On the balcony

December 24th, 2007

Imagine you go out on the balcony and see a nice chick next to your building, she wants you and you want her, what are you gonna do?

She liked to watch clouds lit by sunset light in the evening. Her apartment was situation on the 30th. She had a wonderful balcony. She loved to spend time sitting there, watching the clouds, admiring the scenery. It made Alison think back on those happy days when she was younger, when warm breeze was playing with her dark thick hair falling on her gorgeous boobs. Such thoughts made her happy and helped her relax.

There was a guy in the building next to hers. He liked to spend time sitting on his balcony as well. Andreas was an unsociable and secretive guy. He wasn’t into starting new relationships, he was trying to keep away from people. Every time he went out on the balcony he hoped he would be able not only to enjoy the beautiful clouds floating in the sky but to see beautiful Alison. He was secretly in love with her. He was too shy to tell her about his feelings, but he didn’t give up hope she could be feeling the same about him too.

That’s why he was always waiting for her to come out on the balcony. Alison, in her turn, hadn’t been seeing anybody for a pretty long time, that’s why her curvy body was longing for passionate love and wild sex with insatiable studs. Sometimes her desire was getting to be so strong that her panties were wet through of her gushing juices. In such moments she wanted to find herself in arms of a strong man, caressing her hot hips. She imagined a long hard and hot stem getting in her wet and hot vagina, or a hot stream of cum spurting on her erect nipples. Such fantasies helped her calm down but they didn’t help her release the tension.

We must say Andreas wasn’t an ideal of a man for her. She was hoping to find a nice sociable brave and smart guy who could become her husband and her lover. It was difficult to find such a man though she was hoping to do it some day. Andreas, vise versa, wasn’t dreaming of a very beautiful girl, but he couldn’t help dreaming of Alison. She didn’t pay much attention to him. They knew each other but they were just acquaintances, nothing more. They didn’t even spend much time talking. Andreas was dreaming of getting to know her better to tell her about his feelings.

He felt even lonelier on that rainy day. He wanted to fall asleep and hide under a blanket for nobody to see him and to interfere with his sadness. He sat down on the chair and looked at his reflection in the mirror. His face expression was gloomy and sad, it was like an unfinished picture. He closed his eyes and fell asleep immediately.

A sudden knock on the door woke him up. He stood up from the chair and went to open the door. He saw Alison on the threshold. Her dark brown hair was wet with rain, her wet through dress fitted her curvy body like a glove. He saw she wasn’t wearing underwear. Her hard nipples were standing out under the wet dress. He saw a well trimmed luring vagina between her hips. She didn’t even have to say a word to make him understand her wild desire.

Andreas felt his dick getting harder when he was looking at her soft boobs. Alison got in the apartment and shut the door. He was unable to fight his desire and hugged her tight. He felt her swollen nipples against his body. He was kissing her deeply, fondling her gorgeous breasts. He took her to his bed. She mounted him at once and started riding his hard-on like a cowgirl. They both were incredibly lusty.

Andreas put Alison on her stomach and stuck his hot shaft in her sweet butt that seemed to be asking to fill it. The girl cried of pleasure and started moving her hips, impaling her butt on his dick. Andreas was squeezing her breasts in his hands, feeling their warmth and firmness. Their hot bodies made one unbelievable figure making them feel really great and pleased. Alison started swaying her hips faster, and Andreas spurted his juices right in her butt.

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2 Responses to “On the balcony”

  1. Chaves Says:

    I think it’s so fucking awesome!!!

    you da best! what else should they do when see each other?

  2. loki hard Says:

    It looks like romantic story for me! not hardcore but full of blue and pink color of romanticism! ya loved that subject, it’s cute….

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