Shy girl

April 11th, 2008

It’s great to have a loyal husband, isn’t it? You can be sure he will never cheat on you, but I guess that happens only in the stories….

Bonny had a meeting with her friends, Terry and Lindsay. They used to be colleagues and now they spend time chatting in some nice café now and then. This time they agreed to meet at Lindsay’s as her husband was out on a business trip and there was nobody to interfere with their girl talk.

All three of them were really gorgeous. They were approximately of the same age. Terry and Lindsay went to gym several times a week, Terry also went info swimming. Bonny liked to go to spa and do yoga with her personal trainer. Though all the ladies were over 40, and Lindsay was about 50 they looked incredibly sexy, fashionable, and slender. At least, they looked much younger their age.

They were drinking expensive wine. Lindsay made great dinner for them, she didn’t have to cook often so whenever she did that she did it with special love and passion. She made a fish salad smelling of herbs and delicate sauce. The room was lit with candle light. The atmosphere was really lovely and friendly.

After spending a lot of time chatting ladies decided to go to some restaurant. They took a taxi and went downtown. When waiting for the table they met an elegant man in the restaurant. He was very polite and courteous. He suggested dining together. Ladies found it a great idea. Girls weren’t hungry so they ordered wine and fruits. The man’s name was George. He was really attentive to all three ladies.

Candles, nice slow music, beautiful flowers, a courteous gentleman… for Bonny it seemed more of a fairy tale than truth. She was the youngest among her friends. She was a bit inhibited. She didn’t like noisy parties, she never even celebrated her birthday. When she had free time she liked to surf the net, develop new projects, study new programs. She could spend days in front of the computer.

She was deep in her thought when heard her friends say:

“Shy girl, it’s your turn!”

It took Bonny several seconds to understand it was her turn to dance with George. George stretched his hand to her. Bonny stood up from her seat and went dancing with him. George was holding his left hand on her waist and the right one on her shoulder. He pulled her closer. They were talking. They turned out to be running their businesses in the same sphere so they could be useful for each other. Bonny gave him her card as soon as the music stopped.

It was time to leave. George offered giving them a ride home. He was attracted to Terry so he really wanted to see her home. He was probably gonna spend the night with her.

Bonny was finally home. Her husband was sleeping. She felt like having sex, but as he was sleeping… she decided she would better get back to work. She turned on her computer to check email and surf the net. Though it was weekend she had some stuff to do.

She got up early in the morning though she’d been sleeping just for a couple of hours. She was used to getting to bed late and waking up early. Her husband made coffee. He was in charge of making coffee and cooking breakfast. Bonny never had breakfast. She was always working. But she really loved strong black aromatic coffee her husband made for her.

After looking through the mail and drinking coffee she went off to work. It was a hectic but nice day. Bonny was tired but in high spirits. She had dinner with her hubby. He was inattentive and absent-minded. He didn’t even answer her questions.
“Is everything all right?” Bonny asked him after dinner.

“There was a strange call… A woman wanted to talk to you. I told her you were out, she burst in tears saying her husband didn’t come home at night and that he spent the night with you. I tried to calm her down saying she was probably mistaken. But she didn’t stop crying saying she found your card in her husband’s pocket. By the way when did you get back home last night?”

“I don’t know. But I went to bed in early hours of the morning, I spent the whole night working. What shall we do if this woman calls again?”

“I don’t think she’ll call. I tried my best to persuade her she was wrong about you. I advised her to talk to her husband first. Your card mustn’t mean any sex affair, right? I know why you gave him your card and I tried to persuade her it only had to do with business. I hope she believed me…”

Bonny took a deep breath. She was so grateful to her husband. He was so doting, so caring, so reliable, so attentive, and so smart. And he always trusted her. And he would always do.

He was a man whom a woman could hardly find, he was so shy but at the same time he was a great lover, when they made love he would always lick her out and make her cum, he loved playing with her clit and he loved feeling her pussy muscles convulsing. They tried many things in sex and first she was afraid of anal but not any more, her husband would lick her ass out before penetrating her, so she was always wet and ready.

Bonny had a great life and many women would dream about it.

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