A story on the road!

December 26th, 2008

This couple is driving along the road and suddenly get a flat tire, the husband stops a truck and a some young, hot studs come to help them over…

We had just finished checking into the hotel and my wife, a beautiful brunette with approximately 5”7 height and a perfect set of large boobs met me at the door with a wild look in her eye. We had been on the road all day, and unfortunately 15 miles far from this small town we got a flat tire of our car. She was very quiet on the ride to the hotel and now I know why. When we got into this unpleasant accident, we started trying to stop any car passing by to help us. Finally one truck pulled over the road and the driver, a big guy with massive muscles agreed to help me. She told me that after I had left her with the truck driver to get the tire fixed, she had gotten out of the car to stretch and look around.

She was wearing denim shorts and a tight little white top. Her bra was getting uncomfortable so she decided to remove it, and as there was no one around, she took off her top, and then unbuckled her bra. The warm sun felt great on her bare breasts and a slight cool breeze brushed across her hardening nipples. She stood in the sun for awhile then noticed a truck driving over the hill a couple of miles, so she put her top back on and climbed into the car.

The truck stopped by, and she heard some one get out of the car, fearing the unknown, she rolled up her window, and locked the doors. The truck pulled over behind and she closed her eyes hoping they would leave her alone. She heard footsteps but no voice, so she opened her eyes to see a young guy staring at her. Then he began to wave at the truck for his friends. 3 more men walked up, now she could hear them speaking. The oldest said:

“We should go or we will be late, I am sure this lady will be fine” Then she heard one say:

“Man look at those tits! I feel myself dropping fucking load all over them!”

She felt all of their eyes gazing on her. Her nipples began to harden and push against the fabric of the top. They began describing my wife and the things they’d like to do with her. They started saying how great she looked and that it would be a great deal to fuck her right now. She could feel her body starting to get turned on, and she began to writhe back and fourth in her seat. My wife was a good slut, she fucked great and hard and I knew she wouldn’t ever mind to have a chance and fuck some really fat cock, but this time she was scared and was in mood to fuck. She opened her eye slightly again to see them standing there looking at her while they rubbed their crotches. Before she could realize anything, her hands found the way to her tits, rubbing and pinching her nipples, and exposing her flat sexy stomach. They watched eagerly and commented loudly when she played with herself, imagining their hands allover her body. Finally she opened her eyes and focused in on the guy who was talking about her tits. My wife sat up and pulled off her top. She grabbed her nipples and started kneading her boobs.

She squeezed them hard and pulled on them. The oldest guy said:

“Hey Tommy, that’s for you, what are you gonna do with her?”

He stepped forward and unbuckled his pants, and pulled out his hard cock! She said that his cock was much bigger than mine. As she played with her tits he stroked his cock harder and harder. She then pushed her tits up to the window, and within a few seconds he blew a huge load on the glass. The next guy moved forward with his pulsing purple cock and began to stroke it vigorously! My slut wife thought and then slowly undid her shorts, pushed them down and her panties to the floor.

She began fingering her now soaked pussy, massaging her clit and pushing her fingers in and out, she was starting to cum while he never stopped jerking off his cock for her. This one lasted longer than previous guy but he didn’t go too long. So he blew his load right there and his white messy cum landed all across the car window. Now it was time for the third guy. “I know what you want” she thought, so with that she leant over to the driver side and raised her ass to the window. She rubbed her ass spreading her cheeks for him exposing her tight pink asshole. She was so horny she began moving hard back and forth when he pulled out his cock! This guy stroked his car vehemently, like a wild beast! He came quickly on the window.

She settled back down in her seat and then seen the forth guy, the oldest one. This guy was about 42-45, with greying hair but still looked great. He pulled out his 11 inch cock and laid it on the glass by her face. She pressed her lips to the window and licked it feverishly. She swore she could almost feel it in her mouth. She licked at the window and ran her hands across her body, then she saw him begin to shudder and finally the old man let go and released the hugest load all over the car’s window. His cum didn’t squirt out like the others, but it was much more! It just poured out like out of horn of plenty! She pressed her tongue tight to the window trying to taste every drop of that huge load. When he was finished he stepped back with the others, talked quietly for a time then nodded head, and they all walked off and got into their truck.

She sat there quietly for a while then, when the truck disappeared in the horizon, she got out of the car, leant over that window, all messed with their cum and licked all the mess till the last drop. She said that it was so fucking hot and tasty. After that she got dressed, grabbed a bottle of water and her panties and washed their cum off of the car.

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