Film II. Sequel!

December 1st, 2007

This guys finds out that his wife starred in a porn movie, he calls her mother and shares it with her, eventually it turns out that his mother in law is a perverted bitch, just like his wife.

This lewd relaxedness in our sex life wouldn’t last long without significant changes. Rita craved for more and more diversity in sex, new feelings and novelty. I, in my turn, more interested in her tryouts, adventures of a libertine and unchaste wife who wouldn’t miss a walking man without fucking with him. Of course, I never rejected opportunities to have a good fuck with any cute chick when it was possible. It was my right, husband’s right.

Gradually, and very strange for me, Rita became much stranger to me. It was unexpected because given the freedom I always gave her, she could inform me about her new adventures any time and even let me watch her. But things ran its course. She started leaving out of home for hours more often, she began to evade me by any pretence, and she was away from me more often. She stopped asking me to follow her and see wow well she would fuck some stud. She would even stay out for several nights.

Once I received a mail: there was a CD. It was quite unexpected for me as I didn’t order anything. I put it in my CD player and soon realized it was a porn movie inside. But the most interesting thing was that my fucking wife was staring in there! She was doing everything, all dirty thing and positions; it was a very hardcore gang bang. She was owned in all conceivable and available positions, in the end they spilled her face and tits with tons of cum and she swallowed and leaked it everything. At this moment, the door opened and somebody entered the house. I hardly managed to turn the CD off, as Rita’s mom came inside, she was gonna come to see us. Rita’s mom was about 42, but looked much younger, she was hot despite her ages and I seemed she was as horny as my wife in younger ages. Otherwise, how could I explain that Rita’s inclination for wanton dissoluteness than her heredity from mom? It was in her blood, and it might be in her mom’s blood too. Once found out her Rita’s was away, without asking me anymore she walked inside, turned the CD on and gazed on the screen. Wouldn’t say what her face turned to, but I was standing aside with dropped eyes, and could hear her breath faster. Ann, her name was Ann, became a bit nervous, she began shifting from one foot to the other, rubbing her forehead. I was confused. Then, as if coming to some decision, she turned her ass to me and began to raise her skirt up: there was no lingerie! I was standing mute still; my mother-in-law was showing her ass to me. What the fuck! She set her elbows on the chair before the Screen and stood like that for some time. Then, without turning to me, she whispered: What the hell are you waiting for? Come on! “I went crazy! This older whore was longing for fucking with her own son-in-law! Removing my pants unwittingly, still incapable to understand what was going on I pulled up to her from behind, pushing my erect meat to her ass, I looked down there and saw he juice leaking from her old cunt. I was surprised to have this bitch coming after my several frictions. Her ass was burning and moving in time with my thrusts, it felt so fucking good. Though I had fucked different women up to now, but I never imagined fucking my own mother-in-law! Ann was coming very vehemently, her love juice was pouring down my balls and her thighs, I sped up, and that caused her loud moans resound the whole house. She was asking me for more, she was begging for fucking her like a gone slut. Her juice was so affluent I wanted to drink it; I was not a pussy eater but could try it with my Rita’s mom. I pulled out that made her roar angrily because she wanted for more, got on my knees, put my tongue under her cunt and took up catching flowing drops with my tongue. This torrent never end, I started leaking her pussy like a hungry beast, I saw her nails clutched into the chair, in the long run she uttered: “I want you, I want you fuck me right now!” I did. When I was coming she joined me for the 4th time, with loud moan she kept on pressing her hot perineum to my shaft, which was shooting loads of cum all over. After that she get down her knees, and sucked on my cock very professionally; next she rose, adjusted herself, gave me a smile and went away. Without a word. Moans from movies attracted my attention – I looked there and saw a culmination: my wife was sitting on her knees in the middle of a room and 2 guys surrounded her jerking off. They approached their cocks to her face and wide open mouth and came one after one facials. Soon their cumshots covered my wife totally.

Having returned home after work at the next day, I heard loud moans form our bed room. Easily, I approached the door by stealth and slightly opened it. There I saw my wife twisting under 2 hot studs fucking her brains out.

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  1. Reno Says:

    Wow, i would not mind staring in porn! there are dozens of hot bitches who love fucking and receiving cumshots! They are always ready to do everything, and never refuse!

  2. ssss Says:


  3. Anonymous Says:

    i cena mit u now

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