Seducing of a virgin

July 13th, 2007

It’s very difficult to seduce a virgin, but it is totally worths doing so…
Once, I and my friend made the acquaintance of 2 chicks on the beach. We had a nice party that day and drank a lot. We just finished our session and were on vacation on the sunny seaside of Costa del Sol. It was summer time, hot and dusty. I couldn’t recall the way I returned home.
In a couple of weeks these chicks called me. We met on the same beach, having taken one friend of mine with us. One of those girls, Rachel, was far sexier than the other one. We amused them by telling funny stories and anecdotes, went boating together and deflowered water lilies. It was friendly and romantic atmosphere. Rachel’s top beautifully tightened her slim body, her nipples protruded over breast. When we were parting with each other I grasped her palm and, being pleased, I kept recalling her palm’s cool long after.
It was another day when I invited her to that beach again, but we were alone. She was 2 years old, green eyed and long slim legged. She was also blessed with big boobs and nice fanny. She was dressed in short skirt and high top. It had been my first time when I dated a girl at all. I never thought I could attract the chick like this!
We met on the same place, I kept trying to enchant her in every possible way. Finally I succeeded, despite my unattractive appearance. I spent stacks of time on telling her different funny stories and amusing her greatly. I caressed her bare feet with blade of grass, fondled with her fingers. Sitting on the bench, she didn’t even know what her I was feeling at the moment. I was hungry for kissing her neat legs and stroking them.
At parting I gave her a slight kiss. Long after that day she narrated that she liked my first kiss as well as my compliments. Perhaps she regarded me as some romantic and tender guy, however I wanted to have sex with her and that was true.
We went on dating on that beach for some days; once she softly repelled my advances and whispered: “Not now” she never let me caress her either tits or pussy, the only foreplay we had were kisses and hugs. “I will leave you, if you fuck me!” – She threatened me. I used to unbuckle her shoes and kiss her tender tiny feet. She always embarrassed.
Our dating period lasted approximately 2 weeks. Once, we visited some theater on a première, and then we went to the city park. It was about 11pm, there was hardly anybody walking around, and it started to rain heavily. My girlfriend was dressed in a light dress, I had no umbrella or coat, so we got wet through. Suddenly she decided to go for a swim on the beach. We reached the shore and, though it was dark and late, we rushed into cool water. At this moment I managed to glimpse her bare tits. When we went back home, Rachel asked me to carry her in my arms. Busses didn’t run at that time, so I hired a taxi and we got to my home (as her mom trusted me, according to Rachel, who had told her mom about me and our dates). In comparison with Rachel’s ex boyfriends I was graced with broad-minded horizons and sound way of thinking and this was my uncontestable pre-eminence.
We settled in a deep soft sofa under large counterpane, lying close and warming up one another. We remained wakeful all night, talking different things and cuddling up. At dawn I saw her lying naked under the counterpane. I saw her big rosy nipples on the white-skinned tits and got excited. I started passing my tongue along her tits, Rachel turned hot, opened her legs and smothered my mouth with kisses, I laid upon her, my erect cock set against her perineum. She begged me to stop and I gave in. Rachel recovered her breath and thanked me.
I was in the seventh heaven that day: she was walking around my flat in a robe like my wife while I was busy buying some salads at the shop. Soon she suggested that we should have a shower together. It was like a dream: fresh body, naked chick washed by warm water, long wet hair. I let my hair down and passed my palm down there. She was trying to evade looking at my cock as I was stroking her buttocks tenderly. By losing all senses of shame I groped her anus and let my finger come in; it penetrated easily with no lubricant and got squeezed by her nice ass. Sitting on me and cuddling my hips with thighs she started kissing me vehemently what made me put my finger deeper.
Later she admitted of having not like “in ass” “I feel myself some dirty bitch!” – She complained to me crying on the way home.
But this was just a beginning! I a few days I let her stroke my cock, though when we settled on the bed she hardly knew what to do with it! I squeezed her hand onto my cock and covered her mouth with kiss. Later I found out that she was in a dark about sex totally, determined by porn magazines and movies. I didn’t experience in private too, however I led her in this field seducing her skillfully. Rachel was longing for sex, but felt some fear; I touched her pussy, stretching vulvar lips and feeling tiny hole into the virginal membrane.
I was eager to fuck her anywhere, anytime, so was she, getting wet on every prolonged kiss and it recurred several times: she closed her eyes squeezed my hips and we imitated “vicious act”. She was afraid very much! She realized that I was the one, who would deflower her in the end, and tried to get rid of this thought.
3 weeks passed. She learnt how to stroke my cock properly. One of weekends we found some place to stay in private. She placed herself on my cock, pressing it down of course, but not putting it in. so, I suggested I put it into her pussy on a 1 centimeter length. She agreed to me, looking at me with timorous face. We spent a few time on this sexual petting. An hour later she lost her virginity totally. My poor honey believed that cock wouldn’t have torn her hymen. Whatever funny it was, but I believed so too! We wanted to try “a bit”
When I tumbled her down and gave her several thrusts, her face writhed for a second. That was her first orgasm! I saw some clot of blood onto her thighs: her cheeks turned red in a strange peculiar way and look changed. She had already understood everything, but we resolved to talk about it later, in a few hours.
She was really shocked! “Now, you have to take care of me!” – She said, though I didn’t mind. By the way, she didn’t have pain as our previous “trainings” had significant impact on our first encounter. Nevertheless, our real fuck occurred next weekend: in a few minutes of thorough preparation I placed my cock on its length. In the end I came onto her belly and tits.

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