Arabella’s adventure!

December 1st, 2008

This chick really loves fucking and she can get laid with a guy she sees for the first time in her life, she doesn’t even care if it’s two guys…

Arabella was walking down the street to the bus station. She was deep in thoughts. Her hot and sexy body, her sexual and enticing curves were a real appeal for any guy passing by. She was dressed in a white top and shirt denim mini skirt, which was fitting her tight round ass so sexily, that it seemed like this girl had a really perfect ass! When it slightly rode up her nice slim legs revealed, driving all men wild. She stood out against other chicks for being able to wiggle her hips in a way that drove men crazy. She never passed up any chance to get laid with guys. She was not a slut, but she was really fine with having sex. The men knew it and wanted her as well. When she got on the bus, the men inside turned their heads to her all at once. She smiled having noticed their close and piercing looks. One guy was watching her with burning eyes: moreover she didn’t mind if he gripped her ass and fondle with her pussy. Actually she was on her way to the office from her friend’s house. His name was Bruice, he was married and his wife was out at the moment when they had some fun. She did it well with Bruice’s cock and was rewarded with a fluent shot of his cum! Now she recalled this funny and very horny episode and it made her get excited again. She took a seat having arched her back and spreading legs a bit. Arabella’s panties exhaled a sweet aroma of love juice. “I wish he was not in a hurry to his work” she thought. If only Bruice didn’t rush to his job, just at the time she was about to explode, she would have enjoyed his cock right in the hole. She pressed her handbag to the belly down there in order to knead it as she always did earlier when being alone.

Arabella couldn’t wait to get to the work as soon as possible, there she could lock herself up in lavatory and have some pleasure. Her panties were totally wet. She hardly managed to get over of her nasty thoughts and looked around. There was a guy of 22 – 25, he was well-built, black haired, hairy chest and slim-hipped. He had a sun tanned body and blue eyes. His eyes fixed onto her legs and his eyes flashed. She trembled slightly and was ready to put out to him right here, into the bus. She pretended to cover her legs with the handbag, however opened them wider instead. Now the stranger could see the color of her underwear. She was giving him a soulful look, but he just smiled ironically. His smile made her pussy leak, now she was not playing the coy girl, she was longing for sex, and that was pressing desire. When he was getting off the bus at the next station, he suddenly caught her hand and carried Arabella with himself.

“Follow me, girl!” he said in a imperious tone

She didn’t resist and just obeyed. He led her into some building. Arabella couldn’t resist and didn’t understand what was going on. It was like a nightmare she was not able to get over. She was pondering of what size his cock was.

Here they stepped into some old building with several apartments on each floor, and then made their way to some room where there were a lot of people inside. They were talking some things she couldn’t comprehend, greeting her new friend and followed them with their eyes. She was ashamed for being there. There were also some sexy babes, looking at them enviously. At last they came in some office: he took up undoing her dress without any words. He put his hand down her pussy, she felt a wave of enjoyment and spread her legs involuntary. He tore down her dress, turned her around and placed his cock in her pussy. Her dripping pussy was all wet and hot, so his cock slipped inside easily. She stood still and didn’t move, and then slowly started moving her ass in time with his thrusts. Her ass was plopping against his belly shamelessly. She was standing with open mouth and extruded tongue, here eyes were half-opened thought she couldn’t distinct contours of things. Suddenly she felt someone staring her, thought he didn’t decrease the speed: she opened her eyes wide and started: there was another guy aside, watching them and unzipping his fly. This stranger took out his cock and began jacking off furiously. “What a big dick!” – Arabella thought. He was so close that she could see veins, pulsing along his cock. She couldn’t stand and reached out her face to him. Following the call of the passion she opened her mouth and squeezed his rod with lips. Thus she turned to be impaled on 2 big dicks from both sides. The first man’s thrusts came to be furious and rapid; he seemed to be excited with the scene a lot. They both used her body to please themselves.

There 2 hot and massive cocks were banging Arabella as it was the last day of her life and she would never have sex again. She was totally done and so cock hungry: she couldn’t stop and wanted for more. The first one fucked her pussy with force and vehemence whereas his companion was impaling her mouth on his dick. His balls were crashing against her chin, a series of orgasms waved her, and she was shivering with delight. Both guys kept on banging Arabella as if never get tired. Soon one by one they began cumming into her: her legs gave way: her mouth and pussy filled with hot clammy cum! She might become pregnant, this thought horrified her for a second, but she let it go. She had never had such tumultuous orgasms before; it was like earthquake alive, like Vesuvius eruption.

They gave Arabella some time to get over of what she just had: slapped her ass and turned her out to the hall. She led her way to the entrance, followed by lusty and derisive eyes of presents. She didn’t have it altogether at the moment, as if she had no brain in her brain, slow to grasp. Outdoors she felt a trickle of the hot cum leaking down her thighs. She didn’t care of what other people or any passersby could think of her; it’s only now she felt something gripped in her hand. She opened her palm and found a tiny sheet of paper where was: “Call me when ready to have it again” and his phone number.

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