What a nice game!

September 15th, 2008

A girl loves to play pool and squeeze a cue in her hands, but there is something she loves better and you should know about that…

“What a nice game!” I said the next morning.

I like pool and that’s the reason why I regularly attend one of our city pool clubs. You can have a couple of strong drinks or talk to somebody interesting and of course play billiards here.

Once my friend and I decided to have a game, though she had never seen a billiard cue before. Of course it was a friendly game with no stakes or offences. Now it was my turn…

- Wow! – I can hear a man very close to me. – I guess the next game I’ll play with you.
- What do you think of that? – A handsome young man was standing over me smiling and offering me a Cola.

- I think it’s a good idea. But we haven’t finished yet…

I lost the first game having not realized that he had watched me playing and was able to recognize my style. The next game was mine but it’s even made us both more heated. The fourth one was a silly losing for me… Though I guess I wanted that… When we began playing with one cue I could feel his concentration, hear him holding breath before hitting, sense the touch of his trembling hands, smell his nice perfume (Jesus, it was the best aroma ever!), see him licking his lips while I was getting ready for the next hit… Yeah… There are no men and women in a game, only the rivals. And I had to admit he was a better player, he was over me as a player and as a woman…

My friend and I were on the point of leaving. He came up to me to thank me for the game once again (it was not an easy one for him, too) and say good-bye. He took my hand and asked me to stay… He didn’t want to let me go. He told me about that and kissed my cheek squeezing my hand tightly.

- If you change your mind and decide to play one more game with me you’ll find me here, – he said smiling. – Probably, you’ll be able to win back.

I went away leaving him my phone number and writing his one down. I was walking home and thinking about him, I could still remember the smell of his perfume.

… No, I hadn’t fallen in love with him. I understood that sitting in the car. I couldn’t fall in love with him as I didn’t even know him; but what I knew for sure was that I wanted him…

“I’m fed up with pool; I’d prefer you instead… I need just a couple of hours. Your turn…”

That was a message I sent him sitting in a taxi. No wonder I didn’t get a return message begging me to come back. He wasn’t so simple, that was good…

I arrived home and crashed out. I was exhausted and completely forgot about this fabulous game…

A message woke me up: “I’m waiting for you in 15 minutes.” That’s all it said. Not much. A second later he called: “Can you come?..”

I tried to resist myself… Then called a cab.

The car stopped by him standing on the sidewalk. He was silent, offered me his hand, helped me out of the taxi, closed the door and led me to his house… No emotions, just silence… A surprising combination of our perfume… I thought about that in the lift, it was the only thing I was able to think when he pulled me to him and kissed. It seemed to me we were in the lift for ages. His style of kissing was the same as mine and the time stopped for us…

We rushed to the bedroom keeping on kissing. I looked around quickly: a huge table, two screen monitors, a few mice, chips, millions of discs and other gadgets… A thought occurred to me that he was probably a programmer or something… And then I forgot about it.

He pushed me on the bed tenderly and lay beside me. He bent over me and still kissing (there were no his or my lips any more, they were ours now) unzipped my fly. His fingers, the same light fingers which held a cue and then my hand a few hours ago, slid into my panties feeling my desire growing. He stroked my vulva lips, moved them apart and flicked my throbbing clit slightly. I heard my own moan and moved a bit towards his kiss.

In the soft light of the night lamp we were undressing each other covering the revealing parts of our bodies with hot kisses. I felt wet warmth inside me and passed my hand over his chest going up and down of his hard breath, I thought about how much I was excited and how much he wanted me…I lowered my head to his chest and tongued his nipple. He pressed me closer to him. I played with his nipples for a while and then moved to his belly button. I stopped for a moment, then licked his leg, the inner side of it, from the knee upwards. Touching his erection with my hair I enjoyed his moaning, bent and began fondling the cock with my breasts, first one, then another…

Tearing off for a while I stopped and licked another leg from the knee up. I stroked the inner parts of his legs on the spot I’d just kissed, then bent over his cock for him to feel my hot breath. I took his quivering balls into my mouth, playing with them.

Suddenly he pushed my hands aside, raised me and stood up. Then he kneeled down on the carpet by the bed and pulled me to him so that my head was hanging a bit at the edge. I needed no more explanations!.. I took his dick which was very close to my mouth and squeezed it a little.

“Do you want it?..” he whispered.

“I do” I answered licking his hard head.

My trembling tongue was caressing his stem, licking the head, swallowing it, very carefully squeezing the shaft by my hand. Following the rhythm of my mouth another hand was stroking his bollocks and anus licking the thumb occasionally… Moaning and smacking I was enjoying his kisses. He squeezed both of my breasts and licked them in turn biting the nipples. Keeping on caressing the nipples by his hands he was kissing my belly passing his tongue from the hollow between my tits to the belly button returning over my sides to the armpit and back to another side… I felt his hot breathing and wet tongue very close to my spread legs where my moist lips were moved apart to meet our desire.

He sucked them moaning and made me scream. He was still caressing my boobs with one hand, another one found my clit and flicked it. His lips touched the nub… His fingers slid over my legs and penetrated me gently; he stopped and then rhythmically began moving deeper… I shuddered from this touch and swallowed his cock deep …

He stopped and turned me with my face to him. Still being with his knees on the floor he pulled me tenderly to the edge again. Now we were so close but he wasn’t in a hurry. He looked into my eyes, kissed, embraced me, stroked my back… I closed my eyes, I understood that he wanted the moment of penetration to be unexpected for me. I tossed my head back and was enjoying the kiss.

