June 26th, 2008

This guy comes to LA and hits the beach immediately, there he picks up a pretty chick who is willing to make him feel on his cloud…

It happened to me last summer on one of the beaches. The sun was shining bright there were a lot of people on the beach. I spent the summer with my friends traveling round the country and it was the third day of our stay in LA, so I was kinda tired of water and sand and was looking for some other things to entertain myself with.

The bad thing was that there were not so many cute girls around. I was tired of drinking beer with my friends. I thought I could take a walk around the place. I put on my fave white shorts and sneakers and went out to the beach. I was walking for about an hour trying to find a spot with no people jumping and running around. I was walking south and finally found myself all along on the beach. It was so peaceful and serene there, the air was so fresh. The sun was getting down, it was really beautiful. The water looked amazing and kinda surreally beautiful. I walked a bit farther and thought it all could look amazing at the dawn, thought I had to check it out next day.

Suddenly I heard some splash, first I thought it was a dolphin but I was wrong. There was a girl swimming in the water. Frankly speaking I didn’t expect to see anybody there, especially a girl. Luckily for me, the girl didn’t see me so I had a chance to watch her closer. She wasn’t wearing any bikini, at least she wasn’t wearing any bikini top. She still didn’t see me.

“Excuse me, do you mind I’m walking here?” I asked her suddenly.

She turned her head at me and said:

“I don’t if you turn away for a moment.” She replied.

I did what she said. She told me I could turn in a moment. She was standing by the water. She was wearing a white bikini that made her slender body look gorgeous and tanned. She was really calm and uninhibited. She was looking straight at me. She had beautiful slanting green eyes. She was about 25. And she had a beautiful body. Her legs were slender, her butt was firm, she had wide hips and a pretty thin waist making her body look really sexy. Her boobs were pretty big and I saw her dark nipples through the white bikini top.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.” I said. “I was just walking around and saw this place…”

“You didn’t scare me.”

“My name is Frank.” I told her and stretched my hand.

“I’m Sam.”

“Nice to meet you Sam. Is it ok if I swim with you?”

She looked at me in surprise. I pulled off my clothes. Sam was looking me up and down, I noticed it. She lay down on the sand. I glanced at her smiling and ran in the water. The water was pretty cool making me shriek. Sam laughed hearing my cry.

“Nice right?” Sam told me, smiling broadly and screwing her eyes in the sun.

“It’s much warmer over there on the beach.” I replied.
“So why don’t you swim there? There must be a lot of pretty girls walking round there.” She noted playfully.

I started telling her there were absolutely no cute girls over there on the beach, nobody to be ready to party and have fun. Sam was listening to me in silence smiling sympathetically. She stood up then and suggested going swimming. I dove while Sam remained standing just waist deep in the water. When I asked to swim closer she said she couldn’t swim.

“I can teach you.” I said smiling.

“I’ll think about it.” Sam said and went out of the water.

When I looked at her, seemed she wasn’t wearing any clothes at all. Her wet bikini bottoms looked transparent and I saw her sweet butt cheeks. Sam looked down at her body and said she was going to sunbathe naked just before I showed up. I went out of the water and grasped my stuff to go. She caught me by the hand and looked in my eyes inquiringly.

“I gotta go.” I said gloomy.

“Why?” Sam asked.

“Don’t want to embarrass you anymore.” I said and turned away.

“What if I say I want you to stay?” I heard her whisper.

“That’s not a good joke.”

“Frank I’m serious.”

I just couldn’t believe it. I looked at her. Sam was undoing her bikini. No need to say what I felt that moment. She took off her bottoms and stared at me. She giggled.

“I just wonder who’s more embarrassed…” She laughed.

“You’re so… beautiful.”

I sat down on the sand trying to hide the bulge in my pants. She smiled again and came up closer. She was swaying her hips in such a sexy way! We were chatting. I mean she was talking and I tried to answer though it was hard to focus on her words and forget about her body that was so close to me. She told me about herself, her work, her life.

“You promised to teach me how to swim. Let’s go.” She said jumping on her feet and stretching her hand.

