In the pool

September 1st, 2007

He came to the pool for a swim, it was late, the only petty life-guard sexy babe met him, she said that he must be totally clean to swim in the pool, actually she went to the shower with him and helped him wash….

Nick went out of the taxi and lit a cigarette. It was February. It was cold and even frosty. It was a gloomy winter night.

He had to cover two more blocks to get to the pool. He loved to go there in winter. This swimming pool wasn’t the most popular in the city, so there were almost no people there all the time. That’s exactly what Nick liked about it. He went there every winter.

When he got in the building the hall was empty. There was only one manager standing behind the reception desk.

- “Good evening. I’d like to swim here for a couple of hours, if possible, please.”

- “Yes, of course, Mr. but we are open only till 11.”

On his way to the dressing room he couldn’t stop thinking about warm water he would soon dive in. When he was going to shower, he saw a lifeguard. It was a young girl. She was running quickly. She had big breasts and round hips. Her swimming suit was of light pink color and her boobs were about to jump out of the bra. The swimsuit was wet and Nick could see her nipples through it. Water dripped down her abs to the panties, her bush was standing out against the light pink background.

Nick breathed heavily, he wanted to say hi, but choked over instead.

- “Are you lost? You’re gong to the shower right? That is this way, please” – she told him.

All he could do was to nod and look at her. When staring at her he realized he left his bathing stuff in the bag. He had to return to the dressing room. He took out the soup, sponge, glasses, bathing cap…. there were no trunks in the bag.

- “Dammit, I left them at home”, – he was angry with himself for being so absent-minded.

He had to think up something. Reasoning that he was along in the pool, and even the lifeguard ran away somewhere, he decided to swim naked. Anyway, there was no other way out.

He took his things and went to shower. It was damp and hot there. Water was turned on in one of the shower booths, but he didn’t pay attention to it. There was so much steam in the room anyway that he wasn’t even ashamed to be naked. He turned on the tap. It felt so good and warm there that he didn’t even wanna go to the pool.

Soon the steam dispersed. Suddenly he saw the lifeguard standing in the booth. She was totally naked. She foamed her big pink buttocks with a sponge. Foam was sliding down her legs, between her legs, and descended on the floor. Her butt trembled and shook after been rubbed by the sponge.

Nick was enchanted looking at the girl covered with foam. The girl squatted slightly and rubbed her vagina, then she took the sponge rubbing her boobs making circular motions. Her tits were big, no, they were huge, but never sagged. She rubbed each of them for some minutes with her hands. One hand held the knocker up, the other foamed it.

Finally she got under the shower facing Nick. His pecker was hard on by that time. And there was nothing he could do about it.

- “What’s your name?” – The girl asked.

- “I’m Nick”, – he answered blushing.

- “I’m Brook. I see you are not willing to wash properly. But you must be clean swimming in our pool. Do you want me to help you about it?”

- “Aha”, -Nick murmured.

- “OK”, – Brook turned off the tap and came up to him. He was perplexed.

She took soup in one hand, and … his dick in the other, soaping it vigorously. Nick clasped for a handle in order not to lose consciousness caused by wild arousal.

Brook was jerking off his cock looking calm and unembarrassed. She raised her eyes at him now and then. She was smiling. She seemed to be a pro in this field. In two or three minutes he spurted on her belly.

- “Hey, Nick you’re so fast and untidy!” – She said in a whisper. – “Now you’ll have to wash me. Wash all my body.”

Nick took soap in his hands. She raised her hands up and clasped at the same handle as he did several minutes ago. He soaped her stomach, and then he raised the left breast a bit upwards and washed under it with his palm. He did the same with the right breast. He soaped the sponge and squatted facing Brook’s pussy. Rubbing between her hips gently and slowly he heard her moan something like “what are you waiting for”.

He turned her round, bent her slightly and entered her warm, pink, wet snatch with his hard-as-a-rock prick. He fucked the lifeguard wildly, thinking about swimming in the pool.

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4 Responses to “In the pool”

  1. !Wish i could also get this opp its a sexy story!! Says:

    This one i liked! I liked thd dareness!

  2. Bob The Cock Says:

    Lame. There was no good fucking scene. Be more detailed!

  3. fucking horny as hell Says:

    fucken sweet but needs more sex in it

  4. juicy ass Says:

    there wasnt any good fuckin in the pool scene! wat kinda sex story is this anyway?

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