November 26th, 2007

You definitely need a break from work when the treadmill is getting you down, this guy knows how to take a nice break and you’ll sure love his story!

A.J. was sitting in his garden, smoking. It was the worst day in his life. His wife Alice caught him fucking Pamela in their bed just two hours ago. They didn’t hear he come in the house, as they were cumming and didn’t really pay attention to different sounds around.

The day before it Alice was packing her things to visit her parents in another state. She woke him up in the morning and said she would be back on Monday. A.J. waved his hand at his wife and turned on his laptop. He was working at home, and he had some stuff to finish. He was a great pro in his sphere and could choose where to work and when. He was absorbed in work when he heard the door bell. Pamela, a girl from his office, was standing before him. She was wearing a very short skirt that let him see her tanned slender legs, her blouse couldn’t hide her big melons and sexy nipples. She was smiling guiltily.

-What do you want? – He asked her rudely.

It was impossible to work when he was always distracted by some stupid stuff and some stupid people! He didn’t like Pam and her friend Mary, they both were so importunate.

-I got problems with the software. I have to finish my work today, but I can’t do it. I was calling you the whole morning, but you never picked up the phone. That’s why I’m here. I’m really sorry to bother you, but it won’t take much time.

They were working for the same company. He was an analyst programmer, and they were operators. The funny thing was that they always had problems with the software. But the boss liked them, so… They were great specialists. They were working really fast and were really helpful in some cases when they were running out of time. They were really unlucky about the software, so A.J. had to spend most of his time dealing with their computers. He saw them looking at him in a very frisky way, giggling. He didn’t hear what they were talking about, but he was sure they were talking about him. They both were pretty, they were married… There were lots of rumors about them in the office, but he didn’t really care.

-All right. Come on in. I’m short of time. What’s the problem now? – He came up to his laptop. – Take a sit.

She didn’t listen to him. She sat on a small couch by the table. She crossed her legs, that let him see even more of her legs.

-Here it is, – she gave him the archiver. – The program figures up wrong. It’s great I’ve noticed…

A.J. was testing the program.

-Hm. Somebody spoiled it, – he said comparing the fragment with his copy. – Any idea who could do it? – He looked at Pam inquiringly.

-That’s not me! – She replied smiling. – I can swear it’s not me. – She was still smiling.

Her short skirt rose up. He saw her pubis under pink lacy panties.

-Is it badly damaged? – She asked naively.

Chills were running up and down A.J.’s back. He was short of breath. He looked down, he was embarrassed, but couldn’t help looking under her.

-It’s ok. We’ll get it right. Do you want some tea? – He asked her. His voice was trembling.

She realized what the reason for such a change was. So, she raised her foot and put it on the couch, exposing her small panties.

-Coffee, please, – she said simply.

I got him, she said to herself.

She and her friend Mary had been dreaming of seducing this guy for so long, but he didn’t pay any attention to them at all. Now she was really close to the victory. Mary would be damn envious when she found out that she, Pam, managed to fuck the guy. She was really excited.

A.J. went to the kitchen. He was sort of dreamy, he didn’t fully realize what was going on. He stumbled on a chair and it fell. Wow. They were flirting with him when he was working in the office… Well that was ok. His hands were trembling when he was pouring coffee in the cups. He didn’t like coffee, but that was a special occasion.

Pam was still sitting with her leg raised up when he got back to the room. But there was a change. Her skirt wasn’t raise up anymore. He got back to work.

-Do you know how to work with it? – He asked her. He was forcing himself to calm down.

She did. She was sitting on the couch, enjoying every second of her victory over the man. She was exulted.

-No, – she replied, pressing her lips.

She took the chair and sat behind A.J. She put her chin on his shoulder. He was crazy about her perfume, her warm breathing, her soft skin on his shoulder. He was talking chit. Pam was smiling. She leaned on the table and exposed her gorgeous buttocks. She was standing bent for a minute. Then she stood up and pulled up her skirt. He saw her pubis again. She couldn’t even imagine what was going on in A.J.’s brains. She gave him time to enjoy the pic. He was silent. He was enchanted by the darkness of her tanned legs, by the small slit under the panties, by the black bush against the pink fabric of her lingerie. Pam got he wanted her. She sat down on his chair and pressed her body against his. He was sitting motionless. His heart was beating really fast, he was trembling all over his body. He was afraid to raise his eyes and look at her. Yeah, she knew what she was doing. She knew he was ready, but she wanted to prolong the pleasure.

