African Heat. Part 2

January 13th, 2009

We’ve got the second part of the story “African Heat” from our valuable author Carl T. I must tell you that the second will really make your cock as hard as never before, read and enjoy. The guy is all alone in Africa, but there are lots of black chicks who are willing to taste a white cock and this is going to make his stay more exciting and interesting…

So you girls want a drink I asked while she was still staring at my dick. I asked what their names were Tina is the one that gave me the hj and her friend is Lizzy. Sure was the answer and I want us to party tonight Lizzy said putting her arm around me pressing her tits in my back. One of the guys that was sitting nearby was eyeing me with a strange look…get that a lot, I think they are jealous because of the attention foreigners get, (dollars makes the difference). I ordered him a beer as well just to break the ice. Lizzy then sat down next to me and whispered in my ear that Tina said I have good meat on me. She squeezed my cock through the jeans and I started to get hard again. Ok I said but I had no where to put it, Tina heard and giggled and said you lie you put it in my hand…fucking right I did…

It was still raining and the bush bar was filled to capacity. I then noticed another white guy standing around with a beer with a girl chatting him up. I asked Lizzy if she knows them. Just the girl she replied. I motioned to the guy to join us and so they did. Can’t remember what the girls name was but she was equally pretty. The guy Gary brought a round and mentioned that he is also stuck due to the go-slow. He was squeezing the girl’s butt. By now she was also filled in on my man meat size and what happened and I became a bit of a curiosity item around the table. The beers were flowing freely and fast and the discussion was now firmly about who was going to fuck first, where and with whom.

I was getting ideas that an orgy will go down well and that will be a first for me in this country and mentioned to Gary. Great he said but where are we going to shag them. I mentioned Tina’s room was nice and clean except for the fucked up stairs. Lizzy heard some of this and said we can all go to her place, there is more space. I noticed then that Gary was getting a HJ right there under the table from his girl. I laughed and winked and he just smiled. Don’t shoot your load on my trouser bro I said to him. I said then to Lizzy why don’t we all get a couple of drinks and some of the local meat sticks and go to her room. That done we all went to her place. It was bigger than Tina’s and there were chairs and a lounge suite.

We were all high now and there was an air of expectancy. Lizzy was slightly shorter than Tina and she had bigger fuller tits. She was wearing very tight jeans and I guessed correctly that she had no panties on. Tina was also in Jeans with a loose fitting top and I could see her small tits and hard big nipples pressing against it. Lizzy put on a CD player playing some local pop music. The girls were now all dancing. Gyrating hips and bouncing ass everywhere. Lizzy took her top off and shaking her tits in my face. She got on the couch standing over me pushing her cunt in my face. I noticed that she was wet through her jeans. Tina joined her and started to take of Tizzy’s jeans. Lizzy sat down and Tina pulled her jeans of completely. Gary was staring at us and getting a BJ from his girl. I could not see his cock as he was with her back to us covering him up. Lizzy was getting a handy from Tina and I could see Tina’s hand was very wet with cunt juice. I pulled Tina closer and helped her out of her jeans as well. They then removed mine and set about my cock. Lizzy was fucking crazy over it. I thought she was going to tear it off. She kept on saying shit man o, shit man over and over again. Tina and I were both working her cunt with our hands. I had Tina’s cunt in my other hand as well. O fuck I am releasing said Lizzy (release: common slang for locals saying I am cumming). She came I think twice very quickly. (One thing I need to mention here they just love to cum and easily so, they are very sex orientated and once they are on the go there is no stopping). I heard Gary groan and looking up saw his cock blowing a huge wad of cum on his girls chin and tits. She rubbed his cum all over her tits till it was all gone. I very nearly blew my load then with all the sucking and handling it was getting. I pinched the head hard to stop me from cumming and turned Lizzy around so that I can fuck her doggy style. I spread her ass cheeks and pushed my cock in to her swollen wet cunt. I held her tight so that I could gain control from cumming immediately. Tina got the other girl now on the couch and they were watching from below as I was starting to pound Lizzy’s cunt. Fuck it was so wet I slipped out twice. I realized that every time I entered her it nearly made her come. I got myself in a better position and started to fuck her with my cock leaving her completely and then re-entering all the way. Medium fast strokes for about five minutes and then she started to cum. I had to hold on with all my might as she was shaking and bouncing her ass at the speed of light whimpering release, release over and over again. She collapsed forward and I slip out of her sopping wet cunt.

I took a breather to wipe of my sweat and do another cum stopping pinch on my dick. Tina took some bear in her mouth and then took my cock in with it. I thought I was going to drown her with my cum. I held on as I wanted to fuck her tight little round ass. I laid down and let her sit on my cock with her back to me. She took it all the way and started to pound away very fast. She almost came immediately and kept on having small contractions as she kept on cumming. By now Lizzy recovered and she started to eat at Gary’s girlfriend’s cunt. The girl was grinding her pussy in Lizzy’s face. I turned Tina over and made her lay flat on her stomach. I spread her legs and pushed my cock as deep as it could go in to her cunt. I closed her legs pulling myself up so that my cock was in a vertical down position clamping my legs over hers thus squeezing her tight around my shaft. Three strokes later and she was cumming like a thousand woman.

Lizzy and the other girl were doing the Lesbian thing and Gary moved in behind Lizzy fucking her doggy style. His cock is not that long but huge in girth and he was stretching it to the max. She was cumming again with her dead giveaway release, release. She was also munching the other girl’s cunt who in turn was licking Gary’s* balls while he was in Lizzy.

I moved around them and started to fuck the girl, Lizzy was there with her tongue as well. Tina joined the girl in Licking Gary’s balls. I was fucking the girl with long slow strokes. I then did a favorite of mine taking my cock out and just entering her cunt till my cock was in just past the head and then out again. I did this till she was going crazy trying to get me all in. I then pushed in all the way so that our pubes were tight together. Holding her tight I then bumped (not grind folks) short bumps over and over again. She screamed when she started to come. Gary carried the scars of her scratches on the back of his legs for some weeks.

Gary pulled out of a spent Lizzy and shot his load sharing it with the girl and Tina. I blew another huge load for the second time in one day. My first shot reached Lizzy’s belly and stretched all the way over the length of the girl. The second landed on the girl’s tits. Lizzy moved closer and milked my cock in her mouth rubbing it against the cum on her belly.

We all rested for some time and then got dressed. It was 2am. I found my driver asleep in the bar.

Black African Babes Rock

Beware…..Once you go black you will never go back.

*names changed to protect identity

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