His thrust was sudden and powerful. I sighed and my head became dizzy, all the objects around me were diffused… He was stroking my breasts gently and building the speed. I felt fire was burning inside. I wanted him, I wanted him now more than before…

“How can I wish anything else?..” I thought and felt my excitement was increasing… I felt him with my vagina walls. He was entering me fast but tenderly, up to the balls; his head reached my womb. It was incredible! This very thing I’d been willing to feel while playing pool with him…

He took me in his arms and kept on thrusting in a standing position. I realized I was on the verge of coming and the waves of strong climax consumed me; it made him tremble from head to toes and collapse on the bed. He was lying on me stroking me on the head, covering my face and neck with kisses and keeping on moving in me. My fingers set his shoulder free and relaxed. I kissed him thankfully and he smiled.

It’s amazing but I didn’t feel tired. I knew he had to feel the same so I turned him on his back. I lowered myself on him and felt how deep his phallus was in me. Squeezing and releasing the vagina muscles I began to move rhythmically. He was moaning and holding me over my thighs pulling me closer and closer to him. I bent to him and licked the corner of his mouth. Then I spread my vulva lips and pressed my clit to his pubis keeping on moving. Hearing my own moans as it was not me I realized I was near my second climax.

He smiled and asked “Are you again…?” I nodded, he squeezed my buttocks tighter and licking his finger touched my nub and started stroking it. I came and fell on him. He kissed my cheek, ear and lips and whispered “You’re great!”…

It seemed to me he was enjoying watching me coming but I wasn’t satisfied and wanted more.

“I want you in my rear…” I raised my eyes at him.

“Crazy bitch!” he winked and raised me up from him.

He climbed down from the bed, pulled me to the edge and told me to be on my fours. He slapped my butt, slid with his head over my pussy and found the clit. I wanted him to enter me sharply but he was teasing and arousing me even more. He gripped me over the shoulders and impaled me on his cock. I screamed for his tool was like a steel one and had increased in size. I fell on my elbow but he continued impaling me on his pulsing dick.

I was in his power: I was moaning when hugging me he was caressing my boobs, yelled when he slapped me on the butt. “It can’t be real…” an idea flashed in my mind when I was going to bring off again… I decided to restrain a bit to explode together with him.

Propping on one of my elbows I stretched my hand to his hip, slapped his ass, licked my finger and began fondling his asshole, then squeezed his nuts a bit… He speeded up as he wanted us to come simultaneously. He took my breasts by one hands and another hand went to my crotch and rubbed my clit roughly. “Oh!..” I yelled and felt his cum gushed into me…
He didn’t stop frictions but they became slower. Now his cock was limp but kept on throbbing. He lay carefully on the bed with me and kissed my shoulders. Without leaving me he made me bring my legs together and embraced them with his legs. I felt echoes of his orgasm and squeezed my vagina muscles tight a few times. I knew it gave him more pleasure… He was keeping me in his hands kissing all over, then closed his eyes and whispered “Thank you”. “Thank you, too” I responded.

He pulled his prick out and turned me on my back. His tongue stroked my vulva lips, the clit, then kissed me and I could taste the flavor of our cum. I shuddered again and he pressed me to him…

“You’re very bold, – he said touching my hair, – I hadn’t expected you could say “I want you”, I’ve never met a woman like you…”

“I just call the things by their proper names… You wanted me too, didn’t you?”

He nodded.

“So, I just pronounced that…”

“I wanted you when you bent over the table, squeezed the cue in your fingers… Then raised your head and looked at me,” he smiled.

“Are you disappointed with my “boldness”?” I mumbled.

“What are you talking about?! Let me shut your mouth…” and he gave me a soul kiss.

“Are you going in this direction?” I pointed at the bus stop.

He nodded. We both didn’t want to say good-bye to each other but our fantastic night was over…

“Well, thank you for the game!” I rose on my toes and kissed him on the cheek, then turned around quickly and started out for an opposite direction.

“What a nice game it was!” I thought. I didn’t turn round.

We met a couple of days later at the same club. I was playing and he was drinking Cola as usual.

“Will you stay at my place this night?” he asked me putting his arm around my shoulders.

“Ok” I was concentrated on the game.

We were going upstairs with our hands together. He asked me why I’d arrived at the club so late today. I answered the work had delayed me. He asked if I was tired. I nodded.

“Do you want to have a bath with foam?”

“I do.”
When I left the bathroom he was working at the computer. I saw a cup of green tea on the table beside him. He’d made it for me. Hot tea…

I was drinking tea being covered by a blanket. He came up to the bed, stoked me on the cheek and kissed.

“I have some work to do. Have a sleep. I hope the light of the display doesn’t bother you?”

“He is a programmer, I’d been right” my thought was.

I fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow and slept soundly until morning. He didn’t come to me, didn’t embrace, didn’t wake me up with a kiss… He’d spent the night browsing the Internet…

I didn’t want him any more, either. That night we’d exhausted the source of passion…

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