-Do you wanna drink something? – Pam asked him with a jeer.

-Ah, I don’t have anything, – He said. – But if you want, I can go and buy it.

-I have some wine. Do you want?

-Yes, I do.

A.J. wasn’t a skirt chaser. He was married. They’d been together for some five years. He married soon after graduating from the college. He met her there. He didn’t like her at first. But once they were at a party, he was pretty tipsy, and so they had sex that night. That was the beginning. They started dating. Soon they got married. He couldn’t say he wasn’t happy. But there was also another thing. He was a real workaholic. He spent most of his time in front of the screen. He forgot all about his family. He didn’t pay attention to his wife at all.

Pam distracted him from his virtual life, she made his blood pulse in his veins. He was drawn to her that moment. He wanted to feel the sensations he hadn’t felt for so long. He forgot all about the computer.

-Yes, I do, – he repeated again.

He stood up to bring glasses. The bulge in his pants was really embarrassing. He saw Pam looking at it, she was smiling condescendingly. He was standing at her side, holding glasses in his hands. Pam poured some wine in the glasses and then moved the bottle up the bulge. A.J. moaned.

Alcohol paralyzed his brains, he forgot about everything in the world. He didn’t even feel her frisky hands pull off his pants, he remembered about her when he felt her warm lips on his stem. But it was too late to do something. He was seized by the desire. He yielded to the temptation and to his basic instinct. He was undoing her blouse. They were in bed in less than a minute. A huge orgasm made him lose his head, made him lose the sense of reality. When he regained it, he saw Alice.

“What to do? To go to her? To try to catch her? No… It’s too early now. She must be still very mad,” he thought sitting in the garden. “All right, bitches. Now it’s my turn to have fun….”

It was late, he decided to call his friend. He was going to go fishing with him on Saturday. Fishing was his favorite hobby. He was dreaming about that fishing, he wanted to catch some big fish. Last weekend when he went to his favorite fishing site he met a guy there, and he said he had almost caught a huge fish. A.J. wanted to try his luck as well.

-Hi, Nick, how are you pal? – He said sadly.

-So are we going or what?

-You see, I got a problem. Alice caught me with Pam. I mean she saw us making love. I don’t know what to do.

Nick was telling him something for a pretty long time. Then when he hung up the phone he said:

-All right, let’s do it this way…

He went to the office next day. He was very curious watching the two friends. They were really thrilled discussing something, but they seemed not to notice him. He could easily understand why they were so excited. But he was determined to do as his friend told him. When it was lunch time, he came up to Mary.

-Hi, – he said, – listen, my friend and I are going fishing this Saturday. Do you wanna go with us tomorrow morning?

She smiled happily. She’d been dreaming of such a chance for so long. She said yes.

-What about your husband? – A.J. asked, though he knew perfectly well that her husband was on a business trip and would be back in two weeks. Everyone in the office knew about it.

-Don’t worry about him. – She assured him, looking forward the fun. Her friend’s story was too exciting to miss such a chance to try something of the kind herself. She was dreaming of feeling his caress….

-Tomorrow morning, 8 o’clock. Meet you at the berth.

-Let’s take Pam with us…

-No, we can’t there’s only one vacant seat, unfortunately. Well, if you don’t want to…

-I’ll be there, – Mary said quickly.

The engine was roaring. The boat was crushing the waves. They were almost there. Mary was lying in the sun on board. She was wearing a small bikini of flesh color. It was 11 o’clock in the morning. There were just two of them in the boat. Nick couldn’t join them cause of some unexpected business trip. A.J. decided he would go fishing anyway, besides, there was Mary… he couldn’t let her down. It was good they were alone. They saw a stretch. There was a nice place for a picnic there. The place was great for fishing and for rest. And there were no people there. He stopped the boat.

-OK, here we are. – A.J. jumped off the boat and started to unload it. He took his stuff and went to another part of the stretch to fish.

-What to do now? – Mary asked him.

-Have fun…

-And then? – She asked coquettishly, smiling broadly.

-And then we’ll see… – He said and added, -Maybe we’ll have dinner. Maybe, if I catch something.

Mary was lying on the sand, giving the morning sun kiss freckles on her face. She wished it didn’t take him long fishing. She just couldn’t wait anymore.

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