African Heat

January 12th, 2009

This guy is on contract in the tropics and he’s got no woman nearby, he can always get a sexy, black chick to jerk his cock and that will be the best handjob ever…

We extend our thanks to the author Carl T.

It was about 10 pm and we were stuck in an ungodly traffic holdup. It took more than 3 hours to fix the pipe and the site was 30km away in the bush. Leaving there at 7pm I thought we will be back at base at the latest at 10pm. Now it is ten and I am still 20 km away stuck in a go-slow with rain pelting down. I told the driver that he must check for a joint where we could go and have something to eat and drink while we wait for the traffic to clear. On top of it I needed to shit. I must have gotten a tummy bug again. This was the third time today that I could feel my guts is going to explode. Being the only white guy around for at least 50km radius you just do not get out and squat next to the road and definitely not in a go slow. Your white ass will shine like a light house on a moonless night. So if you get a place to drink and eat you are halfway to getting a friendly shithole somewhere.

The driver opened the window and shouted something to some on in the local lingo. Someone came to the car indicating that there is a bar ( this is actually just a local joint we call bush-bar nothing western here) He told me to follow him quickly and I dashed in the rain and between cars after him. We entered a shabby building with dim lights and he showed me a table. There were quite a lot of people and they seemed friendly enough. One guy greeted me and I realized after a short chat that we are destined to be here for some time. A fuel tanker overturned and caught fire. This caused the go slow and clearing up a mess like that in this neck of the woods takes forever.

I was just finishing the first beer when my guts reminded me of a sure explosion of the wet and smelly kind if I do not attend it now. I mentioned to the guy my problem. The woman that was sitting with him overheard and told me to follow her. She led me through a back door and spoke to another girl. Follow her she said. The girl took me upstairs on a flight of stairs that will make the hardiest of HSE men shit themselves. We entered what I now know was her room. It was basic but clean. There was a wash-up area behind a curtain and she put the light on indicating that I should go in there. It was in this light that I realized that this is yet another stunning woman. Tall slim with an ass that should be worshipped or cock whipped.

Now my dear I said, this is not going to be nice and I want you to leave me alone for a while so that I am not embarrassed by the stink. Ok she said, just go in use the bucket and cover it. There is water so you can wash. Someone will remove it later (no flushing toilets here). She turned to leave and I went in behind the curtain. No detail here except to say that it was worst that any chemical spill you will ever witness.

I removed my clothes to wash up. I just poured the first scoop when she came through the curtain. She just stared at my cock (I am blessed with a good thick seven incher). I could feel my cock responding to her look. I said, first white cock you have seen? True, she replied and said, my sister said whites’ cocks are small. Well my dear if this thing is small then I want to know what is big. She laughed at this and took my cock in her hand with a kind of curiosity. Fondling it, stroking, lifting it and basically doing an inspection that was sort of the nice kind of inspection. I was rock hard by now. Something told me that trying to turn her curiosity in to a fuck is not going to work, so I just enjoyed the moment and watched her while she kept on playing with cock. I felt my cum arriving and decided to let go. She must have felt my cock hardening at that point as she milked it a little bit faster; my first load shot right past her and landed in a neat line all the way to the curtain. She giggled as my second load hit her leg just above her foot. The third one when straight up as she was jerking my cock up and down and we both burst out laughing as it hit her shoulder. The rest of my load just poured out over her hand. She grabbed a cloth cleaning up all the come from her trouser and shoulder. She then wiped the floor and rinsed the rest of. She took some water washing my cock gently.

We left and went down stairs to the bar. You want a beer I said as she was whispering in the woman’s ear that took me to her at first. The lady’s eyes looked down to my crotch making me realized what she was told. She gave a look that told me that this was going to be one of the better go slows I got stuck in….

To be continued

Carl T. promised to write the continuation of the story, and I am sure you want to know what is going to happen next. Leave your comments and encourage the author to write more…

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