On the beach!

May 5th, 2008

A couple sets off on their vacation, they decide to hit the beach as soon as they arrive, the beach is absolutely empty, why not have a hot sex right on the beach?

I love my Valerio. Valerio and I are in a very intimate intercourse. He is the best miracle I ever had! We are involved in each other so much that I can’t think my life without him. When he’s by my side, everyone else disappears. Let the whole world stay aside! When he kisses me, I feel warmth building up somewhere down my crotch and rising up my breast, starting at my pussy and radiating through my entire body. I love him so much, and whenever I’m near him, all I want to do is drop to my knees and make him feel the heaven pleasure! I love his cock, and I worship his organ! His dick is what I always dream of! Sometimes, it takes me only bury my face in his muscular chest, and I’m soaking wet. I’m so happy…. You know, before I had only been with boys, weak and subtle, but Valerio is a man, real man with everything to make a yearning woman be happy and satisfied! He is a strong, sexy and handsome man.

But let me come to the point. My story begins on vacation we had a few weeks ago…and I was really looking forward to this event. It was supposed to be just a week of lazy pastime, nobody else around, just he and I. Imagine a picture: nothing else, but only 2 of us making love, lying in the hot sunbeams, sun bathing, enjoying life in the open air, and drinking juices. Was it a resort paradise or just a play of my fancy: never matter, but if so, it would be a good fortune for me.

Our first day out on the beach, we were the only people there. The resort season was about to open and people were supposed to crowd the beach any day. It was beautiful there: never-ending strip of white hot sand meeting the clear turquoise blue of southern sea. We spread out our towels, I stripped off my shorts and top, revealing my bikini. It was really skimpy, hardly covering my sweet sites, more revealing than hiding. However I was there with Valerio, so why not wear something I knew he would love? As for other men, and their hungry gazes on me it didn’t matter. Actually I’m fair-skinned, and that’s why I wanted to get tanned a lot, so I asked Valerio to apply some sunscreen on my back.

I rolled over on my beautiful belly, and he started massaging the lotion onto my shoulders. Moving down my back, he untied the string of around my back so that he could rub cream all over there. He knew that if I got heavy sunburn I wouldn’t even let him touch me! When his hands moved across my back, I started to get really turned on. He moved his hands down my sides, touching the sides of my breasts with his hands. My nipples were getting perky. He massaged my lower back, just where the tattoo was, just above my bikini. His hand slipped under my bikini, then he moved down to my feet. He rubbed my ass cheeks and my thighs. When he did this, I spread my legs a bit so that he would reach between them…he was rubbing my inner thighs, and his hand caressed my pussy. He could feel how wet I was through my suit. So he slid his finger under my bikini touching my dripping cunt. I rubbed my pussy against his hand; I wanted him to finger me! But instead he teased me tickling my clit, making me moan and tremble. Then he laid down beside me, and I turned my face to him. He kissed me, pulling my body close to his. I could feel how hard he was, and I slid my hand down his body to grasp his hard cock. He moved my hand away, and wondered:

“Here? In public place?” I looked around:

“There’s nobody here. No one’s going to see”

“We can be arrested” he argued, but I stopped his mouth with another kiss.

He still resisted. I slid my hand into his shorts running my fingers up and down his hard cock. He groaned and shoved his tongue deep into my mouth. He rolled on top of me, spreading my legs with his left hand. I wrapped them around his waist, throwing arms around his neck, and pulled him close to me. His cock pressed against my pussy, and our tongues met in each other’s mouths.

“Oh, honey! – I begged him, “Fuck me hard now! Give it to me”

He looked around the beach. There wasn’t a soul in sight. Looking at me with pure lust in his eyes, he reached behind my neck and untied my bikini top letting my heavy boobies fall out of their shelter. He pulled it away, exposing my breasts to the sun. The light breeze played on my nipples, making them get harder. He kissed left nipple, flicking it with his tongue. He gently caressed my right breast with the other hand, and then ran his hand down my crotch. He played with it for a moment, then removed my bikini thongs. I was now completely naked, with nothing but the warmth of the sun heating my body.

He kissed his way down my stomach, and when he came to the site where my legs joined, he reached his tongue out touching my cunt. I could feel his warm tongue flicking my clit slightly. Then he placed his hands on my thighs and spread them apart. He spread my pussy lips with his fingers, uncovering my clit, which was hard and throbbing. He flicked his tongue over it, and I moaned again, digging my fingers into his shoulder. He circled my clit with his tongue and slid a finger inside of me. When he started licking my clit up and down, I started to come. The breeze, hot summer sun and the waves filled up my senses; everything started swimming before my eyes. Lost in paradise, unable to get over a storm of pleasure, I started screaming his name. I rubbed and buried my pussy into his face, soaking his lips. I came hard and fast, filling his mouth with my sweet hot juice. I could see my legs lift up in the air and toes curled! He kept his tongue on my clit for some long time while I was coming, feeling my pussy pulse.

When I came around, he surveyed the beach area, it was still empty, only sea gulls and an albatross flaying by became witnesses of my happiness. Beach was still deserted. Without further hesitation, he pulled his big, hard cock out of his shorts and looked straight into my eyes. He could see lust and wanton desire in my eyes, and so he gave me exactly what I most wanted. With one thrust, he deepened inside me. Under the sun, the cloudless sky and the gentle breeze, he fucked me hard, in full view of the nature. I wrapped my arms around his neck and we gazed into each others eyes while his shaft pulled in and out of me he was giving me thrust after thrust. I felt myself starting to come again. It was heaven, I was on my clouds! I had never guessed fuck in the open air could be so tremendous and exciting! I whispered in his ear:

“Make me come, darling! Make me come fucking now!”

My pussy started quaking; my cunt muscles were tightening around his cock. Squeezing his shaft around I made him feel pleasure of Gods. This was all he needed, within a second he pulled out, taking his cock right to my face and he shot a heavy load right onto my mouth! I ate his cum flying out of his rod, some drops I felt fell on my hair, some leaked down my chin, but I wanted more of his cum to eat! He gave me 5 hard spurts, thick clots of cum! He collapsed onto me, and we both lay in the sand, gaining our breath back.

Fucking in a place where you know you might get caught is something unreal! It differs much from that of home fucking. There was something amazing about letting the wind caress my body while getting pumped by the best man in the world, letting the sun wave my breasts and my pussy. It was amazing; it was something that I had been fantasizing for a long time before so far! I know I’ll remember it forever.

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2 Responses to “On the beach!”

  1. Leah Says:

    That was very romantic. Brings back memories.

  2. cap Says:

    awsome… reminds me of my honeymoon fucking on a deserted beach …..still the best

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