Love affair

December 31st, 2008

The chick breaks up with her boyfriend and goes to New York to visit her parents, there she finds a love affair that turns into something more serious…

Wendy came to New York to visit her parents. Of course, she wasn’t going to stay at home with Mom and Dad all the time, besides she broke up with her boyfriend recently and needed a love affair to forget about her unpleasant experience.

Wendy was a beautiful girl, really beautiful, like the girls from the magazine pictures. And she was smart either. She knew exactly what she wanted.

Now she wanted to find a man to have fun with. She wasn’t going to fall in love again, so when creating a profile at she wrote ‘love affair’ instead of ‘serious relationship’. She uploaded a couple of her hot photos where she was wearing a bikini and looked very sexy.

She didn’t have to wait for long. Within an hour she received plenty of messages that varied from “Hi, babe! You’re so fucking hot at these pics…” to offers to spend an unforgettable evening in a restaurant or sauna (while his wife is away on vacation).

Wendy didn’t think for a long time about what to choose and soon stopped at a nice suggestion to visit a sauna with a tall handsome man, 30 years of age.

They met at a café, had coffee and talked about nothing serious. It was evident they liked each other. At least she was sure he liked her a lot as his eyes were literally touching her exposed body: big breasts under the transparent blouse covered by a lacy bra and her shapely legs under a miniskirt. She knew how to look perfect and make men admire her.

He stroked her hand while she was holding a cigarette in the other. The man didn’t talk much, he preferred listening to Wendy. As for her – she didn’t want to know anything about him actually. She didn’t want to know about his past life, she was interested in his present! He listened to her and stroked her hands and hair on the back of her head. She told him about plenty of trifles, such as cycling competitions she used to take part at school and that once she fell down and hurt her knee. She even raised her leg a bit to show him a tiny white scar on her knee. It was so nice to amuse and surprise him that she realized immediately he would bring her a lot of enjoyment, probably the one she’d never experienced before.

The fact they could find so much in common was very important for her. She needed that greatly after the break-up with her ex-spouse.

The next day she was looking forward to the evening date. She visited the beauty shop and in the evening she looked just perfect. When it was time she rushed to the same café they’d met the day before. He noticed her walking from the bus stop and stopped the taxi to pick her up.

“She’s a nice girl, – he thought lazily, – let’s see what’s going to happen.”

Lionel hadn’t fallen in love for a long time since they had parted with his wife, it was her decision and he didn’t want to stop her. He tried to seek consolation in many light-minded girls but it didn’t help really. At some moment he realized he had turned into a man who couldn’t live without having a new girl every week. It was interesting and terrible at the same time.

The owner of the sauna met his new guests with a smile and led them to the room. Their sex was crazy, almost non-stop, bringing pleasure to both of them. They forgot about the steam room, but couldn’t refuse the pleasure of sitting in the spa with glasses of champagne relaxing after the next coitus.
But even the nicest moments are over soon and this evening was not an exception. It was strange but Lionel wanted to continue their relationship. Wendy was amazed but agreed as she knew this man could make her happy at those moments when they were together.

They spent the whole month together meeting at his apartment. He rushed to work in the morning and then returned home where his beloved woman waited for him. Wendy didn’t feel sorry about anything, she even invited him to her relatives to the country house where they had a nice barbecue in front of the fire.

Nobody liked him as her cousin later told her. They didn’t demonstrate that but decided they were not a good couple. He was younger and looked younger despite the beard. She asked her relatives not to interfere into her private life. She wanted to make her own decisions.

Time passed but the passion didn’t fade. They parted just for a few hours and when they were far from each other they sent hundreds of sms-messages to each other.

She had to stop when realized she needed to pass her exams at the university and return to work in a tourist agency in Boston. She knew she couldn’t stay at this city and make plans with this man.

He wasn’t the man to discuss problems with. He wasn’t going to maintain her in case she made up her mind to stay with him and made their apartment more comfortable. She knew she had to do everything herself. At a certain moment she was ready to be with him. She understood he needed her but he wasn’t going to change anything in his life. He agreed to meet her sometimes but he didn’t want them to be always together. His life belonged to him only.

At first she wanted to move to New York, to quit her job, forget about her study and live just for him but then she realized he didn’t need that. It was awful. She was attracted to this man and understood they had no future. How long it was going to be this way? Until he met the new passion…

She treated him more seriously. She rarely liked men and almost never loved them so much.

Nothing was changing as time passed. They met a few times during a year. And she wouldn’t do that if only she decided for herself she wasn’t going to interfere into his private life or try to marry him. Anyway she wanted to talk souls to him. And then he started to have love affairs with other girls and even stopped hiding that from her.

“Do you miss me?” she asked.

“I have no time to miss you” he answered.

They had terrific sex but something was wrong. It was not the age gap. She gradually fell in love with him but he didn’t. He treated her like a sex partner, no more than that. It was her fault, it was she who had written in her profile ‘love affair’. And it was love affair…

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