All my dreams come true. Part -2

December 23rd, 2007

The vacation has just started and now this woman wants to make her most desired dream come true, she wants to try a gangbang with three men involved, read and enjoy!

I felt her breath on my face and we started kissing. We were happy, we smiled, and whispered all kinds of sweet words the meaning of which is obvious. But soon she began to bustle. She dressed, gave me a kiss and run away back to her work duties.

I lied there on the bed all naked, happy, and full of bliss and warmth of her endearment. I decide not to go out that night and spent the whole evening in the hotel. I ordered champagne, my favorite – Crystal and a plate of cheese and fruits. I had to rest for the next day. It was going to be full of mystery and new sensations…

The sun shines incredibly warm in July and the longer you are in the water is better. The sea was so refreshing. I leisurely swam next to the beach and was checking out the public.

Bright bikini strings on girls looked like so much fun, and most of them were topless. And of course there were many good looking built-up guys. But among those hotties I couldn’t find what I was looking for since I got here.

I needed three cool single guys. But I didn’t see anyone like that and my hopes went down.

As I got and walked towards my stuff. Wow, there were three guys that just arrived to the beach. They were loud and playing around like showing off to get attention. There were no girls around them but they were hoping for some and started checking out the cute babes. There were many among the tourists.

I thought “Now or never!” and decided to go up to those guys. It was difficult but I did that. I just had to pretend I fell and hurt my leg…

This tall Italian guy caught me when I was just about to fall. I’m such a good actress! My topless breast was in his hand and his other hand was around my waist.

- “Are you feeling bad?” he asked me in English with such a sweet accent. I understood they were Italians.

- “Oh, no but my leg…I don’t think I can walk…”

I honestly lied to them. They looked much hotter close up and I decided to definitely get all three of them. Their dicks were sticking out in the briefs they were wearing and I felt I was getting horny.

- “Could you please take me to my hotel?”

I don’t think my savior understood much English and he didn’t understand me. I said:

- “Please, help me.”

Those three words are known everywhere in the world.

Paulo replied me something in Italian and picked me up asking me to show him the way. I pointed my finger on my breasts and smiled saying I am still topless. He laughed and put me back on the ground so that I dress. I was such a bitch for doing that to him. A started acting again and pretended as if he hurt me. I screamed and sat down on the sand. Paulo’s friends started yelling something in their language probably telling him to be careful with such an amazing lady like me.

They were so nice, especially Ricardo who helped me to put on my top. This time I put my arms around Ricardo and he picked me up. Paulo was walking behind us. And the third one, his name was Marcello, first said he would wait for them on the beach but than decided to follow us he didn’t want to be there on his own.

Ricardo got red and sweaty but carried me all the way to my suit. He carried me until my bed! I invited the other to come in as well. I showed them the bar and asked for some soda and ice. Surely I offered them a drink and they got some rum. Paulo mixed it with some juice and got four of us some nice cocktails.

I was lying on the bad and was checking out the guys. Ricardo had the best look, Paulo was the biggest and the third Italian had the cutest face and the best sense of humor.

Paulo looked kind of disappointed, may be because I let Ricardo carry me all the way to the hotel and Paulo was the first one who gave me his attention. He was a bit jealous!

I know how to fix those kind of issues with men so I asked him to massage my fit a bit. He brought my lotion and started robbing my gorgeous leg in his strong yet tender hands. He massaged it so well it started turning me on. Ricardo was not a shy guy so he took my other leg and started slowly moving his fingers on my skin. I told Marcello:

- “You are not alone! Come to us…”

He smiled and massaged my neck. I felt myself a queen! I felt guys getting turned on. My see-through top didn’t hide much and my delicious nipples were sticking out. My tiny bikinis were covering me symbolically and Ricardo’s hand went further up. He played around my thighs, than asked Marcello to take off my top. Marcello wasn’t as shy as he seemed to be and started grabbing my tits. That made Paulo’s dick so hard that I felt it against my ankle. He pulled off my bikini and my pussy was finally open for them!

Italians started talking enthusiastically and carefully touched my pussy-lips…I got an orgasm from such passion…it felt like there was nothing else in the world.

When I opened my eyes Marcello and Paulo were naked. Ricardo was still dressed because he was between my legs licking my pussy. I sat down on the bed and put my hands on his huge shoulders. I pulled him towards myself and took off his briefs.

Three amazing studs were right in front of my face. It is true what people say about Italians the do have big ones! I touched their dicks one by one…those hard guns and pink dick-heads. They have to be proud of their objects of male pride.

I took one and kissed it…I slowly took out my tongue and moved it back and force. Marcello started moaning. His dick got harder and I moved to the next one.

I licked the second stud and sensually moved down to the balls to lick them too.

The last dick was Ricardo’s. I took it all the way down like in the “Deep Throat”. He loved it! The rest loved the show and in a short time just as I was about to take it out form my sweetest mouth he came all over my mouth. His sperm was so tasty…I had to swallow it all till the last drop.

I sucked out the other two as well and guys were chilling after such orgasms I gave them. I was so happy! Tasty salty sperm was on my lips, my chicks and I didn’t want to clean it up. I enjoyed it…

Guys said it was very sexy how I wipe it off with a finger and suck the last drop as if I was a cook trying the sauce.