I saw her nipples get hard. There were goose bumps on her skin when she got in the water. I tried to get deeper in the water to hide my erect dick. I was trying my best not to think about her gorgeous body, I was focusing on teaching. She was a quick learner. I helped her swim and felt her firm body in my hands. So my dick was rocky hard though the water was pretty cold.

Sam touched my dick. She lifted her green eyes at me and smiled:

“I’m a bit tired. Could you take me to the shore, sir?”
I was short of breath. I took her in my arms and got out of the water. I still couldn’t believe it was really happening to me. She cupped her hands round my neck. When I got out of the water I stopped dead not willing to let her go. I pressed her tight to my chest. She looked in my eyes and we kissed. It was a gentle and careful kiss at first then I started kissing her deeply still hardly realizing I had this mermaid by my side.

“You can let me go.” Sam said.

“I can’t.”

“I promise I won’t run away.” She whispered.

I let her go but was still holding her tight. I felt her kiss my chest. I was patting her wet hair and her smooth skin. Her hand touched my dick through the trunks. Sam slid down to kiss my stomach. She got on her knees. I felt her pull off my pants.

“Wow!” Sam whispered looking at my hard throbbing dick.

I tried to bend down to kiss her but she was holding my dick tight thus not letting me bend. I felt her lips touch the dickhead, then she sucked do the stem making me lose control and sense of reality. She was so skillful it was so great. I had to stop her in order not to cum right away.

I threw her on the sand and started kissing her body moving to her crotch slowly, teasing her. She was moaning lustfully. My lips touched her well trimmed pubis, her bush was tickling my lips and nose. I spread her hips a bit wider and licked her crotch from anus to her clit. It was amazing – Sam was leaking, her clit was hard. I never stopped fondling her pussy with my tongue, her juices were flowing on my chin, I had to hold her hips tight because she was shoving her ass to and fro impaling her insides on my tongue. Her moaning got louder.

“Oh God!” She sighed when I thrust my tongue in her vagina.

She put her hands on my head and pressed harder. She was crying but suddenly she paused and relaxed. Her body shivered in orgasm. I started kissing her body getting closer to her boobs. Sam was lying with her eyes closed, there were tears on her cheeks. It scared me. I was kissing her cheeks, her eyes, her lips. Sam opened her eyes, she was crying. She hugged me and whispered:

“Please fuck me.”

I entered her slit slowly making her sigh and arch her back. I stopped half way in.

“More! More! Deeper, please. Don’t stop!” Sam cried.

I didn’t move. I was caressing her body, prolonging the bliss for both of us. Then I started fucking her gently taking my dick out of her cunt and then getting it all the way to her womb. Sam was crying loud. She was cumming over and over again. Soon she was too exhausted to cry so she was just groaning, and I saw a wet spot under her butt.

I wanted to cum too. Several more deep frictions and I took my dick out of her pussy and started spurting on her pubis. Those were huge cumloads. Sam put her hand on my penis and pressed it tight to her pubis, while I was still cumming. It was real bliss! I was on the verge of losing consciousness. I’d never felt better before.
Sam was kissing my face. I saw her crying again.

“Why are you crying? Did I hurt you?”

“No, I’m just happy.” Sam whispered.

We were lying silently. Sam buried her face in my hairy chest, I was patting her hair. Seemed there was no time. The whole world shrunk just to two of us.

“Let’s go swimming,” Sam said in a while.

The water didn’t seem as cold as before. We were standing shoulder deep in the water, holding each other tight, looking into each other’s eyes.

“You’re the first man to make me feel a real orgasm. I thought I’d never feel it at all.” Sam whispered.

“You must be kidding me right?”

“I’m not.”

“You don’t look like a frigid woman. You like sex, and you must have already had a lot of partners….”

“I do like sex. And you’re the best partner I’ve had.”

Sam washed sperm off her belly. When I got out of the water Sam had already dressed up. She was wearing a short dress, holding her bag in her hand. She came up to me and started kissing me so gently it felt so good.

“I’ll be waiting for you here tomorrow.” She whispered. “I gotta go now.”

“I’ll be here.” I said.

She gave me a deep kiss, turned round, and disappeared in the dark.

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