English lesson

July 11th, 2007

Svetlana wasn’t only the best student, she also was the sex goddess, and Andrew got a chance to find it out…

Svetlana was sure one of the prominent students in a financial college, she stood out against her group mates, she was sexy, intelligent and obsessed… I mean obsessed in a good way, she had a star-stripped dream. She wanted to continue her education in the United States. She was studying English like crazy, she was cramming books all days and all nights long. Wherever she was, riding in the subway, during the lectures, at home, in a café. She used every free minute she had to come closer to her dream. A new English teacher Andrew liked her for this, he broke up with his wife recently so this cute blonde was appealing to him sexually.
During the lesson his eyes would be set on her slender legs, her tight breasts showing from her blouse, she was a 19 year old goddess, he was swallowing hard when he saw the white triangle of her thong showing from her short skirt, that moment he pictured her fluffy pubis the teacher’s penis felt the pants were too tight for the size.
Andrew was waiting for the opportunity to become her consultant and get to know her better in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. And this happened when once after the class Svetlana came up to him and asked for his help. They started talking as if they were not a teacher and student but friends, Svetlana was happy and she suggested that he should become her private tutor as she felt she wasn’t getting enough of English at college.Andrew didn’t want to show he was very interested so he discussed the payment issues and then agreed. He was rejoicing, he made one step closer to her.
Svetlana lived in an elite apartment building near the subway. At the appointed hour Andrew stepped into the luxurious apartment of his student. She came to greet him wearing the black top and blew jeans shorts which were as short as they could possibly be. “No one’s going to disturb us today”, she smiled invitingly, “My parents went away to celebrate their friend’s birthday in the country”, “That’s good, now say that in English”.
They started talking in a relaxed and easy way as if they had been good friends. Andrew saw that she liked talking to him. Her blue eyes were burning with knowledge she was avidly listening to what he was saying. The teacher kept looking at her rounded thighs, her knees and of course at her cleavage.
After a while she offered him a drink and after a few cocktails he could notice the relaxedness in her body, her blue eyes were burning now with a desire of a young female. The third and the fourth cocktail entirely destroyed all her physiological barriers and complexes. Svetlana turned to him as if trying to swallow him with her eyes and asked playfully “Do you like me?”- “this doesn’t relate to our lesson” Andrew gave her sort of a mocking look. He was at the seventh heaven. His dream was turning into reality. “You have a stain there” –“ Where?”
He lightly touched her warm thigh as if trying to show her the stain that didn’t exist, he started rubbing the inner part of her thigh, she was waiting for him to continue. Svetlana leaned on his shoulders and moved her legs apart… His hand slid further, into her shorts, his forefinger was surfing her silk thong, feeling the moistened pussy. She was trembling with all her body, burning with desire.
Andrew found a tiny bean in her desiring pussy and started fondling it. Svetlana started breathing heavily and closed her eyes. His gentle manipulations with her clitoris gave her a pleasure she never felt before. Andrew got excited too, his mighty beast was begging to be released. The teacher unzipped her shorts and took them off together with her panties. She lay on the sofa and opened her legs, he saw a neat, silver pubis and a pink line of her vulva lips. In the middle of this red ribbon lay a beautiful rose leaking with its love juices. Andrew touched the rose with his tongue, it smelled pleasantly in its own way, he started to caress it skillfully. Svetlana started breathing more and more heavily, her body was arching like a snake. She was holding his hair with her hands. Her low moaning soon turned into loud screaming. She came vigorously, for the first time in her life, a sweet languor spread all over her body.
To thank him for the divine pleasure the girl kissed him with her lips which were as sweet and fresh as the cherry. The lovers were kissing passionately. He took off her top and started kissing her tight breasts which were so fresh, he was kissing them like an insatiable baby. Svetlana was melting, he took off his underpants. His mighty tiger was pulsating. Svetlana kneeled down and took his flesh in her tender palms. Her agile tongue started licking the head of his phallus trying to get into the foreskin. She was avidly sucking his dick, the teacher understood that she really enjoyed oral sex. She was working on his dick so passionately and skillfully.
Andrew again made her lie on the sofa, with her face to him, he took her slender thighs apart opening her like a book, he could see her hairy pussy breathing as if inviting him in. Andrew hardly put his dick into her moistened tight hole.
“What a wonderfully tight hole does this girl have!” – He thought to himself in amazement. The thick teacher’s stick was furiously attacking her girl’s tight tunnel. His dick was going in and out of her tight pussy, her natural lubricant, her tight tunnel were pleasantly holding and massaging his dick. We changed the position, she stood on her knees and lay on the sofa with her breast, I could see her tempting bottom looking at me. I could see two sweet holes now, one of them not visited before, her ass, first Andrew thrust his penis in her hot pussy and started torturing her really hard. That was fascinating! Her fluffy hairs were tickling his balls.
In twenty minutes Andrew felt that it was no use prolonging the orgasm, it was inevitable, his orgasm was knocking on the doors of her cozy hole, Andrew warned Svetlana that he was cumming soon.
“Not in me” , The girl shouted, – “I won’t be able to go to the States in this case!”
“Then you have to wait a bit, my sweet girl”, he said gently and took the oil from the table. Andrew lubricated his phallus and her anus well. He lubricated his forefinger and put it deep inside her anus. He started to prepare her anal hole for a meeting with his mighty tiger. Soon he already had two fingers inside, and then at last there came the turn of his dick. The red, leaking head of his dick easily penetrated her anus and disappeared in there, in a few minutes he was easily moving in and out of her tight, brown hole. Fucking her ass he started fondling her clitoris with his finger, she was breathing heavily. His mighty beast was furious inside her. At last Andrew’s gun started shooting inside the girl’s tight anus, Andrew was groaning with pleasure! His dick was pulsating and shivering, it was squeezed tightly in Svetlana’s hole. Andrew’s white moisture was going deeper and deeper into the depth of the girl’s anus. Svetlana startled for a moment as if petrified, then shuddered with her body and came, she lay on the sofa not moving, feeling great relaxation and weakness.
In half an hour their sex education was continued.

… Svetlana turned out to be a diligent student, especially she did well in English. She soon received a scholarship from one of the Funds that covered her tuition fees to study in the United States.
After that Andrew never saw Svetlana again. For sometime they were emailing each other, but when the girl got an American boyfriend, their email exchange stopped.

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