That day I had to get all the things I’ve been dreaming about! Paulo was licking and kissing my sweet pussy and his hands were grabbing and feeling my ass. Ricardo was kissing my breast, my cleavage, my belly-button. Marcello, the third one, had the perfect dick for blow jobs. His was not too wide, not too long just the right size to fill my mouth. He was shagging me in my lips.

I sucked on him and licked it like a lolly-pop. I put it on a side or deep in the throat. I didn’t want him to cum too fast and I asked Ricardo to switch places with him. My loly-pop became a bit bigger and I had to challenge my skills.

Paulo felt so good fingering my pussy and working his tongue in my anus. He gently made me relax to extend that it was easily going in and out. Paulo shoved his gun inside my ass as I expected and it felt so right.

It was the most fascinating orgasm I’ve ever had in my life. Paulo said something and came out from my butt that made me feel like I was flying… Guys turned me around and I sat on top of Ricardo. He started shagging me so nice and again! I felt another dick going inside my ass. That was Marcello. They moved their dicks inside me very slow so that I get used to it and started raising the speed as I got juicy wet.

I felt like seventh heaven! But I needed one more inside my mouth! Paulo came running out from the bathroom and his dick smelled fresh and clean. What a good boy he cleaned up himself!

His shining penis went inside my mouth. I easily swallowed it. He started moving it in and out faster and faster. He grabbed my neck and fucked me out in a mouth.

That was a fuckin kef! I felt myself complete, absolute! I felt all of me was a big vagina…all of my holes were filled with dicks. What a bliss! The world has changed for me. I flew high up till the clouds just to fall back on the ground…

When I opened my eyes I was the only one in the room. I felt broken and dehydrated as if I was a squeezed lemon. It was difficult to move. I didn’t care much about anything and anyone. It was just me. I licked my lips and felt the taste of dry sperm.
I put my hands on my pussy and ass and felt so much cum everywhere. It was all over me…my body was filled with it. The thought of this fact turned me on like a fire. I started thinking I’m such a whore and I masturbated and had a beautiful gentle orgasm.

I woke up few hours later. It was beautiful. My suit was in flowers. They were on the table, on the floor, on the window, and the bed of roses. How did I not notice anyone doing all of this beauty? I slept like dead!

I was so happy I wanted to sing! I went to take a shower and as I opened the door to the guest room I saw my Italian mafia lying on the floor, couch, and armchair. Wow! What a miracle!

Ricardo was the one in the armchair and his dick was there saying hi to me. I went down on my knees and started licking his balls. Ricky started getting hard and thought he was wet-dreaming. He was talking to someone in his dream in Italian and that made me squirt. I fingered my clitoris so fast it made a good splash!

He started opening his eyes and I started jerking him off. I wanted to see his milkshake!

Suddenly someone entered me from the back! I told my Italian friends I want to feel all of their sperm in my vagina.

They put me on the back right there on the floor and Ricardo fucked me out. The second one was Marcello. He did me so hard and fast I had few orgasms. And the last but not the least one was Paulo who just woke up. His dick got so hard from watching the shag and he rushed to stick his stud inside my juicy vagina. He fucked me and was looking at his dick. When he would pull it out a bit it was covered in his friends’ sperm! That turned him on I guess and he ejaculated his huge portion of milk inside my dirty crotch.

I got up and held my hand on my pussy so that the milkshake doesn’t start dropping before I wanted it to and licked out the rest of the sperm on his amazing dick!

When I finished up cleaning his dick I stood up and took my hand away…I wanted to feel that precious hot sperm going down my thighs and I fell in love with this feeling.

Guys looked at me with admiration when I rubbed the juices on my skin. They applauded me: “Bravissimo!”

I turned around and round for them to see my body and they started to get horny again. But for me it was too much and I giggled and ran away to the bathroom. I took a shower and all the towels smelled like men…

I went to the bar and got myself a glass of orange juice. I went back to the guest room to see what was going on. I heard someone coming in the room. Who could that be?

Sofia came by to see me again and opened the door with a chambermaid’s key. She was shocked to see three naked guys with their dicks sticking out in my suit. She was shocked but found the best way out from this stupid situation. She told them she can’t leave her mistress on her own with those studs and dropped down her dress. She was there in front of them just in her stockings and G-strings.

She got on her knees and took Marcello’s dick in her mouth. She was giving him a fast but a gentle head. Ricardo and Paulo were touching her petite breasts, her sweetest round ass, and were playing with her hot tempting pussy.

I said:

-“Well, I see there is no beach in our plans today!”

I finished my orange juice and lied on my back just in between Sofia’s legs. Her rose leafs were right in front of my face… I put my lips on her pussy and I felt that drunk excitation I had the day before when I first felt the taste of a woman…

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4 Responses to “All my dreams come true. Part -2”

  1. Smith Says:

    Omg!! these guys are really hot if they post such dirty stories on web! !!! lol love that gallery up there as well I like this story featuring hardcore content!

  2. Lolo Says:

    aww, haha that is so cute :)
    i love this story, this woman who decided to have gang bang with stormy men is worth paying attention!

  3. Bella Says:

    you need to shut down this website. life isnt about sex. its about love and relationships and friendships. you need a good guy who doesnt just love you for your sex skills. you guys arent worth our time or mone. you people are sick and freaks who you men and women. SHUT IT DOWN!!!!!!!!

  4. Random-Guy Says:

    None of these stories are real….im surprised people think they are

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