November 28th, 2008

The class goes camping and spends a night in nature, the students get drunk and one of them mixes up the tent and starts advancing the teacher…

Helga woke up because someone was fucking her… fucking her ass… no, just pussy… but from behind. “It must be a dream, – she thought. – No, it seems real…” First of all someone’s small but hard penis was too real and it was moving forward and back in her vagina… But the most interesting thing was that she liked that! Yeah, yeah..! More..! She felt it was consuming her… OH!!! Oh, God!!! Oh! Helga moaned when strong climax shattered her. And suddenly the man behind her stopped… He was frightened… “Come on!” she almost shouted at him. He entered her again and after a few thrusts he started shooting his semen into her… She felt him coming… however; it didn’t last for long…

Actually the fact she enjoyed the coitus was strange. Helga had only one partner in her life, his name was Rob. His cock was much bigger than the one she had now but unfortunately all the fucking they had had together was terrible.

Rob visited her once a month. He came to the city, bought candies, flowers and champagne. They drank a couple of glasses each and then the man solicited to her trying to kiss and embrace her. Finally they both went to the bedroom where Helga pulled off her jeans and panties, lay on her back and spread legs. Rob would get undressed, lean all his weight on her and put his cock into her with no sexual games. Everything was usually done in silence. He moved forth and back and about ten minutes later he came shooting all his cum inside her. When all that was over he would kiss her and go back to the living room to finish the drink. Helga went to the bathroom, poured his sperm into the toilet feeling only disgust and nothing more, got dressed and returned to the living room. This was the reason why she didn’t believe in those Hollywood stars’ moans during sex. She didn’t feel any pain but it was not pleasant either.

Today everything was different. This sweet sensation nearly drove her mad… She had forgotten that she was a college teacher and now she and her students were camping in the wood. Their P.E. teacher was sleeping in the next tent. Stop!!! Was that he? She turned back to her partner who was frightened a lot and trying to express his apology by mumbling something incoherent. He hadn’t expected to find her in this tent. It was Tracy he’d been looking for, it was a mistake… At that moment Helga realized that one of her students had drilled into her now… while she was sleeping… But, instead of feeling indignant she was thankful to him for the climax she had had… and she wanted more! She wanted to try something else! The fact she had been rammed by a guy who was about 18 years old, 10 years younger than she, made the situation more piquant…

Helga decided to use him seeing he was embarrassed and afraid of circumstances. She took his limp cock into her hand and wrapped it with her lips. It was strange but she wanted to feel it erect. She liked it, it smelled well… She took it into her mouth and started sucking like a candy. The guy probably thought she was going to bite his penis off but when he realized what was happening he was shocked and by intuition lay on his back…

Meantime Helga felt the cock was becoming rigid! And she liked that again. She intensifies the sucking. At last it was as hard as a rock. Helga made an attempt to direct it into her throat. She felt sick but it was somehow sweet and passionate. She recalled her recent orgasm and wanted even more! She turned to the boy and then lowered herself on his phallus. She seemed to be on the verge of coming only from that! Cool! She started moving, moving fast…

When she felt he was near his climax she decided to try one more thing… She sat on his cock with her ass. It was easy to do as the penis was very wet with her juices… And here he burst out… He had little semen and the orgasm wasn’t as bright as the first one…
Helga was not satisfied! She turned to him again, released his flaccid cock and sat on his chest. She looked at his frightened face and said lustily:

- Andrew, I think you don’t want to go to jail for raping me?

- No… I thought it was Tracy! Please, forgive me… I…

- Then eat me until I stop you!

Saying that Helga lay on her back and parted legs. By the way, Andrew was one of the shyest guys in the class. He began licking his teacher’s cunt obediently… At first she was just moaning but then she took his head into her hands and started pressing him to her. Poor boy’s face was covered in Helga’s discharge.

Today Andrew had drunk a few beers that students had hid from teachers and then went for a walk with his classmate, Tracy. The girl had had something too as she acted too freely, kissing Andrew non-stop. Then she giggled and whispered into his ear “I’m waiting for you in the tent” and left. Andrew followed her but probably mixed up the tents. He saw the girl was lying on her side with her ass stuck out. It looked rather inviting… He pulled her panties off, lay on his side and thrust his cock inside. It was warm and pleasant… He started moving… Five minutes later his teacher woke up…

Meanwhile Helga was almost pushing Andrew’s head inside her huge twat. At a certain moment she had strong orgasm and some liquid splashed at the guy’s face.

- You may go. Don’t tell anybody! Otherwise you’ll go to prison… – She said and fell asleep again.

When Helga woke up the next morning she had an idea. Of course she could tell the police about what had happened but she would have to change her job and place of living. Moreover she remembered the pleasure she had experienced last night and decided to use the man again.

When all the students were at their places in the bus they set off for the city. No one seemed to know anything… Everybody felt tired but happy, except for Andrew who was looking into the window thoughtfully…

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  1. cougar 307 Says:

    dont be shy hit again and again and again.Dont cry, be happy

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