May 29th, 2008

Being a bar-tender is very rewarding, you get to meet lots of sexy chicks, they get drunk and some of them get really frisky and nasty…

We extend our thanks to the author ANDREW.

Hi, I am Nick and here is my story. Actually I’ve got many stories to tell as I work as a bar-tender and this job gives me rather interesting opportunities in terms of meeting new, sexy chicks. Everyday I see drunk faces, people come to me to share their problems and drown the sorrow in the glass of martini or something stronger.

When people get drunk they really change, they don’t behave the way they are used to behaving in their daily lives and you can see them do things you’d never think they could do. So, once on Monday night I came to my shift. To tell you the truth working mondies is a but boring cause there are absolutely no clients. All the clients come on weekends or closer to weekends, but Monday is the day when people go to work and start a new week. It was about 12 p.m. and the bar was empty. I already wanted to turn on the TV when I notices a sexy chick walk in the bar. I’ve noticed that she was already quite loaded and when she came up to me, the first thing I heard was:

“Martini, dry and make it two shots in one”, she said in a sweet voice.

I gave her an appraising look and noticed that she had a rather sexy body. She was wearing a short skirt that revealed her long sexy legs, her pink top was opening her sexy breasts and I felt like I was getting hardon.

I poured her a glass of martini and she downed it in one shot.

“Wow, are you in a hurry, young lady”, I asked?

“My boyfriend dumped me!”, she said in an angry voice. “And that’s only because I slept with his friend once, is that the fucking reason to break up?”

“Well, I would not even dare to dump such a sexy girl like you are”, I said keeping the boll rolling.

“Well, you are rather cute”, she said and started climbing the bar counter, when she sat on it, she spread her legs wide and I saw that she was wearing absolutely no panties.

I looked around and saw that there was no one in the bar, I glanced at the clock hanging on the wall, it was night already and it seemed like no one was going to come and break our peace. When I looked at her pussy all the thoughts ran out of my head, it was so yummy and sweet, so wet and juicy, I couldn’t hold myself from touching it. I ran my fingers over it and heard the girl moan, she lay on the bar counter and spread her legs even wider, I positioned myself near her pussy and started licking it, my tongue was exploring all of it and when I started tongue fucking, her moans turned into lustful screams, I wasn’t stopping for a second and when I got enough of her love juices, I took my tongue out of her pussy and moved it up, locating her magic button.

Her clit was red and swollen and it demanded satisfaction, when I touched it with my tongue the babe arched her back and moaned and her moan encouraged me to continue. I started making circled with my tongue in the immediate vicinity of her clit, making her moan louder and louder, when I felt that she was on the verge of cumming I stuck my finger into her pussy, trying to locate her g-spot. I started rubbing the upper walls of her vagina with my forefinger while my tongue was dancing on her clit, taking the babes far away on the waves of the intense orgasm. In a few seconds I felt her pussy lips shrinking and contracting on my tongue, informing me of an orgasm that she was having. Wanting to intensify her pleasure I pressed as hard as I could on the upper walls of her vagina and made my tongue work even faster. Bingo!!! I finally located her g-spot, it felt like a tiny, solid bean inside her vagina, I pressed and rubbed it and the stream of cum flushed out of her pussy flooding my face and my mouth with her love juices.

When the babe’s orgasm was over, she took off my pants and out jumped my cock, that was as hard as stone. My dickhead was all covered with precum and the babe started licking it off avidly, I was so aroused that as soon as she licked my dickhead clean, more precum would appear on it. After a short foreplay, she took my dick deep into her mouth and started sucking it really greedily. I was on the verge, I raised my head up and looked at the ceiling in the bar, the feeling was great, the babe was now licking my balls. I reached for the bottle of Tequila and took a dip sip. I was really enjoying myself.

“Now, my pussy wants to feel your soldier inside”, she said and laughed.

I lay on the bar counter and the babe started impaling herself on my dick, slowly but surely, inch by inch, she was fully inside me. Her pussy was wet and tight and there was nothing my dick wanted more! She started riding my cock, speeding up the pace. She was great at the top position and I really loved the way she was fucking me. I was just lying and relaxing letting her do whatever she wanted to do with my dick. She was riding it non-stop for about five minutes, when my orgasm was closer, I moaned “I’m gonna cum now!”, “Cum inside me, flood my pussy”, she said and the spurts of sperm started shooting inside her vagina like a tommy gun. Her pussy felt so tight on my cock and the orgasm was superb. When she felt that she drained my balls, she got off my dick and crawled towards my face, I was lying on the bar counter and she was on top of me, her pussy was in front of my mouth, it was wide from my dick and suddenly I felt the white drops of my semen landing on my face and my lips. I opened my mouth and tasted it, it tasted a bit strange, my own sperm, mixed with her love juice. When there were no more drops coming out of her pussy she leaned over and took my dick into her mouth, she licked it clean and got down from the bar counter.

“So, cowboy, how did you like it?”, She asked in a frisky voice.

“I sure liked it”, I said and thought that this was one of the best sex experiences in my life.

I glanced at the watch, my shift was going to be over in thirty minutes. The bar was still empty.

“Why don’t we go to my place in an hour, when my shift is over?”, I asked her.

“As you wish, cowboy”, she said and smiled.

In an hour I took her to my place and fucked her again and again. Being a bar-tender is definitely very rewarding.

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4 Responses to “Bar-Tender”

  1. Bart Says:

    Cool man! I wish I was a bar-tender too!

  2. Erarcetearo Says:

    What is bumburbia?

  3. gorgeous pussy Says:

    Ooh I want to be that gurl I want u 2 eat my pussy bar tender cutie

  4. uncle d Says:

    i love it

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