A hot Italian chick breaks up with her boy and finds herself all alone, but can that really last for a long time? She finds this guy on the Net and they start exchanging messages, they are talking real dirty, the chick is rubbing her pussy, dreaming of a cock drilling her…

We extend our thanks to the author Juiicy.

Julissa is like any other normal teen girls out there now a days, with a twist. She’s been in a few relationships that haven’t brought her what she’s wanted. Young boys that just want to make out and TRY to be grown adults. Her recent love..yes love.. she loved this young man…but he let her go.. no phone calls nothing they became distant. But she lost it to hi…no not that she’s still a tight virgin..her phone sex virginity. They had phone sex a few times at first she was so uncomfortable…but then she got used to it taking lead…and telling her boy how she wanted it hard..rammed up her pussy. But after it being almost a month that the had stopped talking..she started to become lonely..

She met this new guy on an online game playing site not knowing what was in store for her. They talked and talked but he lived 6 hours from her in the States and her in Canada. She still dreams of the day where they can unite and be together. He’s the man of her dreams, tall about 6”9′, athletic body…and as an add on loved to eat pussy. She’s never experienced the sensations of a guy sucking on her clit and inserting his hot tongue in her, yet she’s always fantasized of it happening. He was so open about it to, young men these days don’t like to…well the ones she’d been with add they weren’t many.

Julissa is a short Italian girl with big breasts…34D to be exact. She’s small in size and quite slim, but still curvy in the right places. Julissa has brown hair and brown eyes, and the most beautiful smile you have ever seen. There was not one man that didn’t want to fuck her. Yet she still kept her virginity…she would say “I’m waiting for the right guy. Someone that it will mean something to.” The guys agreed but wanted to fuck her none the less.

Back to her distant guy…they exchanged numbers but could only text because it was long distance. They texted and texted, till one day they started asking dirty questions. Devonte..his name was…asked her

Devonte : Julissa, are u a good girl or are u naughty?

Julissa : U could say, I’m good when i need 2 B & naughty when i need 2 B . ;)

she replied in her text message. He liked that. He had a girlfriend but found no harm in a little long distance love affair. She loved texting him each and everyday. Till one day she was at school the text conversation got boring and she asked,

Julissa : So Devonte, i’m bored tell me something interesting…

Devonte : Im super horny right now…

She felt a tingle run throughout her whole body ending at her pussy…

Julissa :I can’t help u with that right now..im in school

Devonte : I wanna make you wet right there in your seat lol …

She wished she was home so she could rub herself, and make her pussy so wet reading these text messages…

Julissa :Im sure you do..but this isnt the right time..

Devonte :What’s the right time then..

Julissa :NOT now =)

Devonte stopped texting her…as she said so. But she had the urge to just pleasure herself right then and there. She was trying to hold it in.. Make it last till she got home at least..til she couldn’t take it anymore…but she slowly forgot about it.

She got home…all this thinking about getting wet was making her more and more wet. Julissa went on her computer and found some short erotic stories..and started reading..getting more and more wet as she read. She didn’t want this feeling to stop so instead of rubbing herself she stuck an eraser down her panties right to her clit..and sat on the ball of her foot..squirming and wiggling on it as she continued to read. She was getting really paranoid because her brother and mom were home. Julissa closes the scream, shut down the computer and seductively sprawled herself out on her bed. She whipped out a sexy erotica novel she’d been reading, and skimmed through the pages till she found a sex scene. “Bingo!” she said.

She stated reading..now she was so wet she’d soaked through her panties totally. Not being able to take it, she inserts her hand in her panties and started to rub her clit with two fingers..around and around slowly..because she still didn’t want to cum…Remembering the text messages from earlier she whipped out her phone while still rubbing herself and texted Devonte…

Julissa : Hey whats up ?

Rubbing herself slowly with a smile on her face, from the fact that he texted back so quickly..

Devonte :Nothing chilling…listening to music

Julissa : Nice nice…u deal with your hornyness from before? Haha.

She laughed because she was so horny herself now..she almost couldn’t take it..

Devonte :Ha naw…how?

She wanted to read it say..’Yes i masturbated, and let out the largest load i ever had..because i was thinking of you..”

Julissa : How ever you deal with it on your own…

Julissa :Maybe by sending me dirty text messages lol…

Devonte :Haha yeah you like that?

Oh how she liked that, she did it before with her old ‘guy friend’ at 4 in the morning telling him how much he’d missed out the night before, because he dint pick up the phone. She’d masturbated by herself cause she couldn’t take it anymore…they could of had phone sex but he didn’t pick up…but they had it at 4 in the morning after the text.. i mean SEX messssages…tealling each other what to do when to do it.

Julissa : Not at school…when the times are right ye.

Devonte :Haha when is the time right?

Julissa : Daymn id say right now…

She was already touching herself now but she had to be getting ready for her church play rehearsal. She wanted to continue what they were were doing before NOW. But she couldn’t. (She was religious, but not very much, she wanted to be more, and thought why no volunteer at the church for community service hours she need)

Devonte :But?

Julissa : But im off to church for rehearsal…

She explained as she hopped in her car about to drive there with her brother.

Julissa : Lol i should ask for forgiveness for being horny at a time like this

Devonte :Haha whats the play? And we can tonight lol

Julissa : The stations of the cross

Devonte :Haha ok

Julissa : If i can last that long…

She ment it she felt like she was going to explode, she wanted to just get rid of this wicked yet wonderful feeling, of her pussy throbbing to be rubbed..

Julissa : Lol yeah yeah we will…

Devonte :Ok…u have to talk dirty too…

Julissa : Oh of course i will

Those words came out with no struggle. She wanted to talk dirty to him, out of all the times he texted her saying ”I want to please you, I would eat you out, I love sucking pussy”….she wanted to be in charge of it and be all his…

Devonte :Ya!

He was excited, he finally got a chance to see the horny, freaky Julissa. He was a nympho, he’d already told her that he loved sex so much, but he was respectful of her decision of wanted to remain a virgin ’till she found the right guy.

Julissa : But no ones gotta know…it’s a secret between the two of us okay? ;)

She made it sound like those dirty novels she’d been reading. She loved them and sometimes even wished she could just star in her personal dirty novel. Oh the freak she was, but no one knew what she thought in that freaky little mind of hers.

Devonte :Ok Julissa…i promise

Julissa : Alright

Devonte :K good beautiful

Devonte :Promise?

Julissa : I promise

4 hours later…


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    Keep asking should be up soon…
    I gave them the full story. =)
    so just keep asking them.

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    OMFG please post the other part. My pussy gets soooooo wet just by reading this. haha wish you could see it. ;D

  7. Dick Says:

    I would love to see it

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    Gosh, nice story and write more pls

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