. He was kissing my stomach, my pubis… He was slow and gentle. My knees were weak and shaking. I bent over and kissed him deeply. Our hot tongues were playing with each other. I felt his smell; it was smell of a real stud. I wanted him right away, he felt the same.

I impaled myself on his dick making it get deep in my bosom. I was about to moan but managed to control my emotions… after all, we were in the plane! I was caressing his soft hair and his hands were round my waist. I was moving up and down on his shaft, it felt so great! Stephen helped me with his hands. His cock was so hard that I felt it with every cell inside my vagina. I moved up closer to let my clit rub against his belly with every friction. I was swaying my butt in circle, then up and down, to and fro. Felt like I was riding a stud. My clit was rubbing against his body, getting harder, making me feel incredible arousal and pleasure with every friction.

I sped up now and then, my fingers were roaming over Stephen’s back. Blood was pulsing in my veins, I was about to faint… I was riding him like crazy, and I came… The orgasm was so strong that I felt it with every bit of my body from head to toes. It was fantastic!

Stephen stood up and made me get in doggy style, I was leaning on the sink. He entered my pussy with his huge cock. He bent over and grabbed my tits in his hands. He was fucking me so hard as if he hadn’t had sex for ages. I thought his cock would simply prick me. It was hard but truly unforgettable. His every thrust made me buck and arch my back.

I felt him puff in several seconds. He slowed down. Yes! He came inside me! Thank God I was on the pill. At this very moment we heard knocking on the door. We had to dress up quickly though it wasn’t easy, there was not much space for dressing up, as it turned out. We went out of the loo. We saw some people waiting for their turn to wee. They all looked so tense. It was so funny, I had to force myself in order not to burst into laughing right that very moment. They looked at us with such explicit indignation as if we had been fucking in front of their eyes forgetting to lock the door.

As soon as we got back to our seats we heard the flight attendant ask to fasten the belts. We were landing.

- I will never forget you, especially your dick, – I winked at Stephen.
- Thanks for great sex. By the way, do you use pills or something? – He asked me.
- No. (He was sure not to forget me either!)

The guy looked at me in big surprise and shut up.

- Don’t worry, – I went on playing with him. – If I am pregnant I’ll let you see your son when he grows up, maybe I’ll even let you walk with him in the park!……….

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  1. Marty Says:

    good story not long enough.needs more detail of how they had sex.it is a little weird coming out of the bathroom. with a women following you out, the ones waiting look at you real funny

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