Hooker’s diary. Part 21

October 23rd, 2008

The new day brings on more adventures, there’s gonna be some lesbian fun and there’s going to be something you’ll really love…

… I woke up late. Liz was sleeping by my side, I didn’t see Selma anywhere around. I heard water splash, Selma was in the bathroom. I was too lazy to get up, besides I felt dull pain in my lower belly and my anus – last night wasn’t the easiest in my life. I tried to count the number of times I’d been fucked the day before. When I counted more than 10, I thought there was no use to count further… besides, I was lazy even to count.

I saw naked Selma walk out of the bathroom. She was looking so fresh, so full of energy. Her hair was wet and water drops were dripping on her dark skin and flowing down her sexy curves. Liz was sleeping and I was staring at my girlfriend’s alluring body. Selma smiled and pressed a finger against her lips, mincing over towards me. She kissed my lips, caressing my neck with her soft frisky fingers. I put my hands on her hips, patting her velvet skin. I love Selma! We were getting hotter with every new touch.

“Hey! What about me? Am I not good enough for you girls?” Liz said opening her eyes.

It was gonna be a wonderful and burning hot girl threesome. Selma and Liz were tickling my pussy and anus with their tongues. After sharing a wonderful morning orgasm for three, Liz and I went to take a shower together, and Selma went back to her room to get ready for work. I took my stuff and went to my room to get dressed, to get all my sperm-soaked uniform to the laundry and to put on new makeup. When I was almost ready to start a work day I got a call from Frau Dort:

“Lottchen! Darling! Time for breakfast girl! And come over to my office to get your pay. And take … Liz with you, that’s her name, right?”

“I’m coming, ma’am!”

I put on a sexy and kinky peignoir, knocked on Liz’s door, took my new friend by the hand and led her to Frau Dort’s office. Selma was in the room when we came in.

“Here you are girls! I’m so delighted I have you working for me. Clients love you! Especially you, Lottchen! Liz you’re marvelous too. Here we go girls.”

That was a pretty nice sum of money, of course I knew about all the “taxes” I had to pay, but anyway, it was good. Liz was so amazed to get as much money as she got.

“I love this place!” Liz told me when we left the room.

“Me too!”

When having breakfast I told Liz my entire brothel story, including those guys from my neighborhood, and the teens I helped with losing virginity. Selma was laughing a lot listening to me, since she witnessed almost all of my experiments. When the breakfast was over, I taught Liz some German, paying significant attention to specific hooker terms. Liz was a very quick learner.

Time for lunch. Frau Zimmermann called on us and brought us some presents. She brought champagne and said she was really happy she introduced me to Frau Dort. She added she always knew I was made for being a hooker.

“I’m really happy I met you. I think you see it, prostitution is your real calling. To you, my favorite blonde slut!” She kissed me and we drank to my successful career as a prostitute.

When the lunch was over, Ms. Zimmermann locked me in my room and we had a lot of fun making out on my bed, using all those different toys I had in my bedside table. By the way, Frau Zimmermann gave me another present – a French makeup kit and a new dildo. So we tried the new present in action. It made both of us feel so good… Unfortunately, Ilze had to get back to her office, and I had my strip dancing class starting soon.

Selma and Liz were teaching me how to strip down and turn guys on. Looked like I was doing great and was learning fast. How did I know that? Kurt, the guard, helped me realize I was a talented stripper. When I just started my lesson he was watching TV, when I started swaying my hips and pulling off my clothes he forgot all about the TV set and started watching my show. Some time later he unzipped the fly and took out his penis to fondle it with his huge hand. He was masturbating right in front of the stage, and I saw his hand move faster…. He didn’t spurt on the floor. When my class was over he took me by the hand and led me to the guard office. I was facing the wall, he thrust my thongs to a side and entered my slit from the rear. Strip dancing made me really hot, so I was gushing and his stem could smoothly move back and forth inside my vagina. He was a great fucker so we both climaxed pretty soon.

“Go babe, danke!” He gave me an apple. That was something new, I’d never got paid for sex that way.

“Lotta, have you ever gone info dancing before? You’re really flexible,” Liz asked then.

“What’ve you done Liz?” Loren joined our conversation.

“Kurt got really inspired by my strip dance class. He fucked me right after the class. And getting back to your question, no I’d never danced before.”

It was time for work. I picked my all white-outfit. The hall was full of girls, some were standing leaning on the wall, some were sitting and chatting. Inness was swirling round the pole, flexible and graceful like a puma. I joined Selma and Liz on the couch. Herr Schultz was one of the first clients. He took his fiancée by the hand and showed her to her room. We knew they were engaged but generally it looked much like a usual pickup. Selma was seducing a red-faced gentleman in a grey suit holding a big leather briefcase. He couldn’t resist when saw Selma sway her hips moving his way. Her walk could make any man crazy with lust and desire!

“Have you missed me Lotta?”

Oh, my very first client Herr Karl called on me.

“Hello babe! I’ve been missing you so much! How are you doing darling?” I replied rubbing my hips and tits against his body.

Herr Karl was beyond himself with pleasure, he was smiling radiantly, his eyes were shining with lust, he liked the way I looked, he liked my new provocative image. He got his hand between my hips, and I was already rubbing my pussy against his hand.

“Lotta babe look there’re people around…” He was so shy… that was sweet.

We went straight to the bar where he bought me bubbles. I couldn’t wait to show him how much I’d learnt since our last meeting. Well, Karl was surely really delighted to see me cause I saw his boner rip through his pants. I just had to do something to help him…. I took off his pants and sucked on his dick. Karl was groaning, sighing and moaning with bliss. He took off the bra and started playing with my boobies. When I knew Karl was ready, I suggested changing the position – my cave was longing to feel his dick inside.

It was a nice way to practice my strip-dancer skills. I was trying my best to dance the best way I could doing all the things girls told me to do – my hips were moving side to side playfully when I was slowly pulling off my panties. I impaled my wet pussy on Karl’s erect penis… My body was at his disposal, and he surely used his chance to feel it up. I wanted to please him so I was crying and moaning all the time. The ride was so wild that soon I didn’t even have to pretend I liked it. Karl was elated. I felt his cock get larger in size, ready to ejaculate, I only wished he lasted longer and let me cum… I was cumming…

Karl lay on the back, and I had to go on working… I was using my hands and lips to help his pecker get hard again. I had breaks now and then to drink some bubbles with my client. There was a mixture of juices in my mouth – I tasted sperm, my own cum and bubbles… it was pretty tasty.

“Lottchen what about your asshole? I remember deflorating it was fun…” He said.

(Hey, honey, you still remember it!) “It’s waiting for your dick, babe”

Imagine me in white stockings, white high heels and a white hat standing on my fours with Karl holding me tight by the hips, pounding my tight butt hole with his erect dick. It was so hard and hot! This time around I could finally see what a real asshole-drill pro Karl was. I was cumming for the last couple of minutes, I was unable to cry, I was just groaning and moaning. He also had a long lasting orgasm – I felt his dick pulse inside my anus.

“You’re fantastic Lottchen! And your ass… it’s much better than that of my boy lovers!”

Oh, Karl is bi-curious! How interesting! That’s why he was so into ass screwing… I see.

He stuck money in my stocking, dressed up and shut the door behind. He didn’t even kiss me good bye… asshole.

I went downstairs. Liz was flirting with some sweaty and blushing gentleman. The TV was on showing Inness pleasing a really fat and ugly man. I heard some noise from the front door. Three men rushed inside the brothel. Those were my last night clients – three wonderfully hot docs from the hospital.

“Lotta, we’re here to see you!”

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