European trip

April 16th, 2008

We all know that the hottest chicks are in Europe, the guy goes to Germany on a business trip and finds out…

I was 30 and single. As I was single I had a plenty of free time. I liked to go to gym, watch porn and leer at beautiful slender legs. I was an IT manager. So once my boss told me I was gonna go on a business trip to Germany.

I was happy to go there. I’d never been to Europe before. I was to go to Bonn for eight days. My friend called on me the day before the flight and said I was damn happy to go to Germany as German girls are really sexy. He said I had to use my chance and have fun with chicks, just like in German porn. I thought it was a great idea. I just loved German porn movies.

Anyways, I arrived in Bonn. I got to my hotel room. It was my day off and I only had to be in the office next day. I didn’t wanna waste my time sitting in the room. I went out for a walk. I couldn’t say I liked German girls.

I went to the office next day. Boss was an old grey German. After talking about business he said I could go and check their equipment. He added their best specialist would show me the way and generally show me around.

The “best specialist” turned out to be a fantastic blonde of about 30. Her huge boobs were pressing against the table. We went to the workshop. She stood up from her table and I saw her wear a very short skirt and dark stockings. Her legs were really slender and really beautiful. She was walking in front of me and I saw her buttocks sway from side to side… My dick was getting harder. We spent some time walking round the workshop, I just couldn’t stop looking at her gorgeous body and her plump lips.

We spent three days talking and walking. She showed me round their company, telling me about the technologies they used, about the know-hows they tried to introduce. All those three days I had to keep my hands in pockets for it to be not so noticeable that my dick was hard and ripping through.

I got used to spending all day long with her. I can even say she was like a friend to me. Once when we were in one of the workshops alone I patted her butt with a hand. She looked at me and said that work wasn’t the appropriate place for such actions (“Du musst das here nicht machen.” Something like this.)

I invited her to the hotel restaurant next day. I said it was a business meeting. She was wearing a red dress and red high heels. We were talking about work then some more about our personal life, our hobbies. She said wine made her dizzy so I offered her to go to my room to have some rest.

We got in the elevator. We were standing really close to each other. I just couldn’t remain indifferent. I started fondling her hip, raising her dress. Her skin was so soft! She started breathing heavy. When I got close to her pussy she started kissing me. I caressed her butt and got my fingers under her panties. Two fingers entered her slit, then I added another one, and another one. Four fingers in her snatch! She cried out, I started fucking her with my fingers. The doors flung opened and we went to my room.

I put her on the table and raised her dress. I pulled off her panties. She was swaying her hips, rubbing her pussy against my cock. I was just crazed by desire to fuck her. I threw off my pants and briefs and entered her asshole. She was moaning and crying while I was screwing her butt. She was turning me on!

After the first ejaculation she turned round and started sucking the dick. I came the second time. I came right in her mouth. She giggled and spread my sperm over her face saying:

“Sehr gut, Amerikaner.”

She took off her dress. I squeezed her boobs. We were kissing. She lay down on the table, spread her hips and asked me to lick her twat. I entered her at full length of my cock instead. I raised her feet on my shoulders and never stopped screwing her till I came for the third time. She climaxed too. She was crying so loud! I really thought some hotel staff would come and ask if we were ok.

I was exhausted. She went to the bathroom. She dressed up and left. I saw her in the office next morning. We behaved as if nothing had happened. I asked her out that night. She smiled and asked me to pick her up.

I took a car and arrived at her house. She was wearing a long black skirt with a long slit in the front. She had black stockings and a white blouse with a deep cleavage on. She suggested taking a drive round the town. We got in the park and I stopped the engine. We were sitting in the car, I was staring at her legs. She saw it and took my hand to put it between her hips.

I was fondling her pussy, it was turning her on. I started caressing her body, she giggled and pushed me away. She got out of the car and beckoned me to come up to her. She was standing leaning her back on the tree trunk. She raised her skirt slowly, swaying her hips from side to side in a very sexy way.

I was hot. She pushed on my shoulders and I got on my knees. Her twat was in front of my face. I sucked on her wet and hot vagina. It smelled so great. I was licking her passionately; I was thirsty for her juices. The girl was moaning and crying. She came on my face. Then she set her skirt right and got in the car.

We went to my hotel room. She got completely naked. She was walking in the room seducing me by her figure and her sexy movements. She kissed me, I squeezed her tits, my dick entered her gushing slit. We made love on the floor.

Then I entered her mouth standing on my knees above her. We had a shower together. Then we had some tea.

She was getting dressed standing in front of the mirror. One of the stockings fell on the floor. She bent down to pick it. Her butt looked so luring and inviting me inside. I started rubbing my cock against her cheeks. I entered her butt and started drilling it till I came.

I turned her round to kiss her melons. She was crying. I got to her crotch. She spread her hips and gave me full access to her sweet vagina. First I was licking her pussy and then she started sucking my cock, I was fucking her boobs. Semen was streaming on her face. But I was still hard and hot. I entered her pussy and came several more times that way. That was it.

I flew off back home next day. She was smiling nicely shaking my hand and saying good bye. I got on board thinking about my crazy business trip. Man, I had so much sex with her not thinking about protection, but anyway what’s done can’t be undone.

I got my hand in the pocket and found a note there reading: “Das war fantastish. Don’t worry I’m infertile. Gretchen.”

I’m 45 now, I’m married, and I lead a different life now. I’m lying on the couch typing it and thinking sex with Gretchen was the best in my life.

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