Hooker’s diary. Part 13

October 14th, 2008

The adventures of a hooker in a German brothel never seem to end and every new day brings hot experiences to her insatiable pussy and this time soldiers are gonna be drilling her pussy…

Hey guys! Hear you liked my story, thanks for your comments, I’m thrilled you enjoyed it. Your comments inspired me for writing more. So, it’s me again, I’m Liz Smith, I’m a hooker in a German brothel, and all my clients call me Lotta.

I woke up late and all alone in my bed. It was Sunday. My body was aching all over but I had to get up and go downstairs to the hall. I took a shower, took a pill to dull headache, put on makeup and went to have breakfast with my girlfriends. Loren, Selma and Ilse were sitting at table.

“Hey Lotta how’re you feeling?”

“Hey girls. Where’s everyone?”

Turned out most of the girls went to church in the morning. Ching, Inness, and Myelin were still sleeping. There was some sad news to know. Three Polish girls were taken to another brothel, that was so sad… But it meant there could be new comers to our brothel, that was great.

I remembered about pole dancing classes I had on Sunday, damn. I hoped there could be any way to miss them, but unfortunately, they were inevitable, totally inevitable.

When we were through with breakfast we heard some noise from the hall. Those were the girls coming back from the church. They all looked so demure and modest in trousers and skirts, so different from their usual nasty and lusty look in peignoirs and sexy lingerie. The girls were so noisy and kind of hilarious, it was fun to watch them. Loren told me about her Saturday fun. She said she had three soldiers in the row. Her words made me remember Herr Paul…

The door opened. Frau Dort was holding Frau Else by the hand. They were looking really serious. Frau Dort sounded really formal saying we all were adults and had to somehow control our temper and avoid quarrels and fights, otherwise we would be taken to different brothels or get fined. Frau Else added there were three new girls coming that day and asked us to be friendly and nice to them.

The girls showed up in about two hours. They were wearing long cloaks and their eyes were closed with scarves. Four strong big guys were holding them tight. The cloaks fell down on the floor. The girls were naked. They all were so slim and looked kind of miserable. I recognized one of the newcomers. She was the girl from the tape I watched when just arrived in the office and when Frau Zimmermann wanted to show me what it could all end up if I were a bad girl. The girls were shy but happy, it showed. Frau Dort was surely famous for being kind and generous to her girls. They had nothing to be afraid of here.

“Listen here bitches, it’s a good brothel and you must be good sluts for Frau Dort, otherwise…” The man accompanying them paused, then turned round and left the building.

“Girls, meet Iren, Heather and Lizchen. Show them to their rooms, please.”

The girls were still shy and seemed intimidated. I saw their eyes sparkle when they heard English words. As I found out later they used to be forbidden to talk to each other in their brothel. The girls were from Sweden and Holland.

They liked their new rooms, they liked their new outfits and they seemed to like us. At least we didn’t look like somebody who could hurt them. We had dinner earlier that day. The new girls got more talkative after drinking some glasses of wine. They said they liked our brothel and it was much-much better than their previous one, and they also heard we could earn more here, at least much more than they used to get there.

Anyways, we ended up having three wonderful threesomes with new girls. Inness and Maylin were making out with Iren, Ching and Ilse were pleasing Heather, and Lizchen found herself in the same bed with me and Loren. Liz was such a wonderful and gentle girl. Her body was so beautiful and so hot! Loren was sucking her nipples and kissing her deeply, while I focused all my attention on her bosom. Her pussy was so sweet, so beautiful and soft. While I was pleasing her love button with the tip of my tongue and Loren was squeezing and licking her boobs, Liz was constantly squeezing her hips and arching her back, moaning sweetly. Yeah, yeah, more… She came crying.

Liz wanted to show me how grateful she was. She entered my slit with her insatiable tongue. I was fondling my boobs, and Loren was eating Liz’s pussy. We climaxed simultaneously and both pounded on Loren. I took a double dildo and entered her asshole, while Liz was mouth fucking her pussy. Loren was on the verge of cumming pretty soon, I knew she was really fond of anal!

Oops. We were late for work! We met in several minutes downstairs in the hall. Herr Schultz was the first to show up. He took his fiancée and led her to her room. They were totally elated when they were together.

There were a lot of soldiers that night. Three of them took me, Inness and Ching to the green room. They wanted to make it an international threesome, good choice guys!

We drank some champagne and then the soldiers asked us to strip dance for them. Both Ching and Inness were so good at strip dancing and lesbo shows! I had to be up to their pro level. The most exciting thing about the show was that the girls were so different! Inness was a hot Cuban chic who was dancing with her eyes half closed, her lips were whispering something. When undressing us she managed to find time for caressing, kissing, ticking ear lobes with the tip of her tongue…

Ching was totally nonchalant. But her hands and lips were so skillful! And her tongue was simply driving me crazy! She knew what to do to turn me on – she could press her body really tight against mine and kind of accidentally touch my back, my boobies, or my freshly shaven pussy… it was real bliss, pure ecstasy!

When all three of us were naked we had such a wonderful fun on the floor pleasing, sucking and licking each other, the soldiers were all eyes watching us. They seemed to have forgotten they came there to fuck not to watch. I was so focused on my wown sensations, I forgot all about our clients too.

Unlike me, Inness and Ching were in control of the show. We came loudly Ching just moaned lustfully and then got down to pleasing our hot brave soldiers. We were undressing them, my client was so excited about our show that he almost ejaculated when I was talking off his pants.

The girls thought it could be fun if we were sucking and jerking the guys off changing partners all the time. I couldn’t miss the chance to try all of the three dicks.

I was lying on my back, Inness was riding her soldier’s dick, while Ching had her tight ass hardly banged. I just wondered who would cum first. All the three guys were ramming us really hard, they were inspired by our lesbo show, I guess. They climaxed almost simultaneously. I cried out loud, Inness moaned, and Ching just signed to show how much she enjoyed the drill.

The guys were lying on the bed, having a break. We didn’t have time for rest. We were using our lips, tongues, hands to make their cocks rocky hard to go on with the wild sex ride we’d just started. Inness was squeezing a dick between her huge boobs; Ching was using her tiny feet to please another phallus; and I had to think up something special to please my partner…. He seemed to like my long fair hair, so I thought, hell, why not. We were pleasing all three of our clients in turn: Inness used her boobies, Ching used her feet, and I used my blonde hair